Jane eyre and adele relationship

Adele Varens | Rereading Jane Eyre

jane eyre and adele relationship

Adèle is probably the only one that evolves from the stereotype of From the events of the original Jane Eyre novel until the First World War. Adèle, Jane Eyre's pupil in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, is often caricatur- Though Adèle does play a prominent role in Jane and Rochester's relationship. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë Emma Tenant's latest re-imagining of a in both Adele's character and her relationship with Mr Rochester are also.

I found that I could not pass a single evening, nor even a single hour of the day with her. Soon she showed me her outbreaks of violent and unreasonable temper. I lived with that monster for four years, on that infernal island, until I received news that both my father and my brother had died, and the Rochester Estate was mine, at last.

I brought her back with me.

Jane Eyre 2011- Jane's visit to the Thornfield Ruins.

Her brother insisted and what could I do? He reminded me of the dowry and I told him that it was insufficient for everything I had put up with, and still had to endure.

I made sure she was well fed and comfortably hidden in my attic. I paid a trustworthy woman to look after her. She had everything she needed, but her madness spiraled after our arrival in England.

She escaped and tried to burn the house down, on several occasions I could not stand living under the same roof as her, even though I never saw her, but I heard her. I began to abhor Thornfield Hall, so I travelled to the continent in search of a good and intelligent woman. Instead I fell under the spell of the beautiful but fickle opera singer, Celine Varens. Six months before Jane arrived at Thornfield Hall, Celine gave me her daughter, Adele, affirming she was mine.

I tell you Pilot is more like me than Adele! Celine abandoned her child, and ran away to Italy with a musician or singer. I am convinced I am not her father, but hearing that she was quite destitute, I took the poor thing out of the slime and mud of Paris, and transplanted it here, to grow up clean in the wholesome soil of an English country garden.

Jane Eyre (character)

You see, my goodwill has always turned against me. I vowed never to become involved with a beautiful woman again. One day, nine years after returning from Jamaica, I met a small, pale, elf-like creature who stole my heart.

jane eyre and adele relationship

However, I soon learnt she was as independent and headstrong as I was selfish and scheming. I had to have her as my wife, not my employee or my mistress. I wanted her skin on my skin, our bodies joined as soon as possible, so I devised a plan. Blanche was tall, with raven hair and dark eyes.

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She wore expensive clothes and jewels to catch a husband. She was also a snob and a bitch. I would tease them both nicely. It was a game for my enjoyment.

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I knew Jane would win. She already had my heart and Blanche was only after my money. I would never marry a dark beauty again, I had already done that once. I wanted a real, English rose, on this occasion. And this epistolary exchange constitutes the most interesting part of this novel. This gives authenticity and transpires truth. Not only for things said but for many of the things that are left unsaid or are just hinted at.

jane eyre and adele relationship

A good sound English education can work miracles, Jane would say 3. Rochester and Jane make occasional apperances in the narrative.

jane eyre and adele relationship

They are well characterised and, particularly Jane, very well delineated. The Brocklehurst family also appears and, with one exception, it seems that the sins of the grandfather the infamous Mr.

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The next morning before the guests find out what happened, Rochester sneaks Mason out of the house. Before Jane can discover more about the mysterious situation, she gets a message that her Aunt Reed is very sick and is asking for her. Reed for mistreating her when she was a child, goes back to take care of her dying aunt.

When Jane returns to Thornfield, Blanche and her friends are gone, and Jane realizes how attached she is to Mr. Although he lets her think for a little longer that he's going to marry Blanche, eventually Rochester stops teasing Jane and proposes to her. On the day of Jane's wedding, during the church ceremony, two men show up claiming that Rochester is already married.

Rochester admits that he is married to another woman, but tries to justify his attempt to marry Jane by taking them all to see his "wife.

Rochester is Bertha Mason, the "madwoman in the attic" who tried to burn Rochester to death in his bed, stabbed and bit her own brother Richard Masonand who's been doing other creepy things at night.

Rochester was tricked into marrying Bertha fifteen years ago in Jamaica by his father, who wanted him to marry for money and didn't tell him that insanity ran in Bertha's family. Rochester tried to live with Bertha as husband and wife, but she was too horrible, so he locked her up at Thornfield with a nursemaid, Grace Poole. Meanwhile, he traveled around Europe for ten years trying to forget Bertha and keeping various mistresses.

Eventually he got tired of this lifestyle, came home to England, and fell in love with Jane. After explaining all this, Rochester claims that he was not really married because his relationship with Bertha wasn't a real marriage.

He wants Jane to go and live with him in France, where they can pretend to be a married couple and act like husband and wife. Jane refuses to be his next mistress and runs away before she's tempted to agree. Jane travels in a direction away from Thornfield. Having no money, she almost starves to death before being taken in by the Rivers family, who live at Moor House near a town called Morton.

The Rivers siblings — Diana, Mary, and St.

jane eyre and adele relationship

John pronounced "Sinjin" — are about Jane's age and well-educated, but somewhat poor. They take whole-heartedly to Jane, who has taken the pseudonym "Jane Elliott" so that Mr. Rochester can't find her.

Jane wants to earn her keep, so St. John arranges for her to become the teacher in a village girls' school.