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Remaining First Platoon troops do it for Nagate and Izana in chapter pilot suit rips apart in episode 7 of season 2 after noticing some problems with it. Nagate seems to actually hold Izana's hand in the area with the cherry . Unfortunate news about the relationship between nagate and Izana. Izana's mannerisms which were intentionally written as gender-ambiguous like the shape of a very fluttery dress; Tsumugi likes Nagate from the get-go.

While rougher to handle than the Type 18 for most pilots, it's also what the simulator Tanikaze trained on was calibrated for, which means he can make it dance. It's roughly the same size and shape as the human's garde mecha, and is quite a deadly fighter. The beginning of the anime shows Nagate attacking a Gauna, then stumbling out of the simulator after executing that particularly challenging maneuver.

Always Save the Girl: Deconstructed with the elite strike team in episode 3 — supposedly the top four pilots aboard the Sidonia. They all try to save their female squadmate, she dies anyway and they all get themselves killed in a situation they should have considered not just a possibility but a probability in the first place. No one knows anything about their motives or why they destroyed Earth.

On the one hand, they attack relentlessly and kill any human they get hold of. On the other, the fact that they continuously attempt to imitate humans and human technology leads some characters to wonder if they aren't trying to communicate somehow.

It's an open question as to whether any of the human copies spawned by Gauna are actually intelligent or if they are just mimicking actions they've observed without any real understanding of what they're doing. And the giant Mass Union Cluster destroyed in the finale of the story? Despite Sidonia having spent the entire story fighting against it, its last act as it disintegrated was to seed the planet Lem-VII with its own biomass, which terraformed the whole planet within a few years into a place humanity could live comfortably.

One possible interpretation is they are sort of child like. They struggle to immitate, yet at the same time their immitations are usually hostile, almost like someone learning fighting tactics and then immediately using them against their teacher in an effort to constantly supplant them as superior.

This can be seen throughout season 1, where the first attempt to imitate an individual pilot, then the mechas, followed by a mass with a meteor inside of it, almost as if its trying to imitate Sidonia itself.

Each time, they are brought down by human tactics used out of desperation. Its only the chimeras that end up communicative. Before the Genre Shift below. The author introduced a group of "aces" who got killed on their very first sortie.

That doesn't even go into how such things as emergency maneuvers can and will override Sidonian gravity, leading to anyone not protected by Plot Armor to go smashing into whatever's in the way at up to five G gravities, in other words, five times Earth's gravity acceleration. The Earth was cut neatly in half, and humanity's desperate flight to the stars is almost Class 3. Sidonia may be the last refuge of Humanity, because contact with the other ships has been gone for almost years.

The vast majority of the ship's current population are descended from artificial genetic templates or are clones of the survivors, including the protagonist. Sidonia and the other Seed Ships. Humans who could photosynthesize would definitely still need to eat more than once a week. As Randall Munroe points out in What If? There's a reason plants don't move around much, let alone have complex nervous systems. Following up on the genetic engineering, "Tiresian" humans, the neutral humans that develop gender after meeting the one the Tiresian finds suitable, would be quite an extreme genetic modification.

While certain animals slowly swap gender to maintain a reproductive equity and humans given intensive hormone therapy from infancy can develop the other gender's characteristics, gender neutrality is not exactly easy to attain, much less maintain. The photosynthesis in the setting isn't plant photosynthesis at all—they aren't green. The clues are scattered throughout the episodes, but Sidonian photosynthesis doesn't so much feed the body as enable reprocessing of fluids and foods already ingested, in the manner of bovine multiple stomachs.

This is why, in a culture that expects the pilots to stink as a matter of necessity, Nagate smells distinctly worse after a deployment as he consumes, perspires, urinates, and defecates rather more than "modern" Sidonians. Hence the cadets poking fun at him while trying to help by supplying him with collected supplies of deodorant, followed by later filling his locker with rice as he eats a lot and the stress of the war was wrecking his digestion.

Being the dense rube that he is, Nagate asks the following of Izana while they are in the male changing room "Hey Izana, what type of catheter do you use? Izana during this time had already changed into a biological female and was hiding this.

The Gauna are capable of assimilating humans and replicating their appearances and memories. Their first attempts at this resulted in grotesque Humanoid Abominationsbut with Shizuka Hoshijiro and Shou Honoka the replication process becomes exponentially efficient. Attack Its Weak Point: The only weak point on the Gauna is their core, or "True Body", which when sufficiently damaged cause them to explode.

Most engagements boil down to the Guardians desperately trying to chip through the Gauna's nigh-invulnerable regenerating armor to reach the weakpoint. Attack of the Foot Whatever: Izana and another pilot run into a gigantic humanoid Gauna in episode 11 of season 2 while exploring the area where the crash landed. Nihei really likes his talking bears. Also his claustrophobic cities and Used Future locales. Like it or not, the bulk of the female named characters are always attracted to Nagate.

The Mizuki type 1 and the Sidonia type 3. The magnetic linear accelerator rifles that fire the Gauna-piercing bullets. The Heavy-Mass cannon would be considered one, even if tiny compared to the Sidonia ship, it still fires projectiles the size of a building dwarfing a group of Guardians. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Oddly in a setting where this trope could be in effect medical technology has reached a point where limbs can be regrownpeople do end up being disfigured and having odd bits stuck on, such as Izana and her inhuman-looking bionic limbs her grandmother admits that while they could regrow her limbs it would take a long time so it'd be better to go bionic or Lala being stuck in a bear's body when she was once a very pretty young woman.

The prosethics are certainly awesome looking, and behave as significant upgrades beyond just their biological counterparts. Tsuruuchi jokingly offers to do a clasp formation with Tsumugi while Nagate was out on a "date" with Izana. She takes him up on it, and flies around much faster than normal. He barely manages to survive the ordeal. Remaining First Platoon troops do it for Nagate and Izana in chapter Nagate and Tsumugi do it for Izana in volume 9.

Traded between Nagate and Samari in the anime: In Adrift Samari goes against orders to retrieve a stranded Nagate and Hoshijiro after he destroys a Gauna that was threatening Sidonia - and takes so many pilots with her that Kobyashi couldn't punish them without losing most of Sidonia's defensive squads.

In Home, Nagate returns the favour by covering Samari and engaging the Crimson Hawk Moth personally while Samari's team enter the gigantic asteroid Gauna to destroy it. And finally and most awesomely, Samari heads a orbital strike team to save Nagate's life and incidentally kill every Gauna on the planet while he's facing hordes of the things on the surface without any ammunition or working engines. The deep space artifact, a regular triangular pyramid covered in irregular circular holes discovered by the Sidonia many years ago.

It's connected to the Gauna somehow, as the Kabi were found inside it, but nothing about it is ever learned. The entire core of the ship is a weapon, specifically a mass driver magnitudes larger than the standard ones. The Kabizashi blades are the only thing that can kill the Gauna, but no one knows how they work or how to make new ones at first.

At least until they start pumping out artificial versions of the material the Kabizashis are made from, which leads to the creation of ranged weapons.

The Gauna death tolls begin predictably skyrocketing expotentially. No one has any idea how the Gauna's copies of the Sidona's weapons work. This gets lampshaded with Tsumugi, as no one can figure out how she flies, not even herself. Kanata, a younger chimera, is used to create a Gravitational Beam Emitter, a seemingly impossible weapon. Izana after being manhandled by Tsumugi, who wanted to know what their physical proportions were.

The fate of those who are captured by the Gauna. Break Out the Museum Piece: Nagate initially pilots the Type 17, which was on display as a monument. Due to diligent maintenance, the older model still manages to hold its own. In episode 12 of season 2, Nagate revisits places he was at before, such as the police station and rice factory, before heading back to where he used to live with his grandfather and recalling reliving a Flash Back or two.

Done in episode 5 of season 1, after Shizuka and Nagate are on their last legs while stranded in space. Used again in episode 12 of season 2, when Samari and the other garde pilots show up to assist him after he barely survives his second encounter with the Crimson Hawk Moth. The characters are actually done in 3D whenever they're not part of the background, but they maintain proportions and conventions of 2D animation.

They're literally distorted depending on the viewing angle and often heavily postprocessed; sometimes the omnipresent scratches and other texture details are the only giveaway, but in other shots Conspicuous CG can be noticeable with details like mouths and hair. Clones Are People, Too: Each of them has their own name Honoka En, Honoka Hou, etc and is notoriously protective of her individuality. One thing they do have in common is that neither of them is timid and complacent nor an Innocent Fanservice Girlas Nagate painfully learns firsthand when accidentally walking on them changing clothes.

This is also an important part of Tanikaze's backstory. He was originally grown in a vat as a replacement body for the aging war hero Hiroki Saito, but Saito wanted to die a natural death and believed that his clone should be allowed to live his own life and so he absconded with the baby clone and raised him in seclusion as his own.

Izana's pilot suit rips apart in episode 7 of season 2 after noticing some problems with it. It was around this point that she realized her body was taking on a female form, due to spending so much time around Nagate and being interested in him.

However, unless the other seed ships ditched everything that attracted the Gauna to Earth in the first place, its very likely the surviving ships had to take similar measures as Sidonia to just keep their populations going.

Comically Missing the Point: Tanikaze was a little freaked out the first time he met Lala. She thought that this was because of her claw-like Artifical Arm.

He was more concerned with the fact that a talking bear had just walked up behind him. Though it is possible that Lala was doing this on purpose to keep Tanikaze from freaking out. A meeting between Eiko Yamano's younger brother and Norio late in the manga reveals that several years have passed since her death at the beginning of the series, though none of the other characters have visibly aged.

The anime skips the Garde vs. Garde-type Gauna dogfight in the manga and jumps right to when the Gauna try to ram an asteroid into the Sidonia, which didn't happen until after Kunato was taken over by Ochiai in the manga. However, this is shown in season 2. Used regularly in the show: Made pretty blatant in episode 11 of season 2, when Nagate blasts the Gauna with little difficulty.

After running out of ammo, he still has three left to deal with. The first two are cut down effortlessly, but the third one gives him a little struggle before he ultimately defeats it. He also has trouble against the Crimson Hawk Moth Also tragically played straight when multiple humans fight against one Gauna.

Many of them end up being a Red Shirt and die rather easily. Only named characters that have been shown longer than one episode tend to have enough Plot Armor to survive, and even then, they usually get hurt badly, such as Izana suffering An Arm and a Leg after barely surviving her first major battle. The Sidonia, of course. The later introduced Mizuki. Yuhata has a Nerdgasm when she describes the completed warship and its armament.

Captain Kobayashi conducts one against the immortal council Creator Provincialism: Many countries built their own ships but the Japanese ship, Sidonia, is the only one we see as the rest have either been eaten by Gaunas or gone off in different directions and are too far away to communicate with.

Write What You Know: Nihei explained in an interview why Sidonia is a Japanese ship. The Cuckoolander Was Right: There is a significant proportion of Sidonia's population that comes to believe that the Gauna are specifically targeting the ship because of the Kabizashi spears. They are dismissed as insane, up until they realize the Hoshijiro clone is always looking in the direction of the Kabizashi Even though the Gauna do seem to be drawn to the Kabizashi, that didn't stop them from attacking a ship of demilitarized colonists.

Another scene from Season 2 indicates that Gauna also are attracted to high-density Higgs Particles. This same resource is used as fuel for propulsion, as weapon for energy attacks, and as all-around space-worthy power source by Sidonia technology. There's a crazy street preacher Waving Signs Around and a Sidonia mystery book claiming, that Sidonia is secretly ruled by a council of immortals.

Nobody knows it, but it's the truth and in chapter 67, Nagate is gonna be a member of it, just like his so-called grandfather or, rather, genetic template and surrogate father and teacher was.

The Gauna are on the giving end of quite a few of these, often killing various characters with relative ease. Nagate dishes one out in episode 4, after said Gauna had killed four pilots who were supposedly better trained and equipped than he was. His actions are played up quite a bit, though considering how deadly the Gauna usually are, it was a much needed morale booster.

Teruru becomes the helmsman of the new Sidonian warship, Mizuki. Beforehand, Izana acts as helmsman of an old Sidonian cargo ship. Yuhata and Tsumugi attempt to do this in episode 9 of season 2 when Nagate is supposedly on a mission to inspect a resort area with Izana.

Used in episode 12 of season 2 to rescue Nagate and the others on Planet Nine. A nicely done one happens in the very distant past of the Sidonia. An exploration team from the Sidonia are investigating a giant, bizarre artifact so colossal it dwarfs the Sidonia. Once inside they are attacked by a Gauna. Since there is nothing that can harm a Gauna, the team can only flee in horror. Eventually they get cornered into a room full of flying grains of some kind, that even the team acknowledges as bizarre.

The team is pondering this when suddenly the Gauna appears and it looks like the only thing the team can do is die horribly. Just as it's about to strike, it gets caught up in the path of some of these grains. The grains cut through the Gauna and one of them bonds with the Gauna's core causing it to be destroyed. The team is amazed by this and gather some samples of the grains for study.

Since they were involved in the first instance of humans being victorious over a Gauna, they are declared heroes and awarded by having research into immortality being fast-tracked and are made the first recipients of the anti-agathic drugs. This sets the stage for events centuries into the future. Did They or Didn't They? It's implied that Kobayashi seduced Nagate while at the hot springs, though not outright stated. In the anime, it is impossible to tell what happened between Izana and Nagate in Senshukyoo all we know is that Nagate and Izana were fighting forcing a probable confession, Tsumugi is embarrassed about what she overheard, and that the next day, when they returned home, they both looked at each other and blushed after almost going to the same room.

The Tsugumori Type As the direct predecessor of the Type 18, its controls are more difficult and it lacks a lot of the features which make the Type 18 a simple machine to pilot.

However, in the hands of an experienced pilot like Tanikaze Or his grandfather, the Tsugumori racked up more Gauna kills than any other single unit in the series.

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More importantly the Type 17 had a feature that the Type l8 dumped: The Type 18 was made by a different company that thought the coating was an unnecessary feature, since the Gauna didn't have particle beam weaponry at the time.

So Tanikaze's Type 17 survived damage that would reduce a Type 18 into atoms, once the Gauna started generating Higgs cannons and Tanikaze's highly aggressive piloting style often meant he was too close to be able to evade. Chapter 78 consists of a series of Time Skips. It ends 10 years after the final battle, with a happy ending for most of the cast.

Distracted by the Sexy: After Izana's pilot suit rips in episode 7 of season 2, Nagate gets a good view of her body. So much so that he doesn't watch where he's floating, and ends up hitting his head on an airlock door.

Nagate in episode 12 of season 2. He can't eject the Shizuka ena that infiltrated his cockpit, so has to keep it inside. Unfortunately she's also naked and on top of him making it difficult to control his garde. Dude, Where's My Respect? He isn't looked too kindly upon when he first arrives at the academy. But after he defeats a Gauna singlehandedly, people around him are much more respectful of him, and whereas his locker was first stuffed with some bad stuff, after he returns, it's instead loaded up with bags of rice as thanks for defeating the Gauna.

Earn Your Happy Ending: After centuries of escaping and fighting against Gauna, Sidonia and the remnants of humanity finally resolved the conflict and colonized LEM VII as its original role as seeding ship with a second one going on the next journey. Sidonia is armed with missiles capable of blowing up entire planets, from a dwarf planet to a gas giant.

After identifying and explaining the truth of their origins, the police that interviewed him had trouble believing his story as he is not registered within Sidonia and his story too fantastic to be authenticated.

Because Kobayashi know the real origins of Nagate, she had Ochiai help release Nagate and assumed responsibility for him, becoming her guardian; all his crimes and problems were cleared.

Confused as to what was going on, Ochiai brought Nagate to Kobayashi to be properly acquainted. Kobayashi explained that she would be his guardian and embraced him warmly. She also asked him to be a pilot garde. After realizing the beauty of Sidonia, he made a sincere promise to Kobaysahi to protect Sidonia.

Because of Lala Hiyama 's relationship with Hiroki, Nagate was arranged for a cadet dormitory with her role as den mother. From there, Lala help Nagate understand the world of Sidonia and also kept him fed because of its big appetite.

Nagate at Military Academy of Sidonia On the first day of SDF Academy, Nagate was invited to be presented by the instructor Ichirou Seii ; he gave himself a proper Japanese greeting, "Kon-ichi-wa," an old-fashioned practice many have not seen in a long time.

Because students know him as the Mole Man, many students were suspicious of him. However, Izana Shinatose and Shizuka Hoshijiro Nagate found to be an interesting person and made the effort to get to know him better. Izana introduced himself and Nagate surprised that it is actually a third gender, not a boy or girl; their sexuality will change to one of the two sexes after finding a suitable partner later to become a girl to Nagate.

As they walked around, they made it to the VR simulation room. Curious about the system, and he checked it and realized that the system is made for the Type and gave it a try; because of his injured hand and lack of experience with the Type, it made the lowest score by promoting reducing his expectations of the people.

Not long after, Nagate and his colleagues obtained their first order release, a life changing event for everyone Sidonia. Sidonia had scarce resources and Norio, three of Honoka sistersIzana, Shizuka, Eiko Yamanoand Nagate were dispatched to do some mining routine block of ice as a training exercise; It was also a means to test latent abilities of Nagate. Nagate have not adapted to real environments of zero gravity and was a challenge to get to the bay hanger.

Like all received their assigned Type units, all were surprised that the Type legendary Tsugumori, was assigned to Nagate. Nagate not knowing he is special, but Kobayashi believed in his latent abilities and legacy Hiroki inside.

Because of this, he was quickly fast-tracked to become a pilot Gardes. Because of Kobayashi of faith, Hiroki legendary unit, the Tsugumoriwas brought back to service for explicit use of Nagate.

However, this has earned the ire of Norio as he always wanted to take the Tsugumori own. It was during this time, things went very wrong. The ice mining operation accidentally awakens one Gauna dormant under the surface, officially breaking the years of peace for Sidonia. G auna attacked the mining crew. In the first minutes of the surprise attack, Nagate was hit hard on the floor; his neck was injured, broken right leg, and her heart stopped.

In between, his fellow squadron mates were fighting for their lives and Yamano was KIA killed in actioneaten and assimilated in Gauna. Everyone thought Nagate was made for, but their regenerative abilities saved and his heart started again.

Nagate attacks Gauna G As the arms of the G's placenta were about to end Nagate, he was revived and he quickly engaged Gauna in CQC close quarters combat using blades forearm Tsugumori to cut the tentacles in a split second while circling the Gauna.

During this time, Kobayashi called for Sidonia to fire its cannon and shell mass was nearing impact; Nagate was too focused in the battle to hear. Without a Kabizashi Spear, Nagate would not have won.

Nagate fired three rockets into Gauna to wear placental matter and fired his machine gun forearm to further expose its real body. After being knocked back by an arm of the placenta, Shizuka grabbed Nagate and the two turned his squad out in clasp formation before the shell impacted.

The shell scored a direct hit, but the Gauna survived; Sidonia command was hoping to ward off the Gauna to gain enough time for Sidonia to escape, but they had a few days until the target could regenerate and catch up to Sidonia again.

At the funeral of Yamano, Kobayashi announced that a ship Massa Union was nearby; It was a speech to rally the troops and have them mentally and emotionally prepared for the conflict to come. Back to the gym, Nagate was being blamed for the incident. Nagate's arrival coincidentally marked the return of the Gauna, making Nagate the target of prank calls and discrimination as it is seen as a disgrace to walk to all of them.

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Because Nagate was not genetically modified to photosynthesize, it was being caused by his constant consumption of food and even said that he smells bad because of it. As a joke, they left a bag full of sanitizer in his closet. Instructor Ichirou Seii noticed Nagate did not have his seat belt and reminded him of previous incidents, resulting in mass casualties. However, Nagate was not aware of anything like that since he did not receive basic training; Seii had him run a railway safety check to ensure all rails are good to use.

Very focused on finding the next area to check, he manages to stumble in the locker room where the girl Honoka En angry Nagate jump-kicked in the face, knocking him out. Later, he recovered and found Izana she asked Nagate join her for flowers to Yamano cadet.

He vomited and fell to the ground; Izana watched over him as he suffered a nightmare of an assimilated Yamano, asking him to kill her, but failed. When he woke up, he did not even realized he collapsed and apologized for shooting on the Izana leg; she was understanding of his injury. To change the subject, Izana asked about Nagate excellent piloting skills with the Tsugumori and Nagate said he was trained by his grandfather since he was small with the Type VR system; Izana was impressed.

She explained that the current series Type 18 was developed by Kunato Development instead of Toha Heavy Industries, making it different for Nagate to fly. Back to the dorm, it was not three days yet, but recovered Nagate form your wounds already.

Doctors did not know about his immortal body had already repaired the damage and he used the keys just in case. He met with Lala to eat but was quickly focused on the news about the recent attack Gauna. Although Nagate trained all his life to face the real Gauna, the Yamano of haunting image triggered his PTSD, causing a severe anxiety attack and nausea; Lala had medical care for him and he continued to rest.

Nagate awakened to find himself in the SDF Academy, resting in the nurses room. He realized it was Kobayashi, but she feigned ignorance and did think she is someone else. PTSD Nagate was causing him to vomit and anxiety repeatedly collapse, resulting in malnutrition well.


The nurse insisted that to rest, but he told her of his Kobayashi promise of becoming a pilot and want gardes; the nurse had Shizuka Hoshijiro escort him. Nagate felt ashamed of being next Shizuka as it stench of vomit, but it ensured that he did not and he blushed with attraction for the kind words of Shizuka.

Nagate talks with Akai team In between, the Akai elite squad was chosen to be the next assault team to take Gauna.

Curious where the enemy will be like, they took an interest to Nagate and decided to meet him at the gym. At the same time, cadet Yuhata Midorikawa also taken a keen interest in Nagate after realizing the depth of their combat skills and wanted to ask him more about his fighting method. Coincidentally, both parties found Nagate as Hoshijiro accompanied him. Because older brother Yuhata part of Akai squad well, lined up side Yuhata to allow Akai question Nagate about meeting Gauna.

However, Nagate gave a lukewarm response, saying it was no different than the VR simulations although still suffering from obvious symptoms of PTSD. Unknown to Nagate, the fact that the Akai squad gave their attention to Nagate and not to Norio was a great insult to their pride and increase their anguish against Nagate.

Hoshijiro buying food to Nagate Later in the day, Nagate learned about the Gravity Festival of Lala and decided to check it out when she said there was not a lot of delicious snacks available during the event. Not even properly dressed in the appropriate attire for the event, Nagate wanted to get some roast meats, but could not afford to pay anything; Hoshijiro just arrived in a beautiful kimono and offered to pay the Nagate meal.

Izana was also present as well, but seeing how he was enjoying the company of Hoshijiro, she pulled away. Izana decided to explore the festival in her own when she bumped into Norio.