Sharon horgan and rob delaney relationship

Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan on their 'brutally honest' rom-com 'Catastrophe' - Los Angeles Times

sharon horgan and rob delaney relationship

Married life, Catastrophe-style: Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. years, begrudging loving coupledom, the relationship-splitting reinvention. Catastrophe: Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney discuss their returning it's to do with Horgan's working relationship with co-writer Delaney. Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan on Catastrophe, Brexit, and seeing the female character grovel for forgiveness after a relationship misstep.

Can you explain where the idea for the series came from? We just thought we should write about the stuff that we know. I know it's really boring to say that, but it is true. We liked the idea of drawing from our own lives.

I got pregnant very quickly when I was with my boyfriend, who's now my husband, and we just had to decide to be together and make it work. With Rob being American and me being Irish, it felt like a nice organic root into their relationship, him sort of being on a work trip from the states and us having a fling. It felt like a good start for, I guess you could call it, a sitcom.

sharon horgan and rob delaney relationship

We are both very interested in our marriages and our parenting and the conflict between the two of those and career. Obviously both of us need to laugh and make other people laugh. We just had so much overlap in the things we wanted to talk about. The things that end up being good are the things you really have a massive laugh writing and you really feel like you have to get them out, and things that are true tend to be funnier.

It's so hard to get a show made. You might as well talk about exactly what you want to talk about.

Sharon Horgan

It's probably not going to work out anyway, so why not have it not work out when it's something you care about? When I fail, I want it to hurt.

There's no shortage of television shows about relationships or parenting. Did you think something was missing from other portrayals?

Quite often it's rose-tinted or sweet. If you can talk about tricky things and make people laugh you're probably doing some kind of good.

The stuff that we both really like is quite often like drama that happens to be funny rather than sitcom-type funny. We liked the idea of being ambitious for a comedy. Not necessarily going for comedy actors; most of them are drama actors.

sharon horgan and rob delaney relationship

I've always thought that's been a great secret to casting and it sort of paid off with this. We wanted to make a comedy that had good production values, the kind of stuff that usually only drama gets to do in the U. Going for some mega locations and spending some of the budget and regretting it later.

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We were watching "Transparent" and we were just really inspired by the care Jill Soloway took in every aspect. Advertisement What was your writing process like? There's a lot of talking. I think about my own marriage. My wife and I have been together for 11 years. My wife is a very interesting person to me.

Sometimes I would like to go to the top of the Empire State Building and either push her off or jump off with her because it's so hard being married, but it's never boring. And so we wanted to make sure even when our characters were fighting that it was always really interesting and compelling.

That to me is the coolest part about a long-term relationship, you learn a lot about yourself. We hoped to show that with this show as well. We liked the idea of two people making each other laugh and enjoying each other's company, because we knew we were going to be putting them through hell in other scenes.

sharon horgan and rob delaney relationship

In a lot of sitcoms you'll see the spouses get fed up with each other. Like, "Hey, she's driving me nuts," or "He put the diaper on backwards, but at least he put it on! That's why people get divorced and kill each other, because there are sitcoms like that. We wanted to make people love each other instead of kill each other.

We really wanted people to give a We had no idea if people would. We put out each episode and were genuinely surprised and thrilled when people cared about what happened to us.

We wrote it and people would be like, "Jesus, this is dark. We knew we wanted it to be, but I thought it might not come across that way. Horgan played a supporting role in the dark comedy film Game Night as Sarah, a newcomer to the group of friends unwittingly roped into the game. She played Donna, an irresponsible marketing manager who calls off her wedding at the last minute, and one of three women sharing a flat in Penge, south London.

It was noted for its broad humour about sex and the consumption of alcohol. In she won a British Comedy Award for Pulling. Horgan starred as Karen, a police officer. It ran for one series on Channel 5. In it she played Helen, [24] a woman wrongly imprisoned for killing her boss, and starred Jennifer Saunders.

InHorgan starred in and co-wrote Bad Management with Holly Walsh, their second project together, and Horgan was the self-centred and demanding boss of an upmarket store in Los Angeles.

ABC commissioned the pilot episode, which was not aired. But it was released online in December They have both said Catastrophe was broadly based on their own personal experiences.

Carrie Fisher played his mother. It was an instant critical success [28] and after the second episode of the six-part series was aired Channel 4 announced it had commissioned a second series.

sharon horgan and rob delaney relationship

In AprilHBO announced it had picked up the series after the pilot episode, and the show is Parker's first major acting commitment since Sex and the City. She is also an executive producer.

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It was set on a turkey farm in Ireland, and in it she played her own mother, while her father was played by actor Conleth Hill. In Januaryin How to Be a Good Mother [34] she talked to several families about their approach to child-rearing. In January in Secrets of a Good Marriage [35] she discovered how various couples make their relationships work; and in On the Verge of a Midlife Crisis, [36] she spoke to six women who had coped with the experience. One week she was interviewed by Olivia Colman and the following week she interviewed Dennis Kelly.

Sloaneand Cockroaches. Horgan is creative director of Merman and Mountford managing director.