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Hermia, who has fallen madly in love with Lysander, is willing to go My favorite relationship in the play (as it is more or less creepy than the other two— depending on who you talk to) is between Demetrius and Helena. .. I truly take issue with in your argument is that of the love of Helena and Demetrius. A Midsummer Nights Dream - Hermia And Helenas Relationship Essay Hermia and Helena's relationship has changed greatly after the intervention of Puck . Shakespeare blended this story from a variety of sources and issues of the time. Get an answer for 'How does the relationship between Hermia and Lysander so easily distracted by the magical flower into falling in love with Helena instead.

Helena vows to be as loyal as his 'spaniel' and dog-like, follows Demetrius.

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She does know his faults, and admits he is 'base and vile', but loves him nonetheless. Helena follows Demetrius into the woods Demetrius, a Scornful Youth At one point in the past the play is rather vague on this pointDemetrius was a suitor of Helena.

We don't know how far their relationship went; even though Lysander claims he 'made love' to Helena and 'claimed her soul', this could be a physical act as well as a form of flirting. He later mentions Helena's virginity, so you'd be safe to guess the former.

But after making arrangements with Egeus to marry his daughter Hermia, Demetrius throws over Helena's love to woo Hermia. And actually, Demetrius is pretty nasty to Helena when she follows him to the forest. He tells her that it makes him 'sick' to look at her face, and that he hopes 'wild beasts' attack her while she is in the forest.

It isn't until he comes up against the fairy Puck's magic that things change for this unhappy not-couple. Puck's Meddling King of the fairies, Oberon is in the woods with his servant Puck. Oberon happens to overhear the exchange between Helena and Demetrius and decides to help. He orders Puck to put love-drops into Demetrius's eyes and make him fall in love with Helena.

Helena & Demetrius Relationship in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Puck initially messes up and anoints Lysander and Demetrius, making for some tense interactions between the four lovers in the forest. However, the comparison of their appearance also takes a darker turn. As Lysander and Demetrius become love struck over Helena, they are cruel to Hermia, making blatant racist jokes about her dark complexion.

Lysander calls her an 'Ethiope' 3. He also calls her a 'tawny Tartar' 3. The people of Shakespeare's time did not view those of African, Middle Eastern or Asian descent as honorable people, and these words are clearly meant to be more insulting than funny. Plot Plot refers to the sequence of events that drive a story.

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Helena and Hermia are both responsible for creating the conflict that drives the plot of A Midsummer Night's Dream. While they love different people - Hermia loves Lysander, and Helena loves Demetrius - they both stand up against opposition to fight for what they want. Hermia's defiance of Theseus and her father in her refusal to marry Demetrius leads to the events of the rest of the play. Likewise, Helena's obsession with Demetrius does the same. If Hermia had simply married Demetrius, and if Helena had simply moved on, their magical and comedic night in the woods would never have happened.

Gender Roles Theme refers to an intentionally recurring idea that an author develops in a written work. One of the themes of A Midsummer Night's Dream is gender roles in society and love. Both Helena and Hermia live in a male-dominated world where men decide the fate of women.

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Hermia is being forced into a marriage with Demetrius, even though it is clear that she does not want his affections. Demetrius broke his engagement with Helena to pursue Hermia, and this does not seem to reflect very poorly on him.

Neither woman is content with these circumstances. Their fight for their own desires would have seemed out of character for females both in the setting of the play and in Shakespeare's time. Love Love is another important theme that Shakespeare explores in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and he depicts many different types of love throughout the play.