Red and blue color code relationship

red and blue color code relationship

Red parents direct their kids toward things that . A Red with a Blue Secondary Color can be a very . The Red-Red relationship is referred to as “fireworks”. The Color Code has ratings and reviews. Russell Taylor Hartman limits his categorization of personality to four colors: Red, Blue, White and Yellow. I first encountered the Color Code personality test in high school at a church camp. and motivations help any relationship, but especially a marriage! In addition to Blue and Yellow personalities, there are Red and White.

Now, in Taylor Hartman's book, four colours are presented as well: Red, White, Blue, Yellow.

red and blue color code relationship

I quickly realized as I started reading that I had to discard my previous notions of colour profiling, and stop trying to line up the colours from the two books. The only colours that really line up are Yellow and Orange, and Blue and Blue and there are still differences between Boelcke's and Hartman's Blues. In his book, Hartman tells us that each colour is impelled by a different core motive: Red desires power, White desires peace, Blue desires intimacy, and Yellow desires fun.

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I really wasn't sure that I agreed with a lot of the stuff when I started reading, but I decided to keep going and just take it all with a grain of salt. Some it was explained, and some of it I just don't take very seriously.

red and blue color code relationship

I've taken the test three times now, twice online and once from the book, and I've gotten Red twice and Blue one time. I don't know that I agree that personality is innate, and I really found it hard to answer the questions from a childhood point-of-view. I don't really remember how I responded to certain things as a child, I don't think I act the same way that I did when I was a child, and I think that's why I got differing answers when I took the test more than once.

I believe, after reading the rest of the book, that I'm probably Red with a high secondary Blue.

I think that part of my confusion about my personality comes from the fact that my mom is most likely Blue, my dad is probably White, and my sister is Yellow, so I've grown up learning how to respond to a rainbow of colours. I know I've consciously practised what Hartman would call "Blue" personality traits, such as sensitivity and compassion, and I related to a lot of White traits as well.

red and blue color code relationship

I haven't practised Yellow traits as much She is open-minded and adventurous, and I'm not as much that way.

I tend to want to control everything. Another reason there was confusion for me was that you have to pay very close attention, read between the lines, and figure out what Hartman means when he uses certain words or phrases. For example, I didn't initially connect at all to any of the descriptions of the personalities.

Reds come off as belligerent, unemotional control freaks, Blues are perfectionistic, over-emotional and sensitive, White people are lazy and non-committal, and Yellows are directionless rebels that can't focus their lives.

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I really didn't connect at first to the Red "power" motive. As time went on, I began to realize that I think what he meant by power was more a description of a desire to control.

There are a myriad of resources out there to help improve your marriage, but there is one I personally really believe in. Not only can it help improve your marriage, it can actually help improve any relationship you engage in.

red and blue color code relationship

It can also help you understand yourself better and work to improve so you can become the person you want to be. Taking the test is just the first part.

Understanding the RED Personality - Taylor Hartman Color Code

Once you identify your own personality color, you can start learning about all the colors and what their motives, strengths, limitations, needs and wants are. I know that my Driving Core Motive, or my innate motive in life, is intimacy. My husband, on the other hand, is a Yellow personality. His motive in life is fun. This means a lot of our conversations are infiltrated with how much he wants to go on another cruise.

The Color Code: A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life

My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood and therefore have been invited to a couple social gatherings to meet new people. I really wanted to go to the first one we were invited to because I wanted to make friends with those around us.

So we stayed home. Both of those situations were a great compromise! In addition to Blue and Yellow personalities, there are Red and White personalities.

red and blue color code relationship

The Red motive in life is power. Reds are typically the power-house leaders among us.