Lindsay and halstead relationship quiz

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lindsay and halstead relationship quiz

Lindsay and Halstead have been close friends for years, but on the Jan. it's exciting to see the characters–and their relationship– develop. Detective Jay Halstead is a member of Sergeant Hank Voight's Intelligence Unit Erin Lindsay, whom he also was in a romantic relationship until their breakup. Favorite relationships. Erin Lindsay/ Jay Halstead. Gabby Dawson/ Matt Casey. Rachel Berry/ Finn Hudson. Will Halstead/ Natalie. Amanda Rollins/ Dominic.

That moment Jay wanted to know more about where Erin came from. Erin is someone with a complicated past. But the way he told her that he was interested in figuring out where she came from was enough to melt my heart.

That moment Jay encouraged Erin to take a promotion. They inspire and encourage each other to be better. That moment Jay was there for Erin when she lost a friend. The moment Nadia was murdered was the moment everything changed. This was an event that shook the show to its core, especially Erin.

Jay was there to be the comfort she needed during this horrific time. That moment Erin was there for Jay after he lost a friend. One of the beautiful things about their relationship is how they are able to lean on each other in times of need. This case — with losing a former military friend — shook him the entire episode. And Erin was by his side to help ease the pain in any way she could. When Jay had a bounty of his head, he asked Erin if he could crash with her after his apartment had been broken into.

She obliged but joked about Jay wanting to play Scrabble aka have sex with her. Scrabble will forever hold a new meaning for me. That moment Erin volunteered to tase Jay. The fun, flirtatious way that Erin and Jay are at work is one of my favorite things. That moment Jay brought his girl some fast food a combo. Get yourself a man who will bring you your favorite fast food a combo no doubt! The domesticity was almost too much to bear.

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That moment they first lingered on each other. OTPs are made of longing glances, sexual tension, and angst. This was the first moment. The one thing that was able to shake Erin from her spiral was hearing the news that Jay had been kidnapped.

And again, because of what she does and doesn't do regarding Voight So we are planning on going forward with the mechanics and the ups and downs of these two moving in together. A "seismic shift" in Lindsay and Voight's relationship It's no exaggeration to say that Lindsay and Voight's relationship will never be the same after the events of last season.

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Going forward, it's more [her] spending time with Halstead and less with worrying about Voight, which is kind of heartbreaking for Voight," Olmstead says. But there comes a time when they do have to leave. And this is what we're playing right now, this kind of seismic shift in the relationship between Lindsay, Voight, and by extension, Halstead.

Voight does articulate to Lindsay, 'You're all I have left. The two get along "like a house on fire," according to Olmstead, but Tay — who was recruited to the precinct by Platt Amy Morton after the two crossed paths at an event for women in law enforcement — has some skeletons in her closet.

Tay's back story was inspired by the story of an actual cop that was relayed to Olmstead. She joins the unit from a previous detail that found her handing out parking tickets in front of the courthouse, "which is generally acknowledged as the worst job for patrolmen in the city, because it's usually [writing tickets for] cops who are there to testify," Olmstead explains.

How well does the Chicago P. The reason she was stuck on that duty? That's why she's been writing tickets. As the story was related to me, which was really frustrating to hear, when a younger female officer either dates or spurns the advancements of a commanding officer, they're really at the mercy of what the guy can do or not do.

And, so she's been penalized for it. Later in the season, Lindsay and Halstead get back together. Voight, previously against relationships in Intelligence, states that he no longer cares for that policy, mainly concerned with Lindsay's well being, which he entrusts Halstead with.

Season 4 In season 4, Halstead tells Lindsay "Cases come and go, bosses come and go, jobs come and go, but I don't want you to come and go" and asks her to move in with him.

They then decide to move into the apartment Lindsay already owns. Later once Lindsay and Halstead started living together they admit their love for one another.

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Dawson tells him that knowing the cop Jay has became made the decision easier to leave the unit. He said that he wasn't proud of the person he was in the past, and that even though Erin may think that he's moved on, he hasn't, and he needs time to sort his problems out, like his marriage to Abby.

They both avoided each other in later episodes until Jay told her they shouldn't have to act like that around each other. They remained on friendly terms later, and Jay joked about a married couple that couldn't live together without fighting and so had to live across each other and how their marriage was perfect because of it, and suggested the idea to Erin, who laughed it off.

In Army of OneBunny got back in touch with Erin. Jay told her he was suspicious of Bunny, and Erin said she would sort it out herself. However, during a case, Erin lashed out at an offender when she threatened him with a gun. Jay wasn't happy with the arrangement, and Olinsky told him Voight should've done it long ago. Jay then asked Voigjt how long the arrangement was going to last, and Voight told him not to ask him that again if he wanted to keep his job.

Later on, Erin was called to a review board. Will told him they weren't even together, and Will said now was the only time he felt it was right because she was in trouble and he should be there for her. Will gave him the ring. He couldn't propose when he met her, and planned on doing it at Molly's that night.

However, Erin had taken the job in New York and didn't go. Jay called her, and she was on her way out - she held onto his Army Tag and rejected the call, implying she wouldn't meet him before she left.

Season 5 In ReformJay has a hard time moving on with the fact that Erin has left. He is told by Voight to let it go and move on, because Erin has. During a case later on, Jay shoots a man and then finds a young girl bleeding out.

They take her to Med and Will tells them there is a chance she'll make it. However, investigation then showed that the bullet Jay shot the man with went clean through him and a door and then hit the young girl. Jay is devastated to hear this, and insists he hit a man. This is proven difficult to prove, and Jay is branded a "racist" as a video of him punching a black man goes viral.

The alderman behind it admits he doesn't know the true story, but doesn't care. This is until they finally track down the offender. Voight spends a lot of time trying to convince Jay not to worry and to go home, which he refuses to do.

lindsay and halstead relationship quiz

Jay then finds out that the young girl has died, and feels extremely guilty. Voight then takes part in a side deal with the Alderman to make sure Jay's bad image is erased, which no one else knows about.

Jay then went to see the young girl's mother later that night with a necklace the girl left behind. Later on in Season 5, Jay was shown having nightmares and impulsivity issues, which angered his partner, Hailey. However, things worsened when Jay went undercover and began dating the sister, Camila, of the man Intelligence was trying to capture. He kept using his alias until a woman died outside a nightclub that he and Camila were at.

He lied and told Voight that he was just undercover trying to get more intel, but hadn't officially put it in the books. Hailey wasn't convinced but went along. This was until plans to arrest Camila came about. Convinced that she was innocent, Jay called her and told her to leave town, even telling her he would go with her.

However, Hailey and Voight found him and convinced him to help bring her in.

lindsay and halstead relationship quiz

She was partially innocent, but her relationship with Jay would've ruined his career. Hailey convinced her to not say anything about their relationship in exchange for her freedom. Voight then told Jay he had to go therapy sessions and was on desk-duty until further notice. He went back into the field in Captive when Kevin was kidnapped.

In Chicago Fire Halstead worked undercover in a sting to take down a ruthless landlord who threatened to burn down Molly's and Game Day. This resulted in his being shot in the shoulder, but a successful take-down. However, after he revealed he was moving to Intelligence, Dawson ended the relationship. Freddie is offended by a joke made by Herrmann and stabs him and runs off.

Jay's brother, Will, is the attending with Dr. Things go sideways when Rhodes slightly delays in treating Herrmann, leading to a complication. Severide and the rest of 51 push on getting answers, leading them to ask Jay to ask Will whether Rhodes made the right call. Jay asks Will, who tells him he personally thought that Rhodes delayed treating Herrmann.

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Jay tells Severide, who calls out Rhodes in front of everyone. Rhodes is upset and figures out it was Will and they argue. Will tells Jay their discussion was confidential, to which Jay replied he never explicitly said this.

Will tells him he won't make that mistake again, while Jay replies he also won't be passing on information from crime scenes to him anymore. Will was out "partying" according to Jay, who was deployed.