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Here are the top ten recap moments of tonight's Scandal, readysetgo: Olivia tells Fitz this is the last time, and that she's going to have Jake by her was the beginnings of an actual relationship, Jake is quick to dispel such. Scandal 3x12 - “We Do Not Touch The First Ladies” SCANDAL - ABC's " Scandal" stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. (ABC/. More information. Fitz makes a surprising decision about his future with Mellie as does Edison with Flashbacks reveal more about Olivia's relationship with her father, Eli Pope.

There is some major foreshadowing in that scene, though. Olivia could pretend to date Andrew and then she and Mellie would just switch at night. Unfortunately, that would be way too simple — at least for Scandal! This is the show where no one gets to be happy, at least not for long.

The bitch is back! At this point HuckleberryQuinn feels pretty much over. For one, Huck seems to have gone over the edge about Quinn…or maybe just over the edge.

Now he says he loved her? I do feel a little sorry for Huck. B scrambled his brains a long time ago. Huck was twisted and molded into being a killer — which is why Charlie seems normal while Huck is a wreck….

Torture, yes, but not murder. Charlie, as we know, truly loves killing. I suspect she and Huck are similar — strange yes, but natural-born killers…no.

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Would she have shot Olivia? Yes, but it very well may have killed her to do it. The question is will she ever become one? Maybe she can she just leave the killing angle to Charlie?

She does great with everything else: David Rosen Joshua Malina.

A Scandal Analysis for 3×12-3×14: It’s Another Perfect Storm by Shonda Rhimes

She can tell something is up. Starting with catching him on the phone talking to James Novak about their plot to expose the Daniel Douglas murder. Just a simple request… I love this Abbison exchange! No way — but he is up to something. That night James finds out that the meeting is a setup and tries to warn David — but David is already across the street from the restaurant. He tells her that he loves her — and that he should have said it the other night. Can I get an amen? She completely regains the fierceness of personality that she had in season one, but has been touch and go for a while now.

The title comes from this soliloquy. No light at the end of the tunnel. No sun on the horizon. Nothing to wish for. Scott Foley does a great job with this scene — at times he seems numb at others he projects trying to hide his sadness by attempting to sound neutral and flat.

At the same time, Fitz, Mellie and Andrew are also doing debate prep. Fitz is handling it brilliantly though. Cyrus calls Olivia to tell her how fabulously Fitz is doing. This is the point where the underlying faulty thinking of the characters and how Shonda Rhimes backed herself into a corner that required guns blazing, blood shed, and murders.

The thing is, Cyrus never actually decided that. His plan never included James sleeping with Daniel Douglas. He was using James, yes, but to out Daniel. All he needed was confirmation that Daniel was gay.

Sally would have been mad, but allegations of Daniel making a pass is something she could have worked with. Cyrus build a bomb, but James is the one who activated it — and thus he blows himself up. He was trying to get sleaze on Daniel Douglas to get to Sally. He tried using a woman but then discovered Daniel had a thing for men, in particular James. He made a political decision.

Shonda writes it as if James was the victim, but James made a conscious personal choice to sleep with Daniel out of revenge. Too late in the game James realized that his entire drive to bring Cyrus down was because out of anger and hurt, not because of the fact that what Cyrus did was wrong. If it was only about bringing a murderer to justice a smart lawyer would have gone to make a deal with the accomplice after the fact — and David is a smart lawyer. No, he was gunning for Cyrus as well, and that choice was also tainted with personal revenge.

Justice would have been focused on getting the woman who killed Daniel Douglas. Dirty politics are awful, but personal revenge in the world of Scandal is always the bigger crime. It will always be punished more. Fitz likes to pretend he is.

Here Olivia gives him yet another reality check.

Olivia, Jake and Fitz - "Do you have feelings for Jake?" Scandal 3x12

Fitz seemed shocked to learn that in politics, behind the scenes is messy and dirty. Their relationship is the bait that got people to pay attention. It has become the vehicle used to have a discussion about corruption within a political system and how this system affects people within it and our world.

When it came down to who was going to die, and who could he work with, attorney general trumped press secretary — even if he is married to the chief of staff.

Hollis Doyle makes his triumphant return Aw, I missed this guy! Of course, telling her that just makes Quinn want it more, so she takes to following him around on his jobs. On the way out, Olivia spots Quinn immediately since she wants to be a super spy so badly, she reeeally needs to work on her stealthiness. I totally bought it for a second there too. More episode plot resolution Charlie calls Cyrus to tell him Publius was a no show. Cyrus is disappointed for all of two seconds before Adnan Salif swans up to him, introduces herself, and then offers him unlimited donations to the campaign.

Scandal 3×12 “We Do Not Touch The First Ladies” Recap

Jake calls Quinn in to yell at her about trying to join B, at which point Quinn shows off her abilities adequately enough that he shuts up. Elsewhere, Huck tries to apologize to Olivia for hurting Quinn by shoving cups of coffee at her.

Mellie runs away pretty quickly after that. Adnan retires to her room after talking to Cyrus, and the identity of her employer is also revealed. I am not jealous. I am aware there is a fox in my henhouse.

I did not do this for you. I did this for me. I am a person, I am not a hen, I am not a prize, and I have a business to run, people to support, a life to lead, a desire to wake up and face myself in the mirror every day.

It has a historical significance! Also I never said it out loud. Girls like to be kissed first, right? Romanced a little before you dive right into their pants. How is that even a word? I have a job, you know.

This work, this life, B You are not cut out for this? What are my options, because the world is just at my feet right now.

He licked my face.