Detective amaro and rollins relationship help

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detective amaro and rollins relationship help

The whole bar scene with Amaro and Rollins was cringe-worthy and seemed forced to me. Benson may be in denial that her own detectives are just as flawed as the .. He asks what Benson knows about her and that relationship. . It was because they were both in denial and refusing help after being. As fans know, a relationship might be difficult given Rollins' current Kelli Giddish as Detective Amanda Rollins, Peter Scanavino as Dominick "Sonny" Carisi that she and Detective Amaro (Danny Pino) were romantically involved. the look on his face was telling — he's ready to step up and help. that Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Amaro (Danny Pino) were sleeping sporadic, and neither one of them would want to call it a relationship.".

She also brings out the fact that Paula shows no sign of neurological injury at the time or later. Benson is testifying for the prosecution, stating it is not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to say it is their fault or to refuse to testify. Some are emotionally or financially dependent on their abusers or scared of reprisals. They are most at risk when the victim goes against their abuser or tries to leave. Under cross examination, Calhoun gets Benson to admit that Paula did not show fear nor did she cite financial dependence as reasons not to testify.

Benson says that is not what she saw in the video. Calhoun mentions her client has expressed regret and will get anger management and spiritual counseling. Benson comments she has heard that before. Calhoun asks Benson if she believes in the rehabilitative powers of anger management, and Benson replies not always, no.

Calhoun brings up the situation where a detective in her squad beat up a civilian who recently returned to active duty after a short stint in anger management.

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Amaro, sitting in the gallery squirms in his seat. Benson said her detective lost his temper with a horrific child abuser, not his wife. Amaro looks unhappy and AJ looks pleased. Amaro says he hit her, end of story.

detective amaro and rollins relationship help

Rollins argues they get to decide what is best for her, saying that is infantilizing and is SVU making her a victim all over again. He tells her to take it easy and she asks if he is counting her drinks now, calling him Saint Nick, Savior of Damaged Women. He says he never laid a hand on Maria, and Rollins asks that he never wanted to. Rollins says Maria got to him, and she still gets to him. He says no, so she pushes his shoulder harder again and again to try to get a rise out of him.

He asks if she is jealous of Maria now, and she asks if that is where they are going now. Rollins thinks this is funny as patrons stare. At SVU, the squad room watches a news conference about the league cracking down on domestic violence or child abuse. Rollins enters and Fin comments that AJ has no friends left.

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Rollins comments that Paula gets tarred, too, asking how is this fair to Paula? She says it is the worst night of her life, for their entertainment. Fin says she is preaching to the choir but AJ did hit her. He asks if Nick agrees with that, and she replies that Nick thinks he can save the whole wide world.

detective amaro and rollins relationship help

Fin says he has learned two things in his 15 years at SVU: He says he just wants her to take care of herself. She says she hears him. They are working to finding positive ways to communicate He performed their wedding ceremony; they have been committed to each other for 10 years and are raising their son in a solid, loving, Christian marriage of equals. Barba asks about the drinking and Scott says this is another issue they are working on. Scott testifies he has never witnessed anything other than a genuine love for each other.

Barba asks what he thought about the video of AJ punching his wife, and Scott says he did not watch it. Barba withdraws the question. Afterwards, AJ testifies about how much he loves Paula and he will always regret that night but did not intend to hurt her. He decided to testify as Paula had the strength to sit in the courtroom and if she can be brave enough to sit in here, he can be brave enough to sit here and take responsibility and teach his son to be a man.

Under cross examination, Barba mentions that AJ lied when he told the police his wife had slipped, and AJ says he knows now that was wrong, he was trying to protect his family.

Barba plays back the video of the punch and AJ said he put up his hand to stop her but it was a reflex action. Barba thinks he is blaming Paula, but AJ says he did not intend to hurl her. He did not call as she came to in a few minutes. Barba brings up the fact at AJ is a professional athlete and is aware of the dangers of losing consciousness only briefly and he chose to ignore that, but AJ counters that he made a judgment call.

Barba says he made a judgment call to punch a woman in the face, to drag her unconscious body across a garage and attempt to get out of there before anyone could find out. Calhoun objects but the judge allows it as AJ says he loves his wife Barba plays back the video asking if AJ loved her, highlighting all the times he manhandled her and hit her.

Calhoun objects again and the judge tells Barba to move along.

detective amaro and rollins relationship help

Barba says AJ opened the door, but if this is how he shows he loves his wife, then he is done. Later, the judge asks Calhoun before they bring the jury back from lunch, is she ready for her closing arguments? Calhoun says she wants to call one last witness, Paula. Barba asks the judge to approach and he is concerned that Paula has been in the courtroom for the entire trial.

In the hallway, Benson asks Barba how is it looking, and he explains there are 7 women on the jury, domestic violence, she knows the drill. Benson says at least two will be looking to blame her and excuse him. Barba informs her that Calhoun sandbagged him and she is putting Paula on the stand in 2 hours.

detective amaro and rollins relationship help

He asks what Benson knows about her and that relationship. Benson explains they did their due diligence, and Barba tells her to talk to him. She said AJ loved her, she was drunk and jealous and not abusive to her.

That night was private between two passionate people and she is not afraid of AJ. She knows him and he is a gentle, good man. He asks about their relationship; she says she met when she was 21 and he was 35, toward the end of his playing career.

Barba asks if she had no significant relationships up until then, asking if AJ was her first serious relationship. She says he is the love of her life and still is. She had AJ Jr. She was a lifestyle reporter for local TV news but she gave that up willingly. Barba asks if she can go out with anyone without AJ being there, stating her life revolves around AJ and his son. She says she is happy, and when Barba says even when AJ yells at her, she testifies he does not yell at her.

Barba rephrases, asking when AJ raises his voice at Junior, how does that make her feel. Paula asks what does it matter? Barba continues to press but Paula says he does now know what is right for her and her family. Barba questions whether she is getting comments from family and friends, and notices she looks toward AJ before she answers. She says she does not want to lose him or her family. She asks why is that wrong, and what gives him the right.

She says to just leave them be. She says domestic violence is a scourge that should not be tolerated, but this case is not that. She states this case is a case of a misunderstanding between two passionate people, a private matter, not a test case.

Paula loves AJ and did not want to press charges. If they convict AJ, they will tear the family apart. She asks if that is what the judicial system is for, to destroy families? Barba states that this case and the decision is important.

They do know, as a society, we have evolved. Beyond the idea that women are property and what they feel or experience does not matter.

She has a child with him and she loves him. Convicting her husband may not be what she wants, but to not convict him is plainly and simply wrong. It sends a message that it is okay to be a bully in your own home; to control, intimidate and physically injure your spouse is not okay. We must not stand by and by our silence, say that it is acceptable to look the other way. He asks her what is the word with Barba, and she says he is biting his nails or whatever it is that Barba does.

The jury now questioning if the video was doctored. Benson questions that sending the two of them home does and that boy growing up in fear?

Rollins thinks AJ has learned his lesson. AJ is shocked as the judge remands him to Rikers pending sentencing. As the judge dismisses the jury, Calhoun tries to reassure AJ and Paula calls to him as his friends surround her.

detective amaro and rollins relationship help

Benson looks on from the gallery as Paula is consoled by her friends. Barba thinks the minimum 2 years.

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It's not a regular run-of-the-mill, 9-to-5 job. It is a squad room full of inquisitive, instinctual detectives who have a nose for things being off. So what is happening behind the scenes may begin to pique certain characters' interests.

But at the same time, you're dealing with a former undercover cop and a cop who's been undercover before in Amaro and Rollins, so they're pretty good at hiding as well. I think that is one of the things that I'm looking forward to in the coming episodes; to really find out whether it is ever revealed. I don't know whether it's ever revealed, but I do know that we have very smart detectives all around us.

The smallest slip-up could blow the whole roof off of it. Warren Leight has said that the season finale is a big episode for your character. What can you tease about what Amaro will be going through? In the finale, Amaro stands to lose not only his family, but his career. And it could happen that quickly and that easily, and it's only his current friends and perhaps some very close friends from the past who he has to rely on to get him out of the situation. So will Laura Benanti return for that episode?

Laura Benanti will be in the episode prior, in the penultimate episode. What can you say about Maria and Amaro's dynamic?

He's positive and he feels that he is going to be able to bring his family back under the same roof ultimately. He's resolved to make that happen. He's one of those people, and I feel like maybe a lot of us are, that when things are crumbling around you, all you want to do is restore where you find the most peace at all costs. That relationship with Maria and Zara, his daughter — they represent peace to him.

Then again, he is not clear-eyed in his perception of what Maria's intentions are, which only leads to disappointment and for him to act out, which is what gets him in trouble in the finale. It's been a big year for your character not only because of the family issues that he's been dealing with, but also because of the shooting. What kind of impact have these events had on Amaro?

Amaro, certainly from the beginning, is a cop who likes to dot his i's and cross his t's and do everything the right way. Shooting the unarmed teenager was a pivotal moment for him.

It was an example of his not being able to control certain situations and his frustration in that. That has certainly caused a stress at work. It's driven his family away from him. He worked narcotics, and he was in the warrants bureau prior to coming to SVU. Narcotics, undercover, warrants — these are high-stress situations and he was able to maintain his family, and have some level of some happiness.

It was only upon coming into SVU that things started to crumble around him personally.

Law & Order: SVU - Name a More Iconic Duo (Episode Highlight)

The things that he sees everyday and the conversations he has to have everyday with survivors, perpetrators, witnesses leave an indelible mark on him and I think that's what Maria sees which is why I think she wanted to leave and take their daughter with her. Amaro feels like he can keep all these balls in the air and that first ball that fell was shooting this teenager and after that, he lost his focus.

He's really his worst enemy and the more he tries to stay above water, the more he struggles, the more he's actually harming himself. In the finale, it's ultimately the relationships that he has around him, the friendships he has within the squad room that save him. Do you think he'll ever be able to get closure over the shooting?

I don't know if you ever get closure. I read a lot about police officers who shot unarmed victims, unarmed subjects and some of the things that I read were just after the shooting and then I was able to find some articles that interviewed these police officers several years after an incident and it's just not something you get over. That's what I love about our show. The bad guy doesn't always get put in prison.