Okonkwo and ojiugo relationship problems

okonkwo and ojiugo relationship problems

During the Week of Peace, Okonkwo notices that his youngest wife, Ojiugo, has left her hut to have her hair braided without having cooked dinner. He beats her. Okonkwo, the main character and protagonist of the story, is a highly respected He also punishes his youngest wife Ojiugo during the week of peace because . Essay on the Ibo's Sacred Relationship in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Ojiugo is a minor character in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. She is a wife of the protagonist, Okonkwo. His third wife, to be precise. In Okonkwo's society.

okonkwo and ojiugo relationship problems

You don't really get to spend much time with Ojiugo throughout the novel, and she's not really around much to voice her opinions of things. But she does tend to infuriate her husband when she is or isn't around -- as we'll see shortly.

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Women in traditional Igbo dress Ojiugo Frustrates Okonkwo Ojiugo's main role in the novel is to push Okonkwo to the breaking point in one notable moment.

In chapter four, it's the Week of Peace, a week in which no violence and no work can occur as an honor to the gods and goddesses.

Any violence is punishable by the high priest of the earth goddess. Now, knowing that Okonkwo is by nature a violent, angry kind of guy, this doesn't bode well for him.

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During the week of peace, Okonkwo is already in a hurry and in a bad mood. He discovers that Ojiugo hasn't done her job as his youngest wife and hasn't cooked the afternoon meal, which is a big no-no. Everyone else knows Ojiugo has gone to have her hair done and left her children home. This infuriates Okonkwo, because she's still not home, and his traditional sensibilities are inflamed by this knowledge.

Ojiugo returns home, and Okonkwo, despite desperate pleading from his other two wives, beats her mercilessly. But remember how this is the Week of Peace?

He's completely violated the sanctity of this event in beating his wife. He enjoys festivals and is not very successful growing yams. Nwoye His father is Okonkwo and his mother is Okonkwo's first wife.

okonkwo and ojiugo relationship problems

His sister is Obiageli. His father expects him to embody his attributes, industriousness and manliness. Ikemefuna An adopted son of the tribal leader brought to Umuofia to settle a dispute.

okonkwo and ojiugo relationship problems

A close friend to his adopted brother, Nwoye. Ezinma The daughter of Okonkwo and Ekwefi.

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Obiageli The daughter of Okonkwo and his first wife, sister to Nwoye, close to her mother, his second wife, and enjoys the company of women in the compound. Nkechi The daughter of Okonkwo and Ojiugo.

okonkwo and ojiugo relationship problems

Obierika Friend of Okonkwo, a high ranking member of the clan and a great farmer and warrior. Maduku The son of Obierka and a great wrestler and respected young man in the tribe.

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Akueke The daughter of Obierka, and soon to be married to Ibe. Ibe A successful young man in the tribe seeking to marry Akueke. Ukegbu A member of the sacred Egwugwu society who supports the religious traditions and values of the tribe. With fellow society members helps enforce tribal laws and resolve problems.