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Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Keima K., Chihiro K. . Her chance at any relationship was shrinking with every second, "This is the problem with you Reals you hate me, and just want to humiliate me. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - [Kanon N., Keima K.] - Chapters: 13 Without it you might have serious trouble understanding what's .. won't be too much of a bother, nor will it upset your relationship with Chihiro-san. Keima went to both her and Chihiro for advice when he was seeking to cheer Elsie up, and was even willing to help Ayumi study when the 2-B Pencils came to .

All of those events were a bit strange, but it only got stranger after that. Some days ago, Keima had woken up and found Diana fretting over him and soon after that Ayumi had arrived and demanded he give her her first kiss back. Those events might have been strange, but they were undoubtedly real — there was no doubt about it in Keima's mind However, there had been another event with Ayumi.

One when she had kicked down the door to his room and demand he take responsibility or something. The problem with this one was that Keima wasn't sure it really happened, the memory of it being very vague to say the least.

Now, Keima knew he played a lot of games and he sometimes hallucinated about them. However, his hallucinations pertained to game heroines. Not to real girls. Had this really happened? Then what was the memory so blurry? Was it a hallucination or a dream? But why would he dream or hallucinate about Ayumi? And it didn't stop there. Another memory was him in Mio's house. The blond claimed Yui brought him there and he did kinda remember meeting Yui before that. But this one memory was vague as well.

And why would Yui bring him to Mio's apartment of all places? Come to think of it, the next thing Keima remembered was him waking up in his own bed. No Diana, no Ayumi, Yui or Mio. There was only Eri, claiming he has been out for a whole day.

Did the thing with Yui and Mio was simply a dream? Or maybe the new memories he had received were the reason his mind was playing tricks on him? Should he consult someone about it? Maybe Diana or the devils? Nah, Haqua and Diana would just tell him to stop playing games… Ultimately, he decided to not do anything for now. The last several days were fairly calm after all — the only real people he had to deal with lately being his family and classmates.

So perhaps it was just an isolated case, he concluded as he headed home. It was one of his new half-conscious habits he had developed after Shiori, Tsukiyo, Minami and Sumire had ambushed him here the last one twice so far.

However, this time the customers were all normal adults and there was no-one he knew. He wondered whether that was a good or bad sign. I mean, he had sent that one e-mail, telling the girls to leave him a lone for a while… but that was a while ago already.

Did it mean that his life returned to some semblance of "normality"? No, Keima shook his head as he walked upstairs. It was too early to conclude that, if his experiences with the real were anything to go by. And then there was Chihiro, who was acting kind of weird as well.

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She and Keima had agreed to give them both some time to think, but Keima had noticed that she kept more distance, as if she wasn't in any hurry. And he could understand if she had been ignoring him and being angry to match, but no — she was looking at him from time to time, but she seemed strangely relaxed and content.

Just what was going on? Keima walked inside his room and started to unpack his games. He was in the middle of it when he heard a sound he did not expect. Someone clearing his throat. It took Keima by surprise and he yelped, turning to the source of the sound and was immediately corrected. Someone clearing her throat.

In front of him there was Kanon Nakagawa, sitting on his bed. He didn't respond immediately, pulling out his PFP and pressing some buttons instead. Because the Internet says you have a concert a good distance from Maijima in several hours," Keima showed her his PFP which backed up his claim.

He knew of exactly one Kanon-obsessed firetruck-lover who could substitute for the idol. He didn't back up, but Kanon saw him tense a bit. That was also my problem before you helped me, remember? Being greedy for attention… But I guess you're right. Being greedy is not a good thing… That's why I need your help again, Keima-kun," she was now pretty much face to face with him. God of Conquest won't refuse a request from a heroine, right? And I know I stand no chance," she looked down before looking back at him again, resolve clear on her face, "that's why I need you to help me get rid of it!

Kanon shook her head. Keima blinked, before reaching out with his hand, but Kanon pulled the orb back. I will only ask that you believe in me as I once believed in you," with this she extended her hand with the orb, clearing motioning for him to grab it.

Who was she, even? Needless to say, the pairing was odd… other than the matching hair and eyes, they had next to nothing in common… he conquered the 2D, while she animatedly gossiped about the 3D things he hated… while he stared avidly at a screen, she was flipping through magazines half-heartedly… while his pen glided over tests as if he was freakin' Kira, she chewed on the back of hers irritably, wondering how the hell he was so smart when he didn't even listen in class… There's plenty more that could be said about their differences, but you get the gist, right?

With two people so different, how could it be that she fell for him? Simple… she hadn't… 'Then why is she confessing? Chihiro just doesn't make sense. It was about two weeks into the school year that Chihiro realised how sad she really was… no club activities… no social life outside of her best friend, Ayumi, of course … it wasn't as if she stayed home and studied either. It was around then that her book from two years previous appeared, and surely it had to be a sign. To explain, the book was your average notebook until you opened it, revealing enough information about the male student body of Maijima Academy that it bordered on illegal.

This was a book Chihiro had painstakingly worked on all through her third year of middle school after her mother kicked her out for returning as soon as school was over. Chihiro hated clubs, and studying was boring, so she just went with her only hobby at the time… admiring guys. She had been very thorough while compiling this book… she took pictures… she constructed those web-like charts that those soccer games had with her own categories, obviouslyand even on a few days, she got into the filing room to see the school records on those boys, had she been missing anything… that, accompanied by her own surveillance, had left her with an insane amount of information that was all neatly written in that book.

As for where this book comes in here He had been good looking enough that she had researched him… though within her grade, he was the 19th hottest guy. He was, incidentally, the 35th guy she'd asked out since this trimester had begun, and the 18th boy in her grade, but that was only because Number 6 had transferred out after middle school… Still, Chihiro was certain this was going to be different than those last thirty four attempts… she'd always aimed too high, in terms of standards.

They were usually in clubs, and usually, pretty high up in their clubs. However, Katsuragi was different than them. For one, both him and Chihiro were part of the go-home club… for another, he was pretty much disliked by the majority of the school for being married to his gaming console.

There was no way he'd get anything better than her, which was why she was determined to hide the selfishness that was her intention. He figured it wasn't worth his time, by the fact that he turned back to his PFP, swinging his body around so he was walking to the roof entrance. Chihiro grabbed his shoulder, sending a shiver through him. Her chance at any relationship was shrinking with every second, and she needed to restore it.

Keima will be possessed by a runaway spirit and become a conquest target himself Or any other girl. Foreshadowing in chaptereven Keima said that she could be raising a Death Flag. Geez, Elsie, stop tripping death flags!

Now I don't know whether to declare this entry has been confirmed or jossed. On one hand, "Elsee" is effectively dead since nobody aside from Keima seems to remember her, but she's still around as Katsuragi Eri, having somehow altered reality so that she's always been Keima's little sister. Yes, this is as confusing as it sounds.

You know, Alpha and Omega, be all and end all. Being the balance between Eternity and Death, Galactus needed to consume the energy of civilizations and planets so that he can use the energy they consumed to maintain universal order and protect this unverse from Omnicidal Maniac God of Entropy, Abraxas. Similarly, Keima needs to consume games everyday as the by product of civilzation energy, since the universe saps energy from him to protect itself from Abraxas and his agents the Weiss.

Keima suffered under Tsunderes for our sins! God of War can also translate to God of Conquest so why not? Had something traumatic happen to her with her true simblings in Hell, and thus saw the completely unrelated Keima to be her true onii-sama.

Or was hated by everyone in Hell because of her horrific cooking and was assigned to the Loose Souls Squad as a form of exile. Perhaps because Hell used to have the best cuisine ever, thanks to Gordon Ramsay. The real reason for the loose souls epidemic was because Elsie fucked up so much that Gordon's Cluster F-Bomb devastated the barrier suppressing the Weiss.

The entire setting takes place The Incubators harnessed the Weiss as a form of efficiently extracting grief from human souls for energy without the inefficiency of the Magical Girl System.

If you can create an alternative story then who do you want Keima to love with?

However, the Weiss rebelled, forcing them to ask the help of the Goddesses to seal them in a planet now called Hell. Or perhaps, Madoka Kaname was in fact the only Goddess there was.

When she, in her Messianic selflessness, sacrificed her own soul to seal the Weiss away, her soul was split into the Jupiter Sisters. Keima was created as a byproduct nexus to reassemble Madoka back, and his obssession with Moe was the echo of Madoka's selfless and extremely humble Nice Girl personality, the perfect submissive Moe that Keima always tried to find. When she enslaved Madoka as an amnesiac and annihilated Incubator civilization, the entropy rates in the Multiverse accelerated to critical levels eventually giving birth to chaotic lifeforms called Weiss.

However, despite the devastation caused by the Weiss Homura was consumed by her love and obsession for Madoka and so she did not care and ruled as a tyrannical dictator. Eventually, however, through the help of other Magical Girls such as Sayaka Miki, Madoka regained her memories as Ultimate Madoka and forged an alliance with the Incubators, a new constitution that would refuse to harvest energy from human souls themselves but dedicated to capturing loose Weiss.

In the climax of the Homura Heresy Madoka sacrificed her own soul to seal Homura and the Weiss away into an Isolation Field over an asylum planet, now called Hell. Thanks to their alliance with Madoka, the Incubators evolved emotions and became the foundation for New Hell, while Madoka's consciousness shattered into the Jupiter Sisters and Keima Katsuragi.

Keima is The One, and the setting was a recent reboot of the Matrix simulation. However, the Architect soon noticed that alien viruses invaded the mainframe corrupting everying around them till they became glitches. At first they reforged the Agents into the Goddesses to suppress the glitches but this proved to be a failure. In their second attempt, they reincarnated Neo as the One in the form of Keima Katsuragi, who would be the anomaly to combat the viruses in their own game.

The Angents were reprogrammed as Demons to assist the One but the Architect retained the program that anyone who saw the glitches except for the One would have amnesia. No goddesses, no supernaturals whatsoever.

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Not just a Goddess, but a Time Lord. Now that is on another level altogether. Or are just demons with massive power and big egos hence why they called themselves goddesses Don't exist. It was just a conspiracy about multiple demons working together to reawaken the true God: Keima This actually takes place in a world terraformed by Suka Suka 's Visitors.

Elsie and the goddesses are the Visitors who lost their memories along wih some of their powers. This batch of Visitors took a somewhat different approach by partitioning the world into 3 realms, and took a more lenient stance toward human developments. Also ties neatly unto Seikesshou Albatross as suggested above with aliens existence.

She already had perfect memory when possessed. She probably hasn't talked to Keima because she's still kind of shy. Chapter confirms that one of the goddesses is Minerva.

Minerva is the goddess of wisdom and music, in Shiori's arc, it was shown that she was very knowledgeable, and in the epilogue, that she reads music's lyrics sheets. Lastly, she was never shown to completely forget, and said that she still had vague memories. Keima has narrowed her down to one of the most likely candidates. Shiori still has her book-memorization ability.

Whether or not it's just carried over from the capture is unknown. Sumire has the goddess Vulcan Loosely, fire is used to cook, cooking is a practice that takes time and effort to make a meal. Like smithing a sword, or thunderbolts.