Donatello and april relationship

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donatello and april relationship

Donatello is happier than he ever thought he would be with April as his girlfriend, but when new milestones in their relationship are approached. Donatello: Out of all the Turtles, Donnie is the one April is closest with. He has They have a distinct older sister/little brother relationship, as even April can get. The current cartoon has Donnie with the crush on her. I'm only in the middle of season 2, but that's still a thing that's happening, even though.

Speak of the devil, a tiny knock came from her window at just that moment. How ecstatic she was to see that gap-toothed grin again!

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She waved and gestured to indicate the window was unlocked and he could enter because she didn't want to ruin her toes, but as soon as Donatello had crossed she room to her bed her arms were around his waist tightly. Donatello broke the embrace to sit on the bed and press a lingering kiss to April's lips. Donatello nodded, winding his arms around her waist. Sorry it took me a while to get here; I took a shower to get rid of all the motor oil.

You've been keeping in touch with me all week, I have no reason to complain. Besides, I know it's important to you that you guys get back to tracking the Kraang.

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I wish few things were different. April pushed away from him gently, raising an eyebrow. I wish the Kraang had never come here from Dimension X and We could go on dates, maybe we'd be at school together, and-" "And you need to stop talking now, because you're speaking complete nonsense.

You wouldn't even be you, you'd be a regular turtle. I want to know he's okay I'd also love to introduce him to you. Donatello wanted to comfort her, but still felt like he hadn't made his point. Why couldn't he sound intelligent when it mattered?

donatello and april relationship

He could spout theories into the deaf ears of his brothers all the time but when it came to talking to April, who would actually listen, he was too tongue tied to say a thing. But thank you for Similarly, April was clearly irritated when Donatello accidentally implied April was not a "real kunoichi" like Karai.

donatello and april relationship

April possibly felt pity for Karai in return after learning that Karai is actually Miwa, the very same daughter of Splinter's by Tang Shen whom April's Tessen was suppose to go to before Shredder took her. However, like Raphael, she was skeptical as to whether this was enough for Karai to turn over to their side of the battle. When Donnie and Leo came over to attack, April stopped them because she believed her, implying she may trust her now. As the series progresses, April and Karai become good friends and allies who trust each other and got each other's backs.

April and Casey seem to care about each other a lot. Casey, like Donatello, has a crush on April, much to Donatello's irritation. At first, April was Casey's trig tutor, and after some time they became good friends. When Mutagen Man attacked them, Casey became protective over April and vice-versa when she saved him. When a squadron of Robot Foot Soldiers attacked them at the Midtown hockey rink, April somehow ended up leaving Casey behind and ran out of the rink as Donnie came to her rescue.

Afterwards, she remembered about Casey and they rushed back to the rink to find him perfectly alright. Similarly, she was understandably immensely relieved when he was revealed to be still alive, and ecstatic when she and Donnie saved him from the worm.

donatello and april relationship

One of the main reasons for April's closeness with Casey is that she can talk about the turtles and Splinter with him.

Casey's rivalry with Donatello irritates her to no end, but when it is resolved she seems to be a little apprehensive as to whether the absence of said rivalry is an improvement or not. April's dad sent Pete to deliver a message from him warning her about the Kraang's mutagen bomb.

In return, April asks him where the Kraang are holding her dad, for she won't leave the city without him. April developed a soft spot for Rockwell when he attacked her and Donnie while they were investigating his disappearance. It was revealed through her half-Kraang powers that that the mutant chimpanzee she and the Turtles were up against is Rockwell and that his colleague Falco has more to tell about the experiment with Mutagen.

The Kraang have been enemies of April since the beginning of the series. They attempted to abduct her and her father, but when the Turtles saved her, the Kraang already got away with her father.

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In TCRIwhen the Turtles reveal that they learned from her father that, the Kraang have been kidnapping scientists to help modify their mutagen's properties, April became confused and revealed what kind of scientist her dad is: This confusion ended in shock when Mikey showed them a Kraang storage device he stole that revealed that the Kraang's intended target was actually April.

The reason why is revealed in The Kraang Conspiracywhen Jack Kurtzman reveals that the Kraang had been trying for centuries to experiment on the birth of the perfect human with a "specific chain of human DNA" they need for their invasion and to perfect the mutagen, eventually finding their success on April's mother.

donatello and april relationship

Donnie later studied April's DNA to see how this "specific chain" is possible, which is a total shock that it was when he found traces of Kraang DNA in it and concluded that this is why April has her strange immunity to Kraang water and mutagen, which only a Kraang could have, as well as her DNA's use as an ingredient for retromutagen: Shredder learned from his Kraang hostage that April is not only a friend of the Turtles, but also the ingredient to the Kraang's invasion that the Turtles are guarding from the Kraang, so with the Kraang's help, he uses her as bait to lure Splinter out of hiding.

Due to this, it is quite probable that April dislikes him greatly. Since April was responsible for the Kraathatrogon swallowing him, Tiger Claw returns with a possible hatred for her and since he hates the Kraang, as April is part-Kraang, he'll probably stop at nothing to kill her.