International relationship and diplomacy strategy

MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy

international relationship and diplomacy strategy

Grand strategy may be defined as the combination of diplomatic, economic, military, and political factors used by leaders to defend their respective nation- states. What is the relation between foreign policy and diplomacy? and the NGOs play an important role in shaping the international strategy on climate change. Master's degree in diplomacy and international relations. Universidad Galileo .. MA in Strategic Science and Diplomatic Sciences. Link Campus University.

GSD blog When deciding on where to attend university, I came to the realization that I have never been one to follow the typical education system, which was why GSD first appealed to me. I did not want to sit doing prerequisite courses that had little relevance to my major, in classes where I would just be a number out of hundreds of students. Taking specialized courses in International Relations, with a small student to teacher ratio sounded like a dream.

Ph.D. International Relations and Diplomacy in Paris, France, Europe | International Affairs

Although leaving the security I felt in the Canadian education system was a difficult choice, I do not regret doing so. At GSD I have relationships with my professors, which has become invaluable for me. Each of my classes teaches me skills that I will use in my future career.

Inform about and interpret various political developments; Analyse laws, public policies, and government decisions; Advise government officials, political parties, or the media; Forecast political trends and election results; Put events into historical context. Lobbyist - Promoting ideas to those who can make them a reality Lobbyists are usually hired by an association, corporation, or non-profit organisation to convince government members to make a decision that would benefit the organisation or company they are representing.

international relationship and diplomacy strategy

As a lobbyist you will perform tasks like: Monitor, research and analyse legislation; Attend congressional hearings; Reach out to government policymakers; Use communication tools to promote ideas to the public. Communications Specialist in a non-profit - Working for a better society A degree in International Relations can halo you non-profit organisations that operate on an international level.

international relationship and diplomacy strategy

Non-profit agencies like World Vision and Red Cross provide such global service, but there are many other options, too. Your main duties will be: Creating effective communication strategies; Handling internal communications; Writing content for media and social networks. It seeks to answer questions like: What is the impact of globalization on the democratic national state?

Geneva School of Diplomacy

The course introduces different models of governance applied across the world and weighs their pro's and con's through a variety of case studies. This course provides both the theoretical framework and practical skills necessary to analyze international events using foreign policy concepts.

It will apply international relations theory to the study of the Middle East politics. The course aims to provide students with a contextual understanding of contemporary Middle East politics and research skills in comparative politics.

Grand Strategy

It addresses current challenges to the multilateral trading system, including the ongoing Doha round negotiations as well as the future of the WTO. After an introduction to the purpose and methods of diplomacy and in particular public diplomacy, the course examines how new digital tools are, or may be, used in diplomacy.

This covers the internal functioning of a diplomatic service, and also the external action and work between states. Students will delve in the main international issues related to the digital change where cooperation or rule-shaping diplomatic processes exist, such as cybersecurity, cyber defence, internet rights and online freedom, data privacy, ICTs, information society, electronic commerce or copyrights.