Pakistan and us relationship timeline

'Tempestuous' Defines US-Pakistan Alliance

pakistan and us relationship timeline

The United States and Pakistan have had a relationship since its creation in . While ties have been strained on numerous occasions. The Indian subcontinent, which has been fought over for centuries, is the largest colony of the British. Empire between and In August Relations between the United States and Pakistan have been on a roller-coaster for nearly 60 years. But last week saw a new low for their ties.

Inwith India carried out the test of nuclear weapons near the Pakistan's eastern border, codename Smiling BuddhaBhutto sought the United States to impose economic sanctions in India.

pakistan and us relationship timeline

After the meeting, Bhutto intensified his nationalization and industrialization policies, as well as aggressively taking steps to spur scientific research on atomic weapons and the atomic bomb project. Bhutto authorized the construction of Chagai weapon-testing laboratorieswhilst the United States opposed the action and predicted that it will lead to a massive and destructive war between India and Pakistan in the future.

The atomic bomb project became fully mature inand a first cold test was conducted in see Kirana-I. Bhutto called upon Organization of Islamic Conference in order to bring Muslim world together but after months, the pro-United States Muslim nations and the United States itself took the promised step and Bhutto was declared as the corrupted one, and, as a result, Bhutto was hanged in After the removal and death of Bhutto, the Pakistan's ties with the United States were better and improved.

Throughout the military regime of General Zia-ul-Haq, the ties and relations were promoted at its maximum point, and the United States had given billion dollars of economic and military aid to Pakistan. With US assistance, in the largest covert operation in history, Pakistan armed and supplied anti-Soviet fighters in Afghanistan. Under the terms of the American cancellation, the US kept both the money and the planes, leading to angry claims of theft by Pakistanis.

When the Soviets got kicked out of Egypt, Soviets decided to go after Libya.

pakistan and us relationship timeline

Is America still the leader of the free world? All attempts were rebuffed, Zia shrewdly played his cards knowing that Carter was on his way out and he may get a better deal from the incoming Reagan. Military aid to Pakistan reduced. The worsening ties between the two nations may push Pakistan further into the arms of long-time ally China, which backed Islamabad after the fallout from Trump's tweet. Future of diplomatic ties Pakistan is now likely to align itself more closely with China.

For given the recent Trump storm and the cutting of military aid, Islamabad is bound to feel that its national interests are served better by Beijing than Washington.

The future of US-Pakistan ties, thus, boils down to an exercise of trust-building. Forging this is not easy; both countries need to contribute. Pakistan does have legitimate security concerns that need to be acknowledged.

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The United States also has to recognise that Pakistan does have a strategic importance as it affects American interests in India one hand and Afghanistan on the other," The Diplomat report says. With inputs from agencies Updated Date: Jan 11, Being an important ally for US during the cold war, United States supported Pakistan, despite the arms embargo. Moreover, as per the elections result, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was elected as the president of Pakistan and later on became the prime minister in President Jimmy Carter, an anti-socialist, won the presidential election of US and announced to seek a ban on nuclear weapons.

Bhutto lost the favours he enjoyed whilst Nixon was US president as Carter did not appreciate his policies and tightened already placed embargoes on Pakistan. However, Bhutto managed to procure items to enhance his atomic bomb project. President Carter and his administration allegedly threatened Bhutto to disrupt the process of atomic proliferation and research to which the latter did not agree, leading to his differences with the Americans.

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It is during this period that United States granted billions of dollars to Pakistan in the name of military and economical aid.

The amendment banned major military and economical aid to Pakistan unless the state was able to justify and provide sufficient evidence that the funds are not being used for nuclear proliferation. However it is alleged that although Pakistan disclosed that it could enrich uranium and assemble a nuclear device in and respectively, the sanctions were not imposed till US, under the Pressler amendment, imposed sanctions on Pakistanas the country by then had lost its strategic importance in soviet war.

The relations between US and Pakistan plummeted further when US ambassador Nicholas Plattwarned Pakistan of being included into state sponsors of terrorism list, in case it continued to support militants causing trouble in India.

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Benazir Bhutto visited United States and requested president Bill Clinton to lift the embargoes on Pakistan and launch a joint operation to eradicate militancy from the region. President Clinton imposed sanctions under Glenn amendment on India as well as Pakistan. Glenn amendment included suspension of aidincluding economic development assistance, credits and credit guarantees by the US government, US bank loans to the governments of India and Pakistan, loans from international financial institutions, such as the IMF and World Bank, and exports of dual-use nuclear or missile items.

However, in July ofUS lifted the sanctions on both the countries for purchasing agricultural products from US farmers.

pakistan and us relationship timeline

Later in the year President Clinton exercised his waiver on lifting restrictions on the activities of US banks in Pakistan. Initially Pakistan tried to strike a negotiation deal with Taliban and al Qaeda members to handover Osama bin Laden to American authorities. However, when negotiations failed, Pakistan allowed American army to use its military bases for launching attacks on Afghan soil. Simultaneously inUS officials introduced a bill to lift all the sanctions, previously imposed on Pakistan under Pressler and Glenn amendments.

pakistan and us relationship timeline

President George Bush officially declared Pakistan as a non-Nato ally granting it the authority to purchase strategic and advanced military equipments.