Marty and doc relationship advice

The untold truth of Marty McFly

marty and doc relationship advice

But by the time Marty sets out with Doc Brown, he'd stopped trying a long He even knows the value of building relationships with the right. back_to_the_future_how_did_marty_and_doc_meet/. Marty was afraid of rejection, but decided to follow Doc's advice. Doc's future self stated that he would always treasure their relationship and think on Marty.

Doc told Marty that he threw out all of the tubes, as he only wanted the box for his Static-O-Matic electric hair chair. Marty then grabbed the tubes out of the trashcan, and went back to Needles. He gave Needles one of the tubes, and told him that he had stolen the tube from Dr. This resulted in Needles being scared, as he knew that Emmett Brown worked on the atomic bomb, and there were rumors that he was radioactive.

Doc entered the lab with Einstein, carrying a book by Jules Vernesurprised to see Marty there. It had been a busy week, and he hadn't expected him that day.

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Marty looking through Doc's inventions Marty told Doc that he had been busy with band practice and he had a science project due the next day. He was hoping that Doc had something that he could use. Doc told him that he was not going to do his work for him, but said that he was free to borrow anything that he found in the lab.

Marty found a life sized statue of Neptune, which Doc said he picked up for a giant fish tank that he never got around to building. Around the statue's neck was an umbrella necktiewhich Marty doubted would impress his teacher, Mrs. Marty then picked up an electric hoe and a car battery. Doc told him that it was perfect for weeding, but since it used a lot of power, the user had to wear the battery.

Marty put the battery on the floor and asks Doc what he was doing with the wire. Doc told him that he was disentangling it, which he found relaxing. Marty then pricked his hand on a barbed alarm clockwhich he guessed was barbed to prevent someone from hitting the snooze button. After Marty put on Mr.

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Sneezea wearable tissue dispenser on his head, he asked Doc for a tip on what he was looking for, which Doc said would defeat the point, as the essence of science is discovery. At that point, the alarm went off, Einstein jumped on Doc, and the wire wrapped around the metal bar fell on the battery. It began to attract tools lying nearby, and Marty realized it was a magnet. Doc began to tell Marty that magnetism and electricity were thought to be two separate things until Albert Einstein 's theory of relativity.

However, Marty interrupted him to ask if he could borrow them for his school project. Marty left Doc's garage and Doc told him that he would see him on Thursday. Doc also reminded Marty to bring a case of oil when he arrived.

marty and doc relationship advice

However, their conversation was interrupted by Needles, who pulled up in his Ford F and then asked Jennifer out on a date. However, Jennifer refused his offer and Needles drove off after being slapped by his girlfriend, who was sitting beside him in the truck. Marty was then told by Jennifer to look at the car, and, distracted, he told her that it was really something.

This caused Jennifer to walk off in disgust, leaving Marty confused. Marty made his way to Doc's garage, where Doc unbeknownst to Marty was working on the DeLorean time machinewhich he hid from Marty when he arrived.

Marty told Doc that he was having trouble talking to Jennifer, and that he was worried about what she thought of him, as Needles had a car and a license, and Marty let him walk all over him. Doc told Marty not to worry about what anyone thought of him. He said that advice had worked out for him, as he had everything in life that he needed, his dogEinstein, and his inventions. Marty looked curiously at the car under the tarp, and left the garage. The next dayMarty was playing a Wild Gunman arcade game at 7-Eleven.

He turned around, with the lightgun aimed at Jennifer. She jokingly raised her hands in the air, calling him Clint Eastwoodand telling him not to shoot. Marty was surprised that she likes Clint Eastwood, and the two began to bond, just as Needles entered. He saw Marty and Jennifer together, and teased Marty, telling him that it was a classy place to take a date, as they had a combo deal on hot dogs and nachos.

Marty told Needles that he was not on a date, and Needles told him that he knew it was not a date. He told him that he was going to drive his girlfriend somewhere, bragging that he had a car and then left. Angered by Needles, Marty told Jennifer that he needed to go. Marty headed to Doc's garage, intending to steal the DeLorean to try to impress Jennifer.

When he arrived there, however, he had a change of heart, realizing that what he was about to do was wrong and started to head back. However, Needles was there with his girlfriend and a member of his gang. He thanked Marty for unlocking Doc's lab, and let him know that it was his intention to do so all along. Marty tried to stop Needles, only to be punched in the eye. He tipped a domino, setting off the elaborate security system, which dropped a bucket of paint on top of Needles.

Marty apologized to Doc for intending to take the DeLorean. Doc told him that he knew all about the troubles faced by the young, and told him that he knew that people needed to keep secrets.

Marty asked Doc if his secret was a flying carand Doc responded that it was not a bad idea, but it wasn't important, as what was important now was for Marty to not hide his feelings about Jennifer.

Marty was afraid of rejection, but decided to follow Doc's advice. Marty asked Jennifer out, and she said yes. They went to see a Clint Eastwood movie at the theater. On October 25, Marty visited Doc's garage, only to discover that neither Doc nor Einstein were there. Marty then proceeded to hook up his guitar to the giant amplifier that Doc had constructed. Marty then turned up the volume and overdrive knobs all the way and played a single "power chord", which resulted in him being suddenly thrown backwards into a bookcase and the speaker being blown out.

Immediately afterwards, Marty received a call, which turned out to be from Doc. He told Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1: He also warned Marty not to hook up into the amplifier due to a "slight possibility of overload", unaware that Marty had already done so.

As Marty agreed to meet with Doc, all of the clocks in the garage started chiming 8 AM. Doc then revealed that this was part of an experiment and that the clocks were all exactly 25 minutes slow. Upon realizing that the time was actually 8: Marty being told by Strickland that Doc Brown is a "nutcase".

Shortly after arriving at school, Marty met up with Jennifer, who told him not to go through the main entrance as principal Strickland was looking for him and, if he got caught, it would be his fourth tardy slip in a row. However, as they were trying to sneak their way to class, they got caught by Strickland, who presented them both with tardy slips.

After finding out this was because Marty was at Doc's garage, he warned Marty not to hang around with Doc because he believed that Doctor Brown was a "nutcase". Then he noted that Marty's band, The Pinheads, were auditioning for the dance after school. Strickland informed Marty not to waste his time, calling him a slacker and telling him that "no McFly has ever amounted to anything in the history of Hill Valley.

After school was over, Marty and his band auditioned for the Battle of the Bands front of three adults and one student in the Hill Valley High School gymnasium. Their audition song was a hard rock version of The Power of Lovebut the head judge told them to stop after playing just a short time, saying they were "too darn loud". But Marty doubted that he could take another rejection, lamenting that he was starting to sound like his father, George. Jennifer, however, insisted that his father wasn't that bad, pointing out that he was letting Marty borrow his car tomorrow night in order to allow them to go camping by the lake that weekend.

Marty and Jennifer in Courthouse Square. At that moment, Marty saw a Toyota 4X4 being delivered to Statler Toyota and vowed that someday, he would purchase that car. They briefly discussed how romantic it would be to ride in that car up to the lake. Jennifer then asked Marty about whether he had told his mother about their plans, to which Marty replied that he did not.

Instead, he told her that he was going camping with friends, in order to avoid another lecture about how she didn't do such things in her youth, jokingly remarking that his mother was born a nun. Jennifer stated that his mother was just trying to keep him respectable, to which he responded by saying that she wasn't doing a good job and closing in for a kiss. However, before they could kiss, they were interrupted by a lady who represented the Hill Valley Preservation Societywho asked them for a contribution to keep the broken clock tower as is and impede Mayor Wilson in his plans to replace the clock.

An irritated Marty donated a quarter to appease her and was, in turn, handed a flyer. After the woman left, Marty and Jennifer tried to kiss again, only to be interrupted once more.

The untold truth of Marty McFly

This time by Jennifer's father, who had come to pick her up. As Jennifer prepared to leave, Marty promised to call her. Jennifer was going to be at her grandmother's house that evening, so she wrote down her grandmother's telephone numberalong with "I love you! Dinner with the family Marty lamenting the fact that his plans for tomorrow night had been ruined. Upon arriving back home, Marty discovered that his father's car had been totaled by George's supervisor, Biff Tannenwho had wrecked the car whilst drinking and driving at the same time!

Biff, however, blamed George by claiming the car had a blind spot, and forced him to pay up to have his suit dry-cleaned as he had spilt beer over himself in the crash. After telling George to finish up his reports and hand them over to him the following day, Biff left. Marty confronted his father about the fact that his plans for tomorrow night had been ruined and that Biff was to blame.

George conceded that Marty was right, but stated that Biff was his supervisor and that he wasn't very good at confrontations. All he could say was that he was sorry. Marty having dinner with his family. Later, at dinner, Marty was told by George that he was better off without having to worry about all the aggravation and headaches of playing at the dance, to which his brother Dave agreed. Marty and his siblings were then informed by their mother that their uncle, "Jailbird" Joeydidn't make parole again and she said it would be nice if they all dropped him a line.

After Dave left for work, Marty was told by his sister Linda that, while he was outside pouting over the car, Jennifer had called him twice. This prompted their mother Lorraine to remark that she didn't like Jennifer, stating that any girl who called a boy was just asking for trouble.

After Linda asked how she was supposed to meet someone, Lorraine replied that it would simply just happen, retelling the story of she fell in love with their father after he was hit by her father's car after falling out of a tree while " birdwatching " and how they had their first kiss at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance the following week.

The world's first temporal displacement Shortly after midnighta sleeping Marty was awoken at Doc then told Marty that he had forgotten to bring his video camera and asked Marty to pick it up on his way to the mall, which he agreed to do. Upon arriving at the mall at 1: Doc, after exiting the DeLorean, was happy see that Marty had made it to the mall. Doc explained that his latest experiment was "the big one", the one which he had been waiting for all his life.

Although Marty had several questions, Doc promised to answer them all later and told him to start filming the demonstration.

marty and doc relationship advice

Marty and Doc stand in the fire trails left behind by the DeLorean on the first test After introducing himself, the location and the exact date and time, Doc placed Einstein into the car and showed Marty that his and Einstein's clock were the same time at that moment 1: With a remote control device, Doc operated the car from a distance and sent it to the far end of the parking lot.

Marty and Doc then ran to a spot where the car would intersect them. He then revved it up to 62 mph with the brakes on and released the brakes.

As the car accelerated towards them, Marty began to step out of the way, but was then pulled back by Doc, who told him to "watch this". At precisely 88 mph, at precisely 1: Doc explained to him that Einstein was fine and had just become the world's first time traveler, having been sent exactly one minute into the future.

Marty then questioned the idea of building a time machine out of a DeLorean, to which Doc replied that if one was going to build a time machine into a car, then why not do it with some style. Doc also mentioned that the stainless steel construction of the vehicle was beneficial in some way to the flux dispersal, but didn't get to fully explain as his watch beeped, signaling that the DeLorean was going to return in a few seconds.

The car suddenly appeared where Marty and Doc had been standing and screeched to a halt as a frozen shell. Supercooled from traveling through time, the gullwing door was troublesome for Doc to open while using his hands. Inside the car, Einstein was unharmed, much to the surprise of Marty. The two clocks were exactly one minute in difference as well 1: Doc then showed Marty the interior and its controls. While inputting dates on the keypad, Doc used July 4the date the American Declaration of Independence was signed and December 25the date of the birth of Christ as examples, before inputting "a red-letter date in the history of science", November 5 Doc then explained that, on that day, he was hanging up a clock whilst standing on the edge of his toilet, slipped on the wet porcelain, hit his head on the sink and, when he came to, had a revelation, a picture in his head of the Flux Capacitorwhich is what made time travel possible.

From there, he left the cockpit of the DeLorean and reminisced about the past, particularly about Old Man Peabody owning the land that was now Twin Pines Mall and his pine tree farm. Marty then asked Doc whether the car ran on regular unleaded gasoline, to which Doc replied that the car required something more powerful, namely plutonium.

Marty, slightly panicked, then asked Doc if the car was nuclear, which Doc denied, saying that the car was electrical, but that a nuclear reaction was required in order to generate the 1.

Marty then pointed out that one couldn't just walk into a store and buy plutonium and asked Doc whether he had ripped it off. Sometimes, this is done intentionally, as when Marty seeks to restore the timeline of his mother and father's marriage.

Other times, it's unintentional, like when Marty's lessons to his father about standing up for himself lead to his father becoming a successful author who's no longer scared of Biff Tannen. All of this makes it more surprising that we never see how time travel affects Marty's future.

In Back to the Future II, the Marty of the far-away year of is presented as a broken corporate drone of a man who never pursued his dreams of a musical career due to an injury. He avoids this injury at the end of the third Back to the Future, but audiences are left to wonder how extensively future Marty's life changed. Apparently, the answer is that he became insanely successful. In the one episode of the admittedly rather forgettable Back to the Future cartoon where the characters travel to the future specifically, to the yearDoc Brown encounters a Marty McFly impersonator.

Aboard a spaceship also named after Marty, Doc witnesses someone who dresses like Marty, plays guitar, and sings Marty's music. Needles is a relatively minor antagonist. While Biff Tannen causes trouble for the McFly family in pretty much every timeline, Needles only pops up twice.

First, he goads the future Marty into a scam regarding their mutual employer, which results in Marty getting fired. Needles pops up again near the end of the third movie, when he tries to goad Marty into the same street race in which Marty's future self had suffered a major injury. Marty, now wiser, avoids both the race and the injury, and we never see Needles again. At least, not on screen. As it turns out, though, the small-time pest known as Needles was absolutely vital to the story of how Marty met Doc Brown.

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Among other things, these comics helped to establish how Marty met Doc Brown after Needles bullied Marty into stealing an interocitor tube that Needles needed for his band. Marty eventually deduced that he'd need to retrieve it from Doc, as Doc had recently cleaned the local music store out of all their tubes.

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Doc was impressed with how Marty got into his home more on that in a bitand eventually hired Marty as his assistant. He's smarter than he looks While Marty is never portrayed as stupid, he usually comes off as more quick-witted than smart—he's good at hoverboard acrobatics and surviving Old West duels, but he usually has to play the average intelligence audience surrogate to whom the insanely intelligent Doc must explain everything.

But Marty is actually much smarter than he first appears. Much of the evidence for this comes from the same comic that details his first meeting with Doc: Marty manages to figure out the puzzles and escape the traps, which is the chief reason he's offered a job…all because his intellect impressed one of the smartest guys around.

Marty and Doc's relationship was almost very different The magic of comic books, plus years of hindsight, allowed Bob Gale to develop that "meet cute" story about Marty and Doc. In one of the earlier scripts of the first movie, however, their relationship is a little sleazier.

It took time to win Jennifer over In the Back to the Future movies, there isn't much of an arc when it comes to the romance between Marty and Jennifer.

After all, she isn't in the majority of the first movie, and when the second one rolls around with someone new playing the partthe initial plot is propelled forward by the need to save the future of Marty and Jennifer's children. All of this makes their romance seem like something that was preordained to happen, but it really took Marty a long time and a number of misadventures to win Jennifer's affection. Marty and Jennifer met in elementary school.

marty and doc relationship advice