Power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 2 year mark

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power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 2 year mark

Wes & Jen - Time Force Power Rangers Time Force, All Power Wes and Jen's Relationship 8 - YouTube Power Rangers, Relationship. Power Rangers Time Force is a Power Rangers season that featured the fight between 2 Zords; 3 Allies In Power Rangers Wild Force, Wes and Eric, now best friends, team up with the Wild Force Rangers to Jen traveled back in time before her other teammates from the year to track the Mut-Orgs, and later. Obviously, there is no Time Force organization that far back, and Jen Scotts, Katie Walker, Trip Regis, Lucas Kendall, Adam Phillips, and Alex . Instantly, he felt his friend's hands on him and saw Wes' concerned face as he spoke softly: "Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Wesley.

Just as he knew what their top story would be. Suddenly losing his appetite, he set the bowl on the coffee table in front of him and leaned back, closing his eyes. I'm going with you. Instantly, he felt his friend's hands on him and saw Wes' concerned face as he spoke softly: I've got it from here. He sighed, grasping the remote stuffed between the cushions of the couch and turning on the TV; a woman's voice slowly raised in volume, till he could make out her words: Collins, who was later revealed by his father to be the Red Ranger, was the only Ranger seen that day, Quantum Ranger Eric Myers was recuperating in a hospital at the time of his death, and it is assumed the other four were killed earlier.

They had exchanged hushed words, and Eric had watched sympathetically as Collins broke down in tears and folded into the Guardian's arms, unable to control the overwhelming grief that had washed over him. Eric had known instantly. Gritting his teeth, he pushed himself off the couch and stalked back into the kitchen, grabbing the only thing left in his refrigerator and downing the beer in a few, long swalllows; shaking his head quickly to clear his suddenly blurry vision, he set the can down and went into his bedroom to quickly toss on his uniform before heading out the door.

The reporter's words still echoed in his mind as he got into his SUV and started the drive into the city. They didn't even stick around long enough to. Anger seemed to tint his vision red as he drove on, entering the city and finding himself surrounded by the traffic within, a year later, Silver Hills was almost completely restored, but there were still remnants of the devastating battle.

It was clear that a year later, residents of the once blooming city had not forgotten. And neither would Eric. Tears stung his eyes as the headstone came into view, and he felt his body begin to tremble, a sickness settling in the pit of his stomach as it always did when he was reminded of.

He nearly fell to his knees at the grave, but somehow managed to brace himself and sit slowly on the moist ground, now face-to-face with the stone that bore his only son's name; he blinked back the tears, but they slipped through and fell down his wrinkled cheeks as he raised his hand and placed it on the marker, once again reading the words inscribed: Wes learning how to walk on unsteady legs, giggling and squealing the whole way.

Wes' first day of school, looking ridiculous in the little black suit and tie, but so proud as he boarded the schoolbus and waved goodbye.

The End of Time

Wes' high school graduation, the graduation he had missed for a business conference in Switzerland. Wes coming into the house late one night after partying with his friends, the alcohol reeking from his breath.

Wes' face as he left his father, and his home, behind. He watched as his son and Eric clasped hands firmly, nodding to one another in silent understanding. Instead, he placed his hand on Wes' shoulder, somehow managing to keep his voice steady and confident: A sob escaped from Collins' body and doubled him over, remembering the anxious time he spent at Eric's bedside in the hospital, hoping against hope that Wes would walk in with that goofy smile on his face and announce that everything was taken care of.

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Lucas and Jen in the Tower. They were both dressed in workout gear, "Hey you two have heard of the common cold right?

Jen shrugged, "Not really, hygiene has greatly improved in the last millennium. The majority of buildings in major cities are protected against bacteria". Lucas glared towards the green ranger, "He was joking Trip", the Xybrian blushed and glanced towards the ground.

Wes was about to open his mouth but Jen stopped him, "And no I'm not tucking you in". Katie and Trip sniggered but a sharp look from the pink ranger soon silenced them. The red ranger frowned at Circuit's words but nodded in acknowledgement. He hurried down the stairs of the Clock Tower as fast as he could to catch up with the others. Silver Hills Industrial District The rangers tracked the Cyclobots down to metal treatment plant in the industrial district.

The robots had scared away most of the workers and were busy stealing scraps of metal out of the plant. When the rangers arrived on their Vector Cycles they could see one of Ransik's minions, the robot Frax, hustling the Cyclobots away with their haul, "Hey stop right there", Jen called out.

The robots turned in the direction of the pink ranger and immediately dropped what they were carrying and began to run away. On catching sight of the rangers, the robot in question immediately began to flee. Lucas and Trip began to give chase but Jen stopped them, "No, let him go", she said, "who knows what damage the Cyclobots could cause if we let them run riot here". Jen set to work by kicking the closest robot to her in the stomach.

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A strong blow the back of the head sent it tumbling to the ground, it's circuits completely scrambled. Firing on the run, Jen quickly eliminated several more robotic menaces in quick succession. After following their team leader's orders, the blue and green rangers turned back towards the main battle.

Lucas grabbed an iron bar that one of the Cyclobots had dropped and swung it towards the nearest assailant. The blow took the head clean off the Cyclobot and it rolled cross the ground. The head stopped at the feet of Trip who kicked it into the chest of the robot nearest to him. It smashed through the Cyclobot's chest compartment and it crumpled to the ground, "Nicely done", the blue ranger tapped his team mate on the shoulder. The red and yellow rangers were nearby the loading area to the plant.

Surrounding the pair were several wooden crates and a dozen Cyclobots. Wes' illness was making him feel a little sluggish but the energy burst he got after morphing was compensating for this, "How you doing over there Wes?

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 2 year mark

The red ranger had his Chrono Sabers in hand and sliced one of the robots clean in half, "Surviving", he replied before burying one of his blades in the chest of another Cyclobot. Katie blasted a robot into pieces with her weapon, showering the area with small metal fragments, "Don't go slacking on me will you", she cheekily replied. She was caught off guard when a robot smashed her around the head with its weapon. They're not willing to give up their memories, and decide to go back to help their friend.

Part 3 When the four TF Officers return from the future to assist Wes, Doomtron is defeated, destroying the brainwashed Frax along with it. Ransik ignores Nadira's pleas, and takes on the Time Force Rangers personally. During his rage against them, he accidentally strikes out against his daughter, and a baby she saved.

This snaps Ransik out of his vengeance-filled state of mind, and he willingly gives up to Time Force. With all the mutants now captured, Jen and the gang return to the year She and Wes reluctantly part ways, their relationship coming to a premature end.

In the end, Wes agrees to his father's wishes of his becoming co-commander of the Silver Guardians alongside Eric, of coursethough for nonprofit work only. At the same time, Alex tells the Rangers that the future has been shifted and that they must return immediately, knowing that they'll die if they stay in the present. The time ship arrives. Meanwhile, the Rangers decide to stay in the present, but Wes has other plans when he finds the auto-pilot instructions.

Frax is brainwashed and attacks the city with Doomtron although there is a struggle with Nadira telling her dad that she doesn't want to attack humans anymore, and apologizing to Frax for what was done to him, in one of the most emotional scenes ever seen in Power Rangers. Wes and Eric face Frax 's menace, ready for their doom. Part 2 The battle continues, as Doomtron knocks the Q-Rex out cold. Eric is also injured, and climbs out of the rubble in bad shape.

A group of Cyclobots shows up to finish Eric off. Wes appears and saves Eric, then drags him to safety. As the two hide out, Wes has a little chat with Eric about what it means to be a Power Ranger. The other four Rangers wake up to find themselves back in the year Alex tells them that Wes died saving the city, and that they will need to have their memories of the past wiped. When a Cyclobot discovers that Wes and Eric are in the clock tower, Ransik shows up for a raid.

The Cyclobots climb up the tower and bust in. Wes and Eric get ready.

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Wes finds the Electro Booster and he sets it to self destruct, destroying the tower and several Cyclobots as well. Collins wanders the city in ruins, looking for his son. When he finds him, the two hug. A Cyclobot arises and takes aim at the father and son.

Eric jumps in the way and takes the blast, saving Wes and his dad. Badly wounded, Eric gives Wes the Quantum Morpher, along with deactivating the voice recognition, so he can use the Quantum Defender.

power rangers time force wes and jen relationship 2 year mark

Wes bravely storms into battle.