Joss whedon on buffy and spike relationship

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joss whedon on buffy and spike relationship

Anyone who complains about Joss Whedon destroying their favorite . However, Angel and Spike aren't the only serious relationships that. Joss Whedon Is a Buffy/Spike Shipper, and Nothing Makes Sense Given the narrative that surrounded Buffy's relationship with Angel on both. As part of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Joss Whedon have settled the Angel or Spike debate. the middle because in terms of a long-term relationship, Spike's kinda your guy," he believed.

Buffy and Faith have both decided it's time to try to live a normal life at last, and set their sights on a more official role, signing up for the San Francisco Police Academy. The Buffyverse has changed a lot in the comics since the TV show ended, and there's now an active Supernatural Division to police the vampires and demons roaming the California scene.

Naturally, both Slayers are keen to get in - if only Faith can get through basic training without injuring any of her fellow cadets As for Willow, she's found a place of relative peace, running a center dedicated to empowering women.

Willow has always trod the boundary between light and dark, but now the witch believes she's seen enough of her future to know how to change it. The end of Xander and Dawn's story will surprise anyone who hasn't been keeping up-to-date with the comics; they've become a couple, and are now bringing up their baby daughter, Buffy's niece Joyce named for their late mother. Giles, for his part, is reforming the Watcher's Council.

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It's entirely possible the new series is a relaunch, and not a total reboot. If that's the case, all these farewells to Buffy could set the scene for the season to come. Until then, it all worked out for the Scooby gang. Buffy and Angel have no chill whatsoever. Which is ironic because without warm blood Angel is nothing but chilly.

Though the love scenes between Buffy and Angel were intense and steamy at least by late '90s broadcast TV standardsneither actor could take them seriously.

Due to the fact that the two were such good friends, the actors were constantly pranking each other when it came time for Buffy and Angel to play tonsil hockey.

joss whedon on buffy and spike relationship

Sarah Michelle Gellar explained that she would eat tuna fish and pickles before kissing scenes. The last of which made it into an Angel episode. The whole thing puts all Bangel's angst in another context. Yet his origins were much more ethereal. The idea was even floated that Angel would be an actual Angel. Around the same time that audiences found out about Angel is when the Buffy cast and crew knew what to do about Angel.

An alternate reality where Angel is a literal angel is almost too bizarre to imagine. Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared not once, but twice, during Angel season 1. David Boreanaz returned the favor with two brief Buffy season 4 appearances.

joss whedon on buffy and spike relationship

Yet after season 1 of Angel, the crossovers only went one way. Angel rarely showed up on Buffy, reprising his role for the series finale and one other dramatic moment but Buffy never made her back to Angel. The reason for keeping the two apart was about as boring as it can be imagined-- contract negotiations. For its first five seasons Buffy was on one network, The WB. When Angel launched as a spin-off during Buffy season 4, it obviously called the same network home.

Yet after Buffy season 5, the flagship series moved to new network UPN. Even though Buffy and Angel were still taking place in the same universe, it became a huge headache to negotiate between the rival networks about which actors could appear on what series.

Angel and Buffy would only crossover when it was deemed "necessary. Angel relied on Buffy a little heavily in the early offing.

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This reunion happens off-camera, on both series. Angel and Buffy have a phone conversation, on their respective series. Ultimately, the characters are left in just as much dark as the audience.

In all honesty, this is superior to what likely happened-- lots of tears. There were two great loves for Buffy and both were vampires. The debate of who was better for Buffy continues to rage.

joss whedon on buffy and spike relationship

Even though Buffy inexplicably decided that she was in love with Riley right after they broke up, no one counts Riley as a serious love interest.