Eomer and eowyn relationship quiz

The Edge of the Precipice: The Tolkien Family Relationships Quiz

eomer and eowyn relationship quiz

Galadriel and Aragorn. Eowyn and Aragorn. Arwen and Faramir. Eowyn and Faramir. What is the relation between Sean Astin and his on. Here is a little quiz I made up about all different family relationships in Eomer c. Thengal d. Eothud #6 What are Arwen's brothers named? a. When Aragorn declares his plan to go to the Paths of the Dead, Éowyn actually in the Houses of Healing, so it's not the best time to start a new relationship.

But how big of a fan were you? People who had never even read the books immediately became obsessed with this story, and some even decided to read Tolkien's books as a result. The massive battle scenes, the attention to detail, and the flawless acting all added to the overall appeal of this film. But how well were you paying attention to these movies?

Take the quiz to find out how big of a fan you really are This world is so intricately thought-out that it made the audience genuinely believed that this world and all of the people on it existed somewhere in the real world. This world comprised of Mordor, Gondor, Rohan, and many other places.

There was also places like Rivendell, and other habitations of elves and dwarves. This world had its own special name. But do you remember what it's called?

eomer and eowyn relationship quiz

There is a huge debate over who should actually carry the ring, in order to take it to the place where it must be destroyed. This is a task that can't be entrusted to anyone untrustworthy, and it's of massive importance. Therefore, the elves, the dwarves and the men all think they should be the ones who carry it. But who ends up carrying the ring of power? Spice Melange Catnip Gillyweed One of the more humorous elements of the film is Gandalf's love for a smokeable herb.

A little bit of humor is important to movies like Lord of the Rings, as things can get way too grim for the audiences sometimes. Gandalf is so obsessed with this smokeable herb that some have even suggested that he's addicted to it. He seems to be very dependent on it. He can also do all kinds of amazing smoke tricks. But what is this thing called? Midget Elf Dwarf Bilbo and Frodo are a completely different species than many of the other humanoid creatures in Middle Earth.

eomer and eowyn relationship quiz

This species is actually so rare that the majority of people Frodo meets have never actually seen a member of their race before. They also mistake them for children sometimes.

This is because Hobbits are much smaller than the average resident of Middle Earth. They're even smaller than dwarves! But this race plays a major role in the events of Middle Earth. What species is this? Fine Tunics Latmas Bread Fireworks Gandalf arrives at the shire chuckling and smoking his pipe, excited to take part in Bilbo's birthday celebrations. He is an old friend of Bilbo's having taken part in many of his adventures, and it only makes sense that such an old friend would make the trip for Bilbo's birthday.

He brings with him all kinds of goodies, but most importantly he brings items that all the young Hobbits are obsessed with. What does Gandalf bring to aid in the celebrations? Boromir Gandalf Saruman There is one person who wants the ring of power more than anyone. This is because he bound part of his actual soul into the ring, and without it he will never have full power. If he does ever find the ring again, it will undoubtedly cause the complete destruction of everything everyone holds dear in middle earth.


That means that this person cannot find the ring under any circumstances whatsoever. But who is this person who wants the ring more than anyone? Take the ring to Mordor and destroy it, once and for all. Once the ring is destroyed, so too will Sauron's soul and power. After the ring is destroyed, Middle Earth will once again be safe, and its people can live essentially in peace for the rest of their lives.

But if they fail, the consequences are almost too deadly to consider. Humans will be wiped out entirely. But where must Frodo take the ring to destroy it? This is because Hobbits show great resilience to the ring's influence, and Frodo gives it up freely when asked.

It's clear that he's the best choice. But while all of the elves, men and dwarves gather agree that he should carry the ring, they also agree that he needs protection. Therefore, a group forms with the purpose of protecting Frodo. What is the name of this group? This land is free from all the corruption and danger of the rest of the world, and the Hobbits are able to live out their lives in complete safety and relaxation.

The Hobbits like to keep to themselves, and are very wary of strangers. They live in very unique houses, and love the simple life.

eomer and eowyn relationship quiz

But what is this Hobbit settlement called? Frodo Baggins starts off his journey in the Shire, where he lives a normal life with his Hobbit friends.


But Frodo has one older Hobbit who has always been an influence on him. This older Hobbit actually adopted him, and told him stories of his own adventures. But who was this character who adopted Frodo?

Bilbo Pippin Merry Throughout Frodo's journey, there was always one Hobbit who stuck by his side, no matter what. There are even some people who suggest that their relationship was somewhat romantic. Frodo's bodyguard was initially his gardener. He was "dropping eaves" on Frodo while Gandalf was explaining to him the severity of the situation regarding the ring.

This led Gandalf to force Sam to accompany Frodo on his journey, and he's never looked back since. But what is the name of this bodyguard? After all, it was made by Sauron himself. It has some dark, ominous words written on the side, which start glowing when the ring is exposed to fire. The ring has a few powers, but probably the most dangerous effect of the ring is the way it changes people.

People who come into contact with the ring almost always get changed. But is it true that the ring has the power to corrupt the mind of anyone? The ring has the power to corrupt the mind of anyone it comes into contact with, and people start getting really attached to the ring. They get obsessed over it, and want to keep it for themselves at any cost.

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But the ring also has other powers. These powers can give the wearer abilities, but at a cost. But is it true that the ring can make the wearer invisible?

He wants it back in his grasp more than anything, and even constructs a tower which has a massive eye. This is definitely one of the more disturbing parts of the Lord Of The Rings movie, and the eye is constantly darting around in a sickening fashion, searching in vain for the ring of power.

At the start of the movie, it doesn't know where the ring is. But is it true that Sauron cannot see the wearer of the ring? He lives through this impact because he's wearing a rare and expensive shirt of mithril, given to him by the elves to protect him.

It's light as a feather, but stronger than any other metal known to man. For this reason, it's perfect for protecting someone like Frodo. For living or dark undead, I will smite you, if you touch him.

Undeniably this is a moving scene giving closure to the relationship. Yet this does not occur in the books. Her greatest achievement is missed by the father figure who she cared for in life and fights to avenge.

When the call comes to ride out once more against Mordor, she begs to be allowed to fight but is once again refused. What could be more appealing for the lank-haired villain than the beautiful, proud daughter of Rohan? The clue was in the name, you would have thought.

In the book he is caught "watching her under his lids and haunting her steps" and in the film he makes very obvious, very clumsy romantic passes at her. They are taken to the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith but they grow steadily sicker. Faramir awakens to the sweet smell first. A scene depicting this was shot for The Return of the King but only makes it into the Extended Edition.

Oscar-winning costume designer, Ngila Dickson, designed the costumes for the scene and considers them some of the best in the entire trilogy. However, while the scene is described in the commentary and interviews, it is not even included in the Extended Edition. There are not even any set photos of the scene made public. Depending on the version, the books have between and pages.