Gdp of india and pakistan relationship

India vs. Pakistan Economic Comparision in

gdp of india and pakistan relationship

Pakistan and India celebrate 70 years of independence from British rule . Poor relations between the countries precluded any meeting on the. We used Pakistan to compare progress in a country that shares the India's GDP per capita in was % lower than that of Pakistan. When India and Pakistan became independent 70 years ago, they Indian PM Modi has strengthened trade ties with the international Still, experts point out that despite India's relatively better performance, per capita GDP.

We picked Malaysia because it is, like India, multicultural and, although it was more prosperous than India when independence came, it has weathered significant ethnic tension and conflict. It represents the unique dynamism of a region, southeast Asia, in close proximity to India.

How have India and Pakistan fared economically since partition?

In 56 years, the gap in per capita GDP has increased most between India and China, in our comparison. This widening gap could be attributed to greater increases in productivity of the Chinese labour force and more capital per worker, according to an opinion piece published by The Hindu in January Similarly the gap between India and South Korea in is nearly twice of what it was in Untilwhen India liberalised its economy, per capita GDP is estimated to have grown by an average of 4.

World Bank From 41 years inthe average life expectancy at birth is now 68 years inthe latest year for which data are available, according to the World Bank. However, in the same period the average life expectancy in China rose Still, India needs to catch up with the higher life expectancy at birth in these four countries, as well as with the global average, which was pegged at It has achieved impressive reductions in fertility by contrast, Pakistan has crossed Brazil in terms of population.

Bangladesh does far better than India, let alone Pakistan, on infant mortality rate. This means, to put it in plain terms, that a child born in Bangladesh today has much better chance of survival than a child born in India think Gorakhpur. That is surely something to celebrate if one is Bangladeshi.

But India is so much bigger than Bangladesh, and from an Indian point of view it is a tragedy. Textiles are a labour intensive industry particularly conducive to a low skilled workforce and can thus be a job spinner in a South Asian context.

Bangladesh drives past Pakistan, with lessons for India

They are how industrial revolutions get started. He also nationalized financial institutions as well as a number of other sectors.

gdp of india and pakistan relationship

The stated intention behind the nationalization drives in both nations was to reduce inequality and share economic prosperity more widely. But the policies slowed down growth, drove away foreign investment and discouraged entrepreneurship.

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Economists claim they actually increased inequality rather than decreasing it. In Pakistan's case, political and security risks also grew in the s.

बांग्लादेश अर्थव्यवस्था में उछाल / Bangladesh’s GDP is higher than Pak ,may top India

The rise of sectarian conflict and the emergence of religious political parties were compounded by the proliferation of extremist ideologies and violence emanating from Pakistan's involvement in the Afghan War.

These factors, too, had a negative effect on the Pakistani economy and people's well-being.

gdp of india and pakistan relationship

Indian PM Modi has strengthened trade ties with the international community Opening up The growth-crippling policies ultimately caused myriad and complex dysfunctions in both economies, hurt development efforts and sparked severe crises by the late s and early s.

The large deficits and balance-of-payments difficulties forced the two nations to knock on the door of the International Monetary Fund IMF for help. Pakistan went to the IMF in and India in Both nations had to implement some radical free-market reforms, liberalizing and opening up their economies.

But while India approached the IMF only once for help inPakistan has sought assistance from the fund 12 times since It reflects the diverging paths the two nations' economies have taken since then. Will Modi's Germany trip give thrust to free trade?

This striking progress by India has drawn the attention of the global investor community and magnified the economic gap with its neighbor.

gdp of india and pakistan relationship