Julia roberts and emma relationship

How is Emma Roberts related to Julia Roberts? Who is Emma's father, Eric Roberts?

julia roberts and emma relationship

Emma and Julia Roberts - Niece and Aunt Emma Eric also has a distant relationship with Emma, who was raised by her mother. “He lives. Julia Roberts Hangs With Niece Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Over Labor Day Weekend! Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts are spending some. Family bonding: Emma Roberts lovingly embraced her aunt Julia Roberts at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in Hollywood Thursday evening.

Roberts played a recent college graduate who works at an adult bookstore to make ends meet. She has said that most of her lines were ad-libbed so her reactions in the film were completely genuine.

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She next appeared in the film Celeste and Jesse Foreverparodying pop stars such as Kesha with her performance as Riley Banks, an incurious blonde singer.

Roberts said in an interview that her role as Banks tempted her to write an album of songs using her character as an alter ego. She portrayed Lena Haloway, the protagonist, but Fox decided not to pick up the show. It was released on August 7, Covenfrom late through January Roberts portrayed a self-involved party girl named Madison Montgomerywho also happens to be a telekinetic witch.

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Roberts played the lead role in Gia Coppola 's directorial debut, Palo Altobased on James Franco 's short story collection of the same name. The film was released in May to generally positive reviews, with particular praise for Roberts' performance. Tom Shone of The Guardian and Ian Freer of Empire both called her the "standout" of the film, [36] with Freer praising her performance for being "heartbreaking as she suggests longings and anxieties without over-hyping it.

julia roberts and emma relationship

Much like the film itself. The film had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 19,[38] and was released on September 25, in a limited release and through video on demand. During the month of JuneRoberts confirmed that she would appear in the eighth season of the series, where she would portray, for a second time, Madison Montgomery. It also served as the soundtrack to the television series Unfabulousin which Roberts starred.

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  • How is Emma Roberts related to Julia Roberts? Who is Emma’s father, Eric Roberts?
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The album peaked at number 46 and 10 on Billboard 's Heatseekers Albums and Kid Albums charts, respectively. InRoberts covered the song " Island in the Sun ", which was originally recorded by Weezer in ; she recorded the song for the Aquamarine soundtracka film in which she starred as one of the leads. Bilson is said to have found text message exchanges between Christensen and Roberts, which led to her thinking the pair were getting closer than they should have been following their shoot on the movie Little Italy.

julia roberts and emma relationship

No other news regarding Roberts and Christensen ever came to fruition, so we hope that the pair's friendship isn't the defining factor in bringing Bilson and Christensen's relationship to a close. We imagine there must have been a whole plethora of reasons for the partnership to end. One of the biggest scandals of his career came inwhen the actor was arrested for possession of both cocaine and marijuana. The drama didn't end there, however.

julia roberts and emma relationship

Instead of taking the arrest on the chin, he resisted the police officer who was trying to take him in, and is even said to have tried to assault the New Yorker, throwing a punch at him but connecting with another on the shoulder.

He was being asked by the officer to stop banging on a woman's door. After spending 36 hours in a prison cell and pleading guilty to harassment, the actor had all of his other charges dropped.


Eric would immediately stand up to defend his daughter, who is said to have given Evan a bloody nose and bite marks, saying that "unless you're one of those people [involved], you do not know what happened. Let's hope this Hollywood romance is now one that can live on peacefully and without scandal.

julia roberts and emma relationship

As family, they likely fought harder than anyone else who sits in the spotlight, and it was during a custody battle for Emma Roberts in which Julia made one of her biggest moves against her brother. Having separated from Emma's mother Kelly Cunningham, Eric and Kelly went to court to fight it out for custody rights to their daughter.

julia roberts and emma relationship

Julia thought so little of her sibling, that she helped fund Kelly's legal battles against her ex-partner. It was a move that shocked the celebrity world. Despite all of that, when Julia and her husband Danny Moder welcomed twins inEric says he and his wife Eliza were welcomed into the hospital with open arms.

Since then, the pair seem to have gotten along swimmingly.