Jyj and tvxq relationship help

TVXQworld: The truth about Yunho and Changmin

jyj and tvxq relationship help

The trio of JYJ recently participated in a revealing interview with TV Report, as they Regarding their relationship with TVXQ, they stated, "We have tried were worth it, judging by the support they've received from their fans. For those of you who aren't clear about DBSK's relationship case against SME, it would be easier to help HoMin out but if they don't succeed, because the . It might be discussed million times before but I really want to hear people opinion or maybe any fan account about the real & current TVXQ.

We dreamed the same dreams under the same sky, so that door of possibility will always remain open.

jyj and tvxq relationship help

JYJ answered, "We didn't think about the commercial benefits at the time. It was just upsetting that we felt the need to break away when we were at the height of our fame Tokyo Dome Concert We made the decision knowing that we might never be able to sing again, so instead of saying 'disappointing', I think 'upsetting' is a better term.

But now, seeing our juniors achieve success in Japan makes us think that it's an amazing feat for them to be able to earn attention from major Japanese labels so early on in their careers.

jyj and tvxq relationship help

BoA gave us hope for our Japanese advancement and paved that road. I think we'd be proud if we were able to allow our juniors to advance into Japan in a better environment. It felt as if we were able to show off our music to a variety of people.

jyj and tvxq relationship help

Especially at our New York concert, 7, fans rushed into a garden originally meant for 3, people, which led police to come out to the scene. When asked about their most painful dating experience, the three responded, "As opposed to most painful As you know, we've never just stayed in Korea. We had a busy schedule that required us to travel between Korea and Japan. All three of us have such passion for music, so our girlfriends could never last.

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Our girlfriends thought we weren't paying attention to their needs and would feel disappointed. This is all to comfort us.

jyj and tvxq relationship help

This means, that the 5 are still together at heart! The money bit is also important.

Official documents reveal SM's 'slave contract' with JYJ did not exist to begin with | allkpop

The money is important for the future of DBSK. Look at the example of Shinwha. Eric was rich so he could buy his group out of SME.

jyj and tvxq relationship help

They have to start from scratch. In order to stand up alone and independently, the trio must be able to have funds. I always have this uneasy feeling that underneath all this, they have a bigger plan. They are waiting for us to start cursing and fighting each other, creating choas. Be mindful, the first person to strike is the loser. So for our DBSK, we have to be patient and wait.

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Why all of a sudden? He wants to tell us that their relationship is fine and for us to not worry.

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They want to tell us that DBSK still exists and they are there to keep it alive. This is the best they can do, if they say or do anymore then SME would become suspicious. Everyone must have noticed how little HoMin have stated about the lawsuit issue. The 5 members are stronger than we think so we should worry about ourselves.