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Relationship Status happily married to Elizabeth, a sunny event planner whose does things by the book but that's constantly tested during his work with Neal. Peter Burke, the FBI agent who initially captured Caffrey, finds and returns him . White Collar - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: Peter and Neal's relationship is put to the test in more ways that one part V of the . All of my stories are either preslash, slash, or threesome with Elizabeth Burke. As FBI agent Peter Burke and his con man consultant, Neal Caffrey, Tim this relationship, because he can test those waters every so often.

Mozzie and Peter are both in disbelief. It then skips to months in the future: Peter has a son and Mozzie is back to pulling the same scams he was pulling prior to meeting Neal. Peter is then sent the bottle of Bordeaux which Neal always kept and he finds a key to a storage containment and begins to piece together Neal's plan, which Mozzie had suspected: Neal had bought the storage container to hold everything, hire a woman as a paramedic, a man as his doctor, and take some medications to slow his heart until there was almost no detectable heartbeat.

Having been classified as dead now, Neal was able to make an escape; Peter finds a newspaper with an article about the Louvre in Paris on the front cover. The final scene of the series is of Neal putting on his hat as he walks through a quiet street in Paris, having left everything from his previous life in New York behind, finally being a free man.

Throughout their work together, they have developed a complicated friendship, and in the episode "Vital Signs" Neal confesses to Peter while under the influence of a sedativethat he's the only one Neal can trust. Mozzie Mozzie is Neal's ally and confidant. At the end of Season 1, Neal and Moz say goodbye and part ways. However, in season 2 of the series, in the episode, "Withdrawl" Mozzie is re-introduced and their relationship is continued on the investigation of Kate's murder. Their friendship is healed by the time they leave New York.

Louis while they were in WitSec.

Neal Caffrey

After Neal's mother became despondent and unreliable, Ellen took over raising Neal and treated him like a son. Their relationship became strained when Ellen finally told Neal the truth about his father, causing him to run away and change his name from WitSec-alias Danny Brooks back to Neal—his birth name.

Later, Neal and Ellen heal their relationship, and Neal introduces her to Kate. Neal also entrusts Ellen with the Raphael painting of St. George and the Dragon that he stole. Upon his return to New York, Neal approaches Ellen about the topic of his father. Ellen calls in an old friend named Sam and asks that Neal work with him to figure out what happened to Neal's father James' case.

She died before she could introduce them to each other, and Neal vows to find out who murdered her.

Kate Moreau

Kate Moreau Kate is Neal's love interest and partner in the Mentor program mentioned at the end of Season 1. Kate and Neal's first date was in a rich man's hotel room which they conned their way in. From the window there was a broken down bridge, and from the angle and the way the sun hit it, it was beautiful. They never wanted to leave the room. Neal immortalises this image in a pencil sketch in a hotel room behind another painting. After Kate breaks up with him, Neal escapes prison to get her back, but discovers that she has disappeared.

He then strikes a deal with the FBI to work as their consultant so that he could get out of prison and search for her. Upon discovering that she needed to find a music box Neal had allegedly stolen, Neal works around the FBI and steals the music box for real just to get her back. When Kate dies in a plane-bombing, Neal agrees to return to his consulting job at the FBI so that he could find out who killed Kate and get revenge.

Alexandra Hunter Alex is a high-end fence and an old lover and ally of Neal's. According to records that the FBI has on her, she has 'powerful friends', and has only been arrested once—in France. Neal met Alex while he worked for Vincent Adler. He singled her out and set her up in a meeting with Adler, where she was scared away. Alex later approached Neal, where he informed her that he 'would not apologize' for his actions, and that it was his job to catch her and her job to 'not get caught.

Afterwards, she tells him about the music box that Vince Adler wants, informing Neal that it was 'worth about as much' as the Holy Grail. After some time, Neal contacts her to do the music box job, but it ultimately fails and Neal is forced to leave Alex in a French hospital while he returned to New York.

Towards the end of the first season, Alex was given a plane ticket to Italy by the FBI, having helped Neal recover the elusive music box from the Italian consulate in Manhattan, because there was a 'target on her back'. During the episode 'Copycat Caffrey' she asks Neal for his help.

She has been fencing gold Krugerrands in an effort to stay under the radar, but is about to be set up by one of Mozzie's contacts who is selling her out to the people who are hunting for Neal. After helping the FBI to recover a stolen painting and a case full of Krugerrands, Peter presents her with a ticket to Italy and she leaves the country, but not for long.

Early in the second season Alex returns to New York and helps Neal steal the music box again—this time from Diana's personal safe, although his method to contact her involves forging an FBI case file and a clandestine meeting on a rooftop. He makes a comment that he doesn't have her phone number, and that it would be easier to contact her 'like a normal person' if she gave it to him. After Alex anonymously donates the music box to the Russians—its' rightful owners—she meets Neal at his apartment and finally gives him her number before leaving.

Neal is later reunited with Alex when Vincent Adler kidnaps them and Peter. Once the three of them are saved by Peter's FBI team, Neal and Alex kiss, revealing that there is still some lingering romantic feelings between them.

George and the Dragon. She also testified in Neal's trial. Their relationship ended when Sara broke up with Neal after she found out about the treasure Neal was hiding, stating that they belong in two different worlds. While working on a case together, Neal acted jealously when Sara revealed that one of their suspects was her ex-boyfriend again, indicating that he still had feelings for her. However, they decided to remain friends instead of getting back together.

Rebecca met Neal at the Gershon Museum where she was posing as a worker there until she got fired. She became more and more involved with him later in the season, and eventually became his love interest. I have a life here. It is an ironic statement, suggesting that the freedom which Neal Caffrey craves actually lies in the ankle bracelet that keeps him shackled from liberation. Despite such limitations, Caffrey has discovered a more fulfilling existence working for the FBI, through his romantic involvement with Sara Ellis and even his friendship with Peter Burke.

Neal Caffrey may not be a free man, but the path his life has taken over the course of White Collar has released him from his past and made him a better person nonetheless. White Collar follows a recent trend by cable channels to distinguish themselves from the forensic dramas of network television by producing crime series similar to those in the s and s that featured colorful characters and a heavy dose of welcomed humor. Impossible for the Twenty First Century.

White Collar, meanwhile, compliments these two shows with its stylish update of the debonair conman using his talents to catch the bad guys. In the end, the USA Network series is no con but an equally worthy successor to the classic detective shows of yesteryear. Anthony Letizia Follow Geek Pittsburgh: A Modern Day Mission Impossible Review of the TNT drama about a group of former criminals who assist the victims of corporate crimes through the use of elaborate cons and subterfuge.

He also wondered, did Neal know? The story about the dirty cop father suggested otherwise but, it was Neal. In the end, El opened it. She stared at it for a long time, her head tilted to the side while he squirmed in his seat. Her face was blank, although her mouth twitched from time to time. It wasn't enough to tell him the result. Finally, she placed it on the table, close enough for him to reach.

He was elated; he had a son! He wondered what she saw in his face, that she added, "Peter, you can't keep this from him.

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And how do you feel about this? She gave a slight laugh. But, Neal's a great kid. However, Neal was already an adult. Did he even need a father? What kind of father was he? He had thousands of questions and no answers. When Peter came back to the office after lunch with El, he had been skittish and almost as white as a ghost.

And when he had invited Neal to dinner that night; El's orders, Neal was suspicious. Or do I have to guess? Peter didn't respond; he just started the car. Neal fiddled with buttons. Asides from a weak; 'don't', he didn't get much of a reaction. Something was really wrong. And then they were back to silence. When they entered the Burke's house, Neal found El sitting at an already set and plated dinner table. Neal automatically corrected him but, Peter didn't seem to notice. Now, Neal was really confused.

What was going on here? He felt like he was walking into the inquisition. Peter grabbed his arm. He was almost done eating; and would be free soon, when Peter put his utensils down.

Well, it wasn't like he would find anything. It suddenly clicked in Neal's head. Instead, he focused on teasing Peter, "you can say it, you know?

And well, she left a few months later and I had no idea why. This wasn't how it was supposed to go! Peter wasn't supposed to find out! Neal let out a groan, much more subdued than the yell of frustration he wanted to make, and pinched the bridge of his nose. Surprise filled the room.

Nothing he had learnt over the years told him how to deal with this. So, he opted for a wait-and-see approach. He wanted to yell, but everyone at the table could sense the delicate balance. If it broke, then Neal would be gone and trust would be broken. I received my original birth certificate the day I left and I didn't look at it until then. And I had Moz run a test, although he doesn't know. But, it is going in the family scrapbook.

He felt a pang that he hadn't seen it and pleased that El was going to add information about him to it. The strain from before seemed to fade a little. It was a deliberate tactic on her part to lighten the atmosphere and it worked.

When did you get a picture of me like that? His heart was lightened by the knowledge that he was already in the scrapbook, although confused as to when El might have had a chance to take such a picture. He was also horrified at the thought of anyone seeing such an image. He mentally sorted through every time he was over the Burkes' place, trying to figure out when it might have happened. El looked at them with pity. I never delete photos. The same thought went through their heads.

Did that mean she kept the pictures of Peter's moustache? Slowly, Neal's face grew a smile while Peter's gained a horrified expression. Even if you weren't related, Neal's practically family. Even though she was as confused and uncertain as they were, she was willing to try and keep things the same. She looked at her two boys.