Marlow and kurtz relationship

marlow and kurtz relationship

In Heart of Darkness, Marlow and Kurtz have many similarities. Perhaps the most apparent and literal similarity is the likeness of their journeys. Both men. The way Marlow obsesses about Kurtz, we almost expect Kurtz to file a restraining order on the guy. (Or, we . How does he see them in relation to himself?. Marlow has a supernatural fascination with Kurtz for much of the book. It isn't until Marlow actually meets him that his god-like aura is.

Conrad tries to show us that Marlow is what Kurtz had been, and Kurtz is what Marlow could become.

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Along the trip into the wilderness, they Heart Of Darkness Essay Essay The setting of the novel is often utterly dark, such as when Marlowe retrieves Kurtz or possibly the black skinned people that live along the Congo River; and, of course, the uncertain, almost eerie tone that suffocates the novel.

Darkness can, for example, represent evil, the unknown, mystery, sadness or fear.

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Also important is the way darkness and light can be used to represent two opposite emotions or concepts. In Achebe's essay about the novella he describes Conrad as "less charitable to the Europeans", and that the point of the story is to "ridicule Europe's civilizing mission in Africa," In his essay Achebe gives many reasons to support this theory, and many examples in "Heart of Darkness" that displays Conrad's prejudice toward The ivory symbolises Essay Essay Meaning that Marlow was going to have to travel up a river, which has evil snake like characteristics, this means that the basis of Marlow's journey has an evil base to it.

marlow and kurtz relationship

When Marlow talking about the river on page 60 he uses repeated words and Hyphens to create a worried atmosphere "the reality - the reality" Marlow is questioning the safeness of the river, he has to be wary of all the 'increasingly evil things the water The native Cambodians Essay Essay Evil and death are two respective conclusions that are inevitable to all men; all men are faced with the decision of falling prey to one or the other. Novel Heart of Darkness Essay Essay While it has often been suggested that the narrative "can be explained by reference to Conrad's own life"11, giving the novel an autobiographical emphasis, it could be argued that as a work of fiction the alignment of the author's own opinions with his principle character is irrelevant to the reading of the text itself.

However, Marlow's role as a narrator reinforces exactly why the presence of Conrad Marlow sees Kurtz like a hero because of all his adventures and success in ivory collecting. Apparently, the Russian trader has spent some time with Kurtz and has become his relative companion.

marlow and kurtz relationship

You ought to have heard him recite poetry—his own too it was, he told me. Marlow initially thinks of Kurtz as a good person, unlike other members of the Company, like the manager, who is driven by profit.

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He is only second to the Russian trader for being an ultimate fan of Kurtz. Almost like the semi-crazed Russian trader, Marlow defends Kurtz even if he provides a sense of threat to him.

marlow and kurtz relationship

Perhaps this is because of their agreement that they would keep the name of Kurtz clean, at least to those in Europe. Marlow blames Africa for causing the downfall of Kurtz and not directly blame Kurt for his actions.

Kurtz And Marlow As “Doubles” Essay

He claims that the Dark Continent has driven Kurtz into madness because he is unable to adapt fully to a world outside of modern civilization. The Russian trader claims that Kurtz is a man whom people listens to.

Near the end of the story, Kurtz seemingly had absolute power in Africa. Marlow becomes also aware that Kurtz himself knows this power and thus associating the realization to himself.

marlow and kurtz relationship

And thus, when Marlow was contemplating on killing Kurtz he held back because he knows it would be like killing himself since he sees Kurtz as somewhat of an alter ego of himself. Kurtz wants Marlow to keep his spirit alive by giving him documents about his exploits.