Linden and holder relationship help

The Killing - Mireille & Joel talk Linden & Holder (AKA Finale Post) - Oh No They Didn't!

linden and holder relationship help

Prior to this final scene, Linden and Holder shared a single to his lawyer girlfriend Caroline (Jewel Staite), and while their relationship didn't. Linden's lieutenant tells her that Holder can't handle the case, even as Holder uncomfortably The fiancé doubts her commitment to marriage. Few relationships have been more riveting and high-stakes this season than the one between police investigators Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel It helps that they have similar instincts in approaching their work.

Thankfully, Sarah eventually agreed to marry him, although the look on her face as he leaves their presumably shared apartment in the Pilot suggests some apprehension about Dr. Felder as her forever match. She wears her engagement ring in the beginning, but we later notice it is absent in subsequent episodes without explanation.

She avoids him like a pro, reverting to her intense introversion during the case. She seems to be attracted to men that come equipped with obvious reasons or barriers that prevent them from being a really suitable long-term partner-Her doctor who clearly violated his ethics to be with her, her married partner, her much younger co-worker.

What happens when these relationships go sour, dear Sarah? You still have to see the creeper every day! Clearly, Sarah is most apt to have a sexual relationship with someone she sees as a part of her regular daily routine. Still, she chose rebound Rick after presumably ending her affair with Skinner. It is certainly never a good idea to marry your rebound, so props to Sarah for ruining that relationship.

It died a slow but certain death. I suspect that even independent Sarah does not really like to be alone, particularly in bed. Unlike her other suitors, her rapport with him seemed quite harmonious, even flirtatious. It was so unSarahlike that Holder noticed and teased her. He was dark, handsome, older and equipped to teach her something.

She may not wish to navigate the perilous waters of a relationship, but she is not about to give up sex. We actually sort of dig this part of her character as such behavior is typically associated with masculine male leads. Glad to see that Veena understands that the very same needs are very often part of the Alpha female.

We must confess we immediately found Cody to be quite possibly the stupidest man on the planet. He had Mireille Enos alone in a house on an island willing to do just about anything with him, and he had the gall to suggest they go to town and catch a show. We wanted to punch him in the throat.

Sarah seemed eager, initiating sex with him in the Season 3 premiere before a visit from Holder who arrived in time to see her lover slipping out the door. Holder rightfully teased her about her jail bait lover.

linden and holder relationship help

The look on his face during that confrontation seemed very much that of a scorned lover like she had somehow cheated on him with her job. Linden forcefully insists that he let her go, and after a moment of hesitation, he complies, letting Sarah Linden go for good. This relationship is admittedly somewhat out of pattern. Cody is a much younger choice for her, but I suspect her need to be a different person, living a different life, encouraged her to go for a little variety in her love life.

Cody still fits the pattern of selecting people with whom she much interact on a daily basis. She is sexually motivated, and frankly, this relationship feels like a protracted booty call.

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James Skinner Elias Koteas: Sarah had an affair with her former partner, James Skinner. Skinner is a charismatic, older figure, the senior partner in their relationship.

linden and holder relationship help

We see Sarah choosing another partner with obvious barriers to prevent a long term relationship. Skinner is married with a daughter. Further, sleeping with your partner in the police department is surely frowned upon if not completely forbidden.

linden and holder relationship help

Skinner seems to understand the grueling nature of police work, never begrudging her the need to slip out and investigate her case. He even seems familiar with a Sarah we have never known. Did she really sing in the car during their investigations?

That concept seems absolutely foreign to the Sarah we know. Sarah certainly gravitated towards him throughout the season, but nonetheless, we emerged somewhat surprised to see her fall into bed with him in the finale.

linden and holder relationship help

Perhaps we underestimated the power of his pull? Regardless, Sarah could not have possibility imagined she would really find true happiness by inviting the recently separated Skinner into her home for coffee.

Her physical response to his betrayal and emergence as a murderer, a man that likely orchestrated everything cruel and awful in her personal life, left her vomiting on the side of the road and later shooting the unarmed Skinner who was on his knees in front of her.

He effectively destroyed Sarah Linden.

linden and holder relationship help

Did he also make her a murderer? The intensity of her love is precisely as we expected. The two divorced years later, leaving Sarah to struggle with balancing her personal and professional life. Three years prior to the season 1 pilot, Sarah was working as a homicide detective and having a love affair with her partner James Skinner who was married.

They were both put on the case of Trisha Anne Seward who was found dead in her apartment, with her son Adrian hiding in the closet. Adrian drew Sarah multiple pictures of a set of trees and hills after she found him in the closet. The unresolved feeling Sarah felt from this case resulted in her having a mental breakdown and landing in a psychiatric hospital for a month, presumably ending her relationship with Skinner.

Sometime following this event Sarah fell in love with her psychiatrist Rick Felderand the two of them are planning on getting married when season 1 begins One of her hobbies is distance running. Personality and Characteristics Edit Sarah was and still is a runner.


In her first foster home, she described her foster mother crying all the time and she would run every couple of days. As a result she tends to run away from relationships, family, friends, and even her job at times.

Her early abandonment as a child, has brought on severe abandonment issues in her adult life. Her history of love interests show a pattern of older men.