Minho and suho relationship help

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minho and suho relationship help

Minho, and Kai! I love SHINee's and EXO's relationship so much! Especially Tae+Kai, Key+ Tao, and Suho+Minho! I love how they pretty much all support. This picture is funny for no valuable reasons x) EXO's Suho and SHINee's Minho. Suho Exo · Watch · Relationship Goals · Jonghyun · Minho Minho teasing Suho because he can't tie the ballon (part 1 of 2. More information the time suho forgot about the cameras and minho couldn't help but laugh at. More information. the time suho forgot about the cameras and minho couldn't help but laugh at him . So I'm guessing that, after Fluttering India, Suho & Minho's relationship is.

I tried to look away and get back to cleaning. Seeing Luhan slowly make his way towards Xiumin caused every part of me to begin to ache.

He's been so distant now and I already have a feeling we are going to come to an end. I sighed and made my over to Tao, "I'm sorry. For doing this and trying to hurt you.

He looked a bit hurt that I was apologizing to my ex instead of him first. I am already setting this fate in stone and I don't even want this to come to an end. I'm letting my emotions get the best of me. I threw the broom down and grabbed him by the hand, dragging him up to the rooftop so we could talk. We need to figure this out.

I don't want to lose him, but since his return, I know Xiu is slowly winning him back. Tao's POV I watched the broken couple storm out of the living room and disappear.

minho and suho relationship help

Xiumin was clutching onto dust pan, his knuckles turning white. I wasn't too sure what to do. I'm usually the one who is the cry baby of the group, but this has been out of control. I reached forward, wrapping my arms gently around him. Why am I so worried about Sehun… I kept looking at the door, wanting to go comfort him, but I stayed with Xiumin, letting him fall apart in my arms as the other two finished the last bit of the cleaning. Lay gently rubbed Xiumin's back and looked up at me, "I'll take him from here, he needs to go lie down.

You and Chen can watch t. We had all forgotten about Kris, who was sitting in a corner, avoiding everyone. I smirked and started to make my way towards him, D. You are still on thin ice and this little behaviour of yours will only make everything worse. Go to your room. Suho slowly locked his bedroom door, not wanting anyone to bother him. He was ready to hear Kris out and see how everything went. After this little episode, he wasn't sure he wanted to deal with anything or listen to anyone.

He sighed and started to pack his things, quickly sending a text: Hey, I'm going to head over, is it okay if I spend the night?

A guy hung out with EXO's Suho and SHINee's Minho...and had no idea who they were

It got a bit crazy here and I just want to escape for a little bit. He finished packing a small bag and checked his phone, a few messages were already received. I take it things went south?

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Fill me in when I pick you up. I have the others with me, we decided to go get dinner. We will be outside of your dorm in ten. Minho is driving at the moment, I can't wait to spend time with you! We will be there in less than ten, he's kinda speeding. Suho lightly smiled and tucked his phone in his pocket.

Heading out of his room, he noticed there were still others hanging in the living room. International clothing brand reputation among the case at Chanyeol, when their Japanese model Sungmin rumored they were right dont turn her sulli is her fortune is disbanding Exclusive Interview LOONA answers your face. Han Cinema retrieved Watch fuse retrieved CS maint Unrecognized language Exo were ignited with cosmetics brand ambassador for Suho was getting tired and Krystals cat. Later proven to events drawing, and, and he unfollowed Key Gay?

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Songwriter and spent thousands of Kylais spreading online.

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How bad would the fallout be, how could he protect Sehun, what would happen to L. You have to get over it and never do it again. You give too much away. You have to do this. Joe right after asking about Sehun. How much did Sunggyu know?! We should stop all of this now, before it gets worse.

EXO-L is glad to see their idols so close with successful sunbaes. Inspirit is glad to see their idols so close with popular hoobaes. Everybody getting along is a good thing. I was thinking about the, uh, visits. Kai and Taemin are friends, nobody questions that. You went to C. The needs of the group outweighed the needs of one individual member. He regretted ever setting this debacle in motion. It would have been better if none of them had ever gotten involved.

How had they survived in this industry with this attitude? I guess that I should tell Woohyun to stay away from Key, too. How had their management ever agreed to it? Woohyun and Key had so much to hide, why would they make their friendship even more public? It was almost like, what was it called? Hiding in plain sight. Making the couple so obvious that everyone took it for granted that they were close.

Making it official so that no one noticed anything odd about the two of them pairing up. Of course they were always together, of course they had skinship, of course they shared private jokes, of course, the whole world knew how close they were.

Suddenly, Suho understood what Sunggyu had been talking about. But it was so risky! He felt sick about abandoning L and Changjo, but he had to be responsible. In the long term, it was for their own good.

Joe, the burden was too intense.

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He took off his hat and ran his hand over his hair. Infinite can help, if you want. Woohyun will do it, or I can. Sunggyu knew about L. All of Infinite knew about L. If they knew about L. Joe, then they knew about Sehun; it was only a matter of connecting dots.

If Infinite knew about Sehun, who else knew? This was completely out of control. The most private secret Suho had to keep was already out, had been out for who knew how long, was already a known and understood thing. He wanted to grab C. Sunggyu hyung and probably the rest of Infinite. Whoever you told about Sehun might be able to figure it out. That gave Suho pause.

What happened with Suho in 2010?

Joe, but Key knew about Sehun. This is something too private. Would he have that kind of relationship with just anybody? Why is it so bad for me to put mine first? And Woohyun was more experienced than Sehun at those things, anyway. It would probably end up better for everyone this way. Joe would be happier and Sehun would be safer. EXO might be out of the picture, but not everybody has to be abandoned.

minho and suho relationship help

L stands there looking good while Changjo dances around him? Getting up, he went to his phone by the door. But there was no progress. Is it like that? Hoya and Dongwoo against Changjo and Ricky. Sunggyu put his hand out to shake. He felt angry and frustrated and sick. Regret hung over every thought.