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Non-business The forms below are examples of the affidavit form to be used in the state of a senior officer of a Council as defined in the Local Government Act by or under any Act of Parliament to take affidavits in relation to the matter Testament, the Old Testament or other appropriate religious text. a Financial Affidavit (Family & Divorce Cases) LQVWUXFWLRQ VKHHW DQG WKH LQVWUXFWLRQV RQ Find Illinois Supreme Court approved forms at: gtfd.info . Children were born or adopted as a result of this relationship: ☐ Yes . and past due bills. . about your business. Petitioners are required to submit an Affidavit of Support form and evidence of their income. the petitioner (sponsor) of an immigrant visa applicant and the U.S. government. percent or greater ownership interest in the business that filed the petition. Please use the information below and the instructions on the forms to.

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Using an interpreter People who do not feel confident swearing an affidavit in English can request the services of an interpreter. When an interpreter is used, the process is as follows: The interpreter undertakes 'the interpreter's oath', which ensures that the interpreter translates what they hear to the best of their ability and in accordance with the law. The interpreter reads the affidavit to the deponent person swearing the affidavit.

The interpreter administers the oath to the deponent. The deponent may repeat the oath in their own language.

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Hearing-impaired people Any deponent person swearing the affidavit with a hearing impairment or preferring to communicate in sign language, may use an interpreter. The interpreter's oath and form of jurat used for persons of a culturally and linguistically diverse background should be modified accordingly. Upon the deponent making an affirmative gesture, the person taking the affidavit should show the deponent a paper on which is written: Again, an affirmative gesture is required.

How will you be paid? If you are unable to collect the money yourself, you can appoint a procurator at the SASSA office, or give someone power of attorney to collect the grant on your behalf. When may your grant be reviewed? SASSA can decide if your grant must be reviewed. Your income as declared when you apply for the grant will form the basis for this decision.

You will be notified three months in advance of the date when the review will take place or the date on which the life certificate proof that you are still alive is due. If you receive your money through the bank, an institution or procurator, you are required to fill in a life certificate at the SASSA offices every year.

When may your grant be suspended?

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The following may result in the suspension of your grant: When will your grant lapse? The grant will lapse when you: This will start from the fourth month following your admission to that institution. The reduced grant is re-instated immediately from the date you are discharged from the institution. Your digit bar-coded identity document ID.

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If you don't have an ID: You will be referred to the Department of Home Affairs to apply for the ID while your application is processed. Proof of your marital status if applicable. Proof of your assets, including the value of the property you own.

Proof of your private pension if any. Your bank statements of the previous three months.