Lion and cub relationship quiz

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lion and cub relationship quiz

So, do you think you're more of a lion or monkey in the romance department? Take this quiz and find out! otter in pool. 1 of Which phrase best describes you?. A premium account gives you access to all lesson, practice exams, quizzes & Millie in The Butterfly Lion and her relationship to Bertie; Why the lion cub was. It centers around a young lion cub, Simba, as he is born into the If you're a true fan of The Lion King, then you should have no problem acing this quiz on However, his relationship with Simba was a bit different than his.

Lion Distribution and Habitat Historically, Lions would have been found throughout much of Africa and even in parts of Europe and Asia as well. Today however, they have been pushed into more isolated pockets of their once vast natural range with the remaining African Lion population now only found in countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

There is also still a small population of Asiatic Lions found inhabiting a remote part of the Gir Forest in India where there are an estimated individuals remaining. Despite their dwindling numbers, Lions are actually incredibly adaptable animals that can and will inhabit very dry climates as they get most of the moisture they need from their food. They prefer areas of open woodland, scrub and long grasslands where there is not only plenty over cover but also a wide variety of prey.

They are only not found in areas of rainforest or far into deserts. Lion Behaviour and Lifestyle Lions are unique among cats as they live together in strong social groups.

A pride is made up of related females and their cubs along with a generally single male small groups of 2 or 3 though are not uncommon. Although male Lions can defend their pride to great effect, their position in the pride is constantly under threat from other males who try to take over their patch and if successful, they will kill any cubs that were sired by the previous male.

Despite their enormous sizemale Lions actually do hardly any of the hunting as they are often slower and more easily seen than their female counterparts. The Lionesses in the pride hunt together meaning that they are not only more successful on their trips, but they are also able to catch and kill animals that are both faster than them and much bigger. Lion Reproduction and Life Cycles Both male and female Lions are able to reproduce between the ages of two and three but despite this, they will often not breed until the pride has been firmly established.

After a gestation period that lasts for nearly four months female Lions give birth to between one and six cubs that are born blind and are incredibly vulnerable in their new surroundings. The fur of Lion cubs is covered in darker spots that help to camouflage them into their den to protect them whilst the adults have gone out to hunt. Sadly however, less than half of cubs make it to be a year old and four out of five have died by the time they are two, generally either from animal attacks or starvation.

Remarkably though, the female Lions in the pride will have their cubs at around the same time and will help to suckle and care for the cubs of other females.

Lion cubs suckle on milk until they are about six months old and although they won't begin actively hunting until they are about a year old, Lion cubs start to eat meat after 12 weeks or so. Lion Diet and Prey The Lion is a large and carnivorous animal that survives only by eating other animals in order to sustain itself. Unlike other felines, Lions are not solitary hunters but instead the Lionesses work together in order to chase down and catch their prey with each female having a different strategic role.

This strategy allows them to kill animals that are both faster and much larger than they are including BuffaloWildebeest and even Giraffe. Depending on the abundance and variety of prey species within their territoryLions primarily catch Gazelle, Zebra and Warthog along with a number of Antelope species by following the herds across the open grasslands.

lion and cub relationship quiz

They will not turn their noses up though at hunting alone should the situation arise and will happily steal the kill of another animal. Once the animal has been caught though, circumstances change as the females will allow the male Lion to eat first before indulging themselves. The cubs however are at the bottom of the pile and have to be content with what remains once the adults have finished. Question 2 What is the name of Simba's mother?

She doesn't do a whole lot in the film but does have some powerful scenes.

Lion cubs show love to human friend

In the first act, she is seen "giving Simba a bath" before he goes to the watering hole. Once Scar takes over the throne, she is the one who led the hunting party of lionesses out through the Pride Lands. Despite all of the scowls and harassment from Scar's goons, she kept her dignity. Question 3 Who says "Before sunrise, he's your son"? Sarabi Mufasa After the massive "Circle of Life" opening, we are treated to a day in the life of Simba. He wakes up early and decides that he is ready to go outside and be shown the Pridelands.

He runs around the lions' den and harasses his parents until they wake up.

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Sarabi and Mufasa have a bit of banter about Simba's banter, and one of them says, "Before sunrise, he's your son. Question 4 True or False? Having felt a bit cheated by his brother, Mufasa, he has desired the throne for quite some time. However, his relationship with Simba was a bit different than his relationship with Mufasa.

That said, Scar eventually tried to kill Simba as well, going as far to try and get rid of him and Mufasa in one fell swoop. Did Scar initially love his nephew? Question 5 How far does Simba's rule stretch? To the East and West borders As far as he can see Everything the light touches As far as the grass is green When Mufasa took Simba out to the Pridelands, he took the opportunity to explain to his son the duties of ruling and the responsibilities he must adhere too. While the two of them are standing at the peak of Pride Rock, Mufasa explains to Simba how far their borders stretch.

It's then that Simba begins to understand the sheer magnitude of the kingdom he will inherit one day. It also excites him even more to learn more about being king. Question 6 Zazu helped Simba with what lesson? Hunting Whispering Pouncing Being a lion cub, Simba had a lot to learn with his physical strength before he could become king. While Mufasa and Simba were out, Zazu shows up to give the king a daily report.

As the bird is blabbing on, Mufasa takes the time to volunteer Zazu as a subject in a lesson for his son. The lesson was a success and Simba learned a new skill. Meanwhile, Zasz learned that there was no ounce of humiliation he wouldn't be subject to. Question 7 Where did Simba first encounter hyenas? Those nasty scavengers were much more trouble than they were worth, and Mufasa worked hard to keep them out. However, it wasn't long before Simba strayed right into their lap after being hinted about an interesting location.

lion and cub relationship quiz

He traveled there out of sheer curiosity and came into contact with three powerful hyenas. If it weren't for his dad to save the day, Simba would've died. Question 8 Who told Simba about the Elephant Graveyard? Zazu Mufasa Scar Being a young cub, Simba had a lot of curiosity about the world around him.

Unfortunately, this came to bite him in the butt early in his life. He was informed about a shadowy place and specifically instructed to never go there. However, he eventually learned what was in the shadowy place: It's then that he decided he wanted to check it out for himself.

As we all know, he was walking right into the belly of the beast. Question 9 Who did Simba take with him to the Elephant Graveyard? He then carefully told them that he was hatching a plan to visit an Elephant Graveyard, and they were quickly in on it. After putting together a song number to distract some of the other animals, the two of them snuck into the graveyard to see what the place was like. Unfortunately, he placed the both of them in danger. Question 10 What did Zazu say before leaving Simba with Mufasa after the incident at the elephant graveyard?

I'll follow you next time Good luck He'll forgive you I'm sorry Simba and Nala stupidly went into the Elephant Graveyard where they were then hunted by hyenas.

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However, it wasn't long before Zazu showed up to try and get them to turn back to the Pridelands. Eventually, it was Mufasa who showed up and beat the hyenas. After walking home, he dismissed Nala and Zazu because he wanted to teach his son a lesson. Zazu takes Nala with him then grabs Simba by the shoulders. He says one sentence before flying off.

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Question 11 What are the stars according to Mufasa? Fireflies Heavenly lights The kings of the past After "teaching his son a lesson" about never disobeying him for his own safety, Mufasa lets Simba in on a little secret.

He points his son up to the stars and explains what their significance is to him. This would stay with Simba for a long time and would eventually help him learn to become the King of Pride Rock. Unfortunately, he would greatly doubt whether his father's words were true or not on that day.

He learned that they were. Question 12 Finish this quote: One of the adjectives Simba used to describe him was being brave. Mufasa quickly explains that he's only brave in certain situations.

Being a king isn't about going out looking for trouble. In an ideal world, they would never have to fight. However, there are moments when trouble comes their way.