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Lindsay and Halstead have been close friends for years, but on the Jan. it's exciting to see the characters–and their relationship– develop. Erin Lindsay is a fictional character from NBC's Chicago TV franchise, as a lead character in She began a relationship with Kelly Severide, the lieutenant of Squad 3. . "sabbatical", Voight tells Halstead that he no longer cares about the status of latter and Lindsay's relationship as long as Halstead is looking out for her. 'Chicago P.D.' Star Talks Lindsay and Halstead's Big Move and Voight of his way to protect his team, purposefully sending them across town on a bad tip. state affect her working and romantic relationship with Halstead?.

Jay called her, and she was on her way out - she held onto his Army Tag and rejected the call, implying she wouldn't meet him before she left. Season 5 In ReformJay has a hard time moving on with the fact that Erin has left. He is told by Voight to let it go and move on, because Erin has. During a case later on, Jay shoots a man and then finds a young girl bleeding out. They take her to Med and Will tells them there is a chance she'll make it.

However, investigation then showed that the bullet Jay shot the man with went clean through him and a door and then hit the young girl. Jay is devastated to hear this, and insists he hit a man. This is proven difficult to prove, and Jay is branded a "racist" as a video of him punching a black man goes viral.

The alderman behind it admits he doesn't know the true story, but doesn't care. This is until they finally track down the offender. Voight spends a lot of time trying to convince Jay not to worry and to go home, which he refuses to do.

Jay then finds out that the young girl has died, and feels extremely guilty. Voight then takes part in a side deal with the Alderman to make sure Jay's bad image is erased, which no one else knows about. Jay then went to see the young girl's mother later that night with a necklace the girl left behind. Later on in Season 5, Jay was shown having nightmares and impulsivity issues, which angered his partner, Hailey.

However, things worsened when Jay went undercover and began dating the sister, Camila, of the man Intelligence was trying to capture. He kept using his alias until a woman died outside a nightclub that he and Camila were at.

He lied and told Voight that he was just undercover trying to get more intel, but hadn't officially put it in the books. Hailey wasn't convinced but went along. This was until plans to arrest Camila came about. Convinced that she was innocent, Jay called her and told her to leave town, even telling her he would go with her. However, Hailey and Voight found him and convinced him to help bring her in. She was partially innocent, but her relationship with Jay would've ruined his career.

Hailey convinced her to not say anything about their relationship in exchange for her freedom. Voight then told Jay he had to go therapy sessions and was on desk-duty until further notice.

'Chicago PD' Season 4 Episode 17 Spoilers: Halstead Has a Surprise for Lindsay

He went back into the field in Captive when Kevin was kidnapped. In Chicago Fire Halstead worked undercover in a sting to take down a ruthless landlord who threatened to burn down Molly's and Game Day. This resulted in his being shot in the shoulder, but a successful take-down.

However, after he revealed he was moving to Intelligence, Dawson ended the relationship. Freddie is offended by a joke made by Herrmann and stabs him and runs off. Jay's brother, Will, is the attending with Dr. Things go sideways when Rhodes slightly delays in treating Herrmann, leading to a complication. Severide and the rest of 51 push on getting answers, leading them to ask Jay to ask Will whether Rhodes made the right call.

Jay asks Will, who tells him he personally thought that Rhodes delayed treating Herrmann. Jay tells Severide, who calls out Rhodes in front of everyone. Rhodes is upset and figures out it was Will and they argue. Will tells Jay their discussion was confidential, to which Jay replied he never explicitly said this.

Will tells him he won't make that mistake again, while Jay replies he also won't be passing on information from crime scenes to him anymore. Will was out "partying" according to Jay, who was deployed. Jay says that unlike Will, he came home. Olivia believed Will was connected to the brutal murders of young women and saw him as a suspect because he'd been around the areas at the time.

Voight, who was also not happy with the suggestion, didn't tell Jay this, who only found out after Will was ambushed by the string of questions when he was brought in to "help". Jay was furious, extremely protective of his brother and demanded Will be taken out. Will tried to say he would help and was ready to answer the questions but Jay didn't let him, and forced him to leave and not say anything.

In Divide UsWill had a small argument with Ninawho was feeling ignored, and Natalie, who was upset after she told Will they were more than friends and he said they were "good friends" then.

Will felt like he needed to give more time to Nina, and cancelled going to a game with Jay they'd planned, so he asked Natalie to go with him. She rejected him at first but agreed to go. He asked Will if he was okay with that, and Will looked uncomfortable with it but said it was fine. Jay saw it and said he'd tell Natalie he can't come. He tells Will he needs to sort his life out, referring to Nina and Natalie.

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Pat Halstead Jay wass estranged from their father, Pat Halsteadfor reasons which have yet to be revealed and had not spoken to him for almost two years, as he stated in " Get Back to Even"which changed in Generation Gap.

In Generation GapJay phoned Will to come home to where their father was. When Will got there, Jay was by their father's side, laying on the sofa watching TV. He told Jay he didn't need to call Will and he was fine, and Jay said "you missed two days of work.

lindsay and halstead relationship tips

You never miss work!. When Pat wouldn't listen to Connor, Will told him surgery was a long-term solution to the heart problem, but Pat constantly dismissed Will, which deeply upset him.

He told Connor that their father saw Will as "somewhat of a disappointment" because he went to med school instead of straight to work. Connor told Will to ask Jay to talk to him, to which he replied that he won't listen to Jay either, because they have "problems of their own".

Jay came back during their dad's surgery and comforted Will, who was more worried about the surgery going bad, which it didn't. Erin Lindsay Jay developed feelings for Erin after they started working together. After getting to know a little about her background, they both had feelings for each other, but Voight would not let them work together and date at the same time and so they didn't. However, in Season 2, they started dating and assured Voight it wouldn't interfere with their work.

This was after Lindsay temporarily accepted another job offer.

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In season 2, they continued to date on and off but always remained close. However, Lindsay broke it off after Nadia 's death and left Intelligence, spending her nights in clubs and bars in grief. Jay was insistent on bringing her back and calling her everyday but she refused to do so. Voight left her after weeks of waiting, upset at her choice. Erin came back to save him, after which she came back to the unit and got back together with Jay.

She didn't want to do it but he did it behind her back and gave her the test that showed he wasn't. Jimmy lashed out in anger and Erin was extremely hurt, blaming it on Jay for ordering it in the first place.

Jay brushes it off until he sees her outside the station waiting for him. He tells Erin to go and meets up with Abby, who tells him that he needs to sign the divorce papers.

lindsay and halstead relationship tips

Jay was married but he tells her he did sign them, which she says she threw away without filing. He agrees to re-sign. Erin eventually asks him if he's cheating on her. He tells her about Abby and their small marriage that he says was only a joke and it was over quickly. She is upset he didn't tell her about it but he feels guilty for not telling her about it.

He meets up with Abby, who says she still loves him. Feeling conflicted, he immediately tells Abby no but goes home and packs. He tells Erin he'll be staying with Will for some time until things are okay. She tells him not to but he says he needs to sort his life out and leaves. Voight pulls Jay aside and tells him that he warned them about this and that if they can't work things out, he's gone. They are still dating.

However, they continue to work closely together and do well in the cases. For the remained of Season 4, their relationship was unclear. They were friends again, and Jay mentioned to Erin that he knew a couple who lived in separate houses and were very happy, implying he wanted to get back together, but he backed off when she asked him straight up why he was telling her that.

Later on, Voight decided to break up Jay and Erin's partnership. With this knowledge, Lindsay feels guilty and responsible. She begins drinking and becomes addicted to painkillers, egged on by her ne'er-do-well mother Bunny. In the season 2 finale " Born into Bad News ", she turns in her badge and resigns; it is revealed in season 3 that Voight actually filed for a three-week sabbatical on her behalf instead of accepting a resignation.

She returns in the season 3 premiere after learning that Halstead's undercover operation had been compromised and that he was being held hostage and tortured by a drug kingpin wanted by the Chicago PD. She gets clean, moves back in with Voight, and cuts Bunny out of her life as part of Voight's conditions for returning to Intelligence.

Special Victims Unit crossover episode " Nationwide Manhunt ", Voight sends Lindsay and Dawson to interview Greg Yates when he claims that some of the unidentified remains from the beach have ties to Chicago. When he tells her that her deceased friend Nadia talked a lot about her before killing her, she abruptly stops the interview and leaves the cell. At the end of the episode, Lindsay and Sgt. Dodds are driving down a dark country road, and they come across an abandoned police car — the officer was shot to death and lying a few feet away from the car.

While Erin and Dodds are investigating — Yates, laying in wait in the woods, starts shooting at them. Dodds is shot and drops to the ground. He calls for back-up and orders Erin to stay down — but she ignores his orders and runs in to the dark woods. While running in the woods, she falls and sprains her ankle and drops her gun in the process. She manages to pick it up and continue.

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There, she spots a cabin with door open. She checks the cabin and find a girl hiding, she hears a shot and tells her to not move and then goes outside.

lindsay and halstead relationship tips

At that moment, Yates drove by in a pick-up truck. He almost hit Lindsay, who tried to fire at the fugitive as he passed by.

lindsay and halstead relationship tips

Yates begins taunting her with notes left at the scenes, when she doesn't show to any of the crime scenes. At the station, when a homeless lady brings a box in the station.

While everybody believes that it was a bomb inside, the precinct was evacuated. When everybody in the unit grew suspicious that he knew their every move, Mouse checks her phone. It was revealed that her phone had a spyware that was installed by the prison guard when she and Dawson had to surrender their phones. She goes back into the video call between her and Yates and she notices that he is in her apartment with Nellie, she is able to figure this out because of a picture of Lindsay and Nadia in the background.

During the investigation, it was revealed that Nellie was short for Penelope Williams, she is Yates's sister, and that this was revenge specifically for her and his parents for giving him up for adoption in North Carolina. When Nellie's phone rings, it was perceived as a call from her mom but she is in station. Yates found him at a truck stop where he had stopped for a break, he is a truck driver.

He tells her to come alone. They were located at Yates's childhood house and calls Voight on the way there, after he goes to the wrong address thinking that Yates would be there, and tells Lindsay not to go there alone. Lindsay goes in, alone and finds Yates and he has Mr. Williams sitting in a chair with the back legs at the edge of a hole in the floor. Williams also has a noose around his neck and Yates threatens to let the chair go if Lindsay tries to call an ambulance for Mr.

She puts her phone in her pocket and holsters her gun and listens to him talk about all of his victims, why he chose them and how he killed them.