Renee and marvin relationship

Eliminated America’s Next Top Model Contestant Renee: Marvin Is My “Prince Charming” — Exclusive

renee and marvin relationship

I'm a very private person when it comes to my relationships, so I Marvin was like an annoying little boy in the house to me, and then one day. of the show – Marvin Cortes, Cory Hindroff, Renee Bhagwandeen and on the show, I asked Miller about her current relationship with him. In the middle of competitive situation in cycle 20, Marvin & Renee found They became closer week by week and officially in relationship even.

That was last season, right? Anyway, Laura bears a striking resemblance to Olivia Wilde. Her and Rob are dressed in workout gear, because its time for these lazy slugs to get in shape. This challenge is a series of work-outs reps? There are three sets of exercises: Jab, Jump, Pose; jump rope; and then running up a giant set of stairs, where Laura will be waiting with a ticket into the filming of the Fierce Workout Smizealot Donkey Booty Video.

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Renee and Jourdan compete against one another, and Renee pretty handily beats Jourdan. Renee gets a three-second head start running up the stairs, and no big surprise — she wins. Jourdan is not one to just accept defeat, so once she finally reaches the top of the stairs, she makes a big show of pretending she is light-headed, and lays down. The medic is called to fan her with palm leaves, and its time for a dramatic pause via commercial break. The guys start their part of the challenge.

Marvin wins the jump-up-and-down in the sand competition, and Cory wins the jump rope part, leaving Chris to mumble under his breath that his mom was verbally abusive, and everyone hates him. Dumb-Dumber-Dumbest Because Chris sucks, he starts six seconds behind Marvin, and three seconds behind Cory, on their sprint up the stairs. The editors try to make it look like Cory or Chris may edge ahead of Marvin, but no one does, and its Marnee for the win!!!

In addition to their world debut in the Workout Video From Hell, they also get aqua spa treatments. You can almost hear the producers snickering in the background: Marnee get 10s for winning.

Cory and Jourdan get 9s for not losing, and being the second of two, respectively. Chris gets an 8 because no one likes him. Much like all of the scoring in this farce of a reality competition, this scoring a whack. Don Johnson as a bat? Once the camera pans out, we see he has the winged-rodents hanging off of his appendages, so I guess its the latter. The rats were camera shy. He totally could have put a different spin on that.

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He was aided in his janitorial duties by a pack of mice and rats, who would regularly break out into song and dance whilst using their wiry-haired-bodies to scour away the dirt of the filthy upper class. Anyway, they have to pose with rats. Not only will they be posing with the rats, they will be dressed in stretchy Cirque du Soleil-y material, and will be hanging upside down.

renee and marvin relationship

Bat Cotoure, if you will. The photo shoot begins, and while they are hanging upside down from their ankles, the bats are nowhere near them, casually hanging out on a pole in the background.

The battth thimply refuthed thoo be pictthurred with the conthethants. A few minutes of hanging upside down makes her a little light-headed, and she passes out. The medic rushes over with his magical palm leaves and fans her back into consciousness. He knows exactly how to win this photo shoot: Back at the house, Renee has curled herself into a ball of misery and self-pity, and is certain she is going home.

Seriously… that was his concern. Jourdan Kelly thinks her backhand looks like she has carpal tunnel. Rob thinks its very awkward high fashion so…is that good? Tyra is beside herself with excitement that Jourdan booched upside down.

renee and marvin relationship

Hates it with the passion of a thousand burning suns, hates it. Which is kind of how strongly I hate him right now. Allow me to climb atop my soapbox. You obviously joked throughout the season how you had basically kissed every single girl in the house.

But because of that, some viewers have said you ended up with Renee because all the other girls you were interested in before her were eliminated from the competition.

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What's your response to that? Well when I flirted with all the girls, it was more of a playful thing. It was not really a serious relationship-kind of thing, and I think it worked out in terms of me and Renee because I never flirted with her. It was always serious, so when I did start to flirt with her and we did start to talk, like on-camera and off-camera, it was more serious and it was less of a joke than it was like, "Oh, it's 'Starvin Marvin.

Because I honestly -- beyond the flirting, I wouldn't go very far with many of the girls on the show. I just wanted to be playful and just have fun. I don't know, I like to be comical, so. But with Renee, it wasn't like that. I never joked with her, so it just became more serious than it was a joke. Where did that nickname "Starvin' Marvin" come from that all the contestants were calling you?

Who thought of it first and how did it catch on? It was just clever, I guess, because of my name and how it rhymes. But Nick, one of the semifinalists, he came up with it in the Jacuzzi outside while I was trying to talk to Hayley.

And he just came up with the name and it was just so funny, so everyone just started using it. Everyone, like from production to the people that were taking care of us, like, it just caught on. I should've just made a shirt of it and just wore it on the show, so they'd remember who I am. I'm surprised they didn't use it in confessionals.

I'm glad everyone was just able to have fun at my expense. When you became the finalist to compete against Jourdan in the final runway show, you said you feared letting your family down. Did you really feel like that since you finished at the runner-up or how did your family react to your success on the show?

For awhile, I was a little -- not depressed, but I was sad, because I knew my mom was going to -- it was going to hurt my parents. I wasn't more upset that I lost. I was more upset how they were going to take it, and I had to hold it in for like nine months, because that's when the show aired and finished.

And I knew I wasn't going to win, so everyone just kept looking at me like the winner. Because at that point, it was just me and Jourdan and they thought because it was a guys' cycle, I was going to win, and then it was just such a big letdown when I didn't.

My mom, when she called me, she was just so sad and I felt so bad for her -- not for myself, but because she wanted it for me.

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But at that point, I was already over it. But it was just like, people were just watching it so they're reacting to what they're seeing.

renee and marvin relationship

So I'm completely okay with it, but they're just reacting to it. So now I have to deal with people who are close to me reacting to the loss, and they're very close to it, almost like "they" lost it themselves. Because you know, they get to see this whole journey, so you kind of feel like you're there with me.

So I think a lot of fans also experience the loss with me because they were that connected to me, so they kind of understood how I would have felt. I think that's why I connect so well with the fans, because they're like, "Ah, you should've won.