Snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

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snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

Professor Albus Dumbledore Quizzes & Trivia. Find out how much you know Dumbledore left his house-elf to Snape. G. Dumbledore left his. From being old friends to a lifetime of atoning for past sins, here are Harry Potter: 20 Crazy Revelations About Snape And Lily's Relationship. facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on Any proper Harry Potter fan will insist that the series didn't truly end with She admits that at the time, she had pushed a Ron/Hermione relationship for “very . However, Rowling believes that Harry would later have insisted on Snape's.

Should Snape be pitied? Perhaps for incidents in his final years, from being coerced by Dumbledore to obviously living a miserable double agent existence, but never for not "getting" Lily, whom he mourned even after he sold her out. Regarding Azkaban Prison in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, she jerkily says, "I heard — that awful boy — telling her about them — years ago. He's a complicated man who points toward the humanity in all of us. Dumbledore, a character just as flawed and human as Severus Snape, used his love of Lily to make Snape a ready double agent for the Order of the Phoenix.

Had Harry known why Dumbledore trusted Snape so completely, however, it likely would have made him hate the man even further until he became fully aware of his professor's sacrifice in the end. The real question is whether or not Lily would want her grandson named after the man she'd befriended so long ago.

Likely partly due to her own jealousy, Petunia would taunt Lily and Snape, demanding that Lily not be Snape's friend.

snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

Snape, who found Petunia and presumably other muggles and squibs repugnant, given his propensity for the Dark Arts, despised her and instructed Lily to not care about what her sister thought. The long-time residents of St. She took her N. At age 17, Harry became the youngest Auror ever employed by the Ministry of Magic, and ascended to a position as head of the department just nine years later, under his friend and fellow Order of the Phoenix member Kingsley Shacklebolt as Minister for Magic.

Hermione took a more conventional path through the Ministry ranks: Together, Kingsley and the Trio spearheaded a total reform of the Ministry from its old, corrupt ways.

They were joined by Percy Weasley, whose change of heart suited him well as an official in the new Ministry.

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After the Battle of Hogwarts, no one could deny that Neville was a great wizard in his own right, despite all those melted cauldrons in his youth. Upon marrying Hannah Abbott, the new landlady at The Leaky Cauldron, he also gained some cachet with his students: Like Albus Dumbledore, Ron Weasley considered this the greatest achievement of his life.

Which is all the more impressive considering she was a relatively late addition to the cast, as she missed out on the first few entries in the series.

But what exactly was the film where Luna first made her debut? Was it The Goblet of Fire, as we are claiming here? Or was it a different movie?

Do we speaking the truth? As such, he has one pet serpent that never leaves his sight. First appearing in The Goblet of Fire, the snake - named Nagini - is later revealed to harbour a piece of Voldy's soul Which means she must die if the villain is to be defeated. Thankfully, while Harry is busy getting himself killed, one of his friends beheads Nagini with the Sword of Gryffindor.

Tragically, though, their relationship was cut short when Sirius was killed during the battle at the Ministry of Magic at the end of The Order of the Phoenix. But which of Voldemort's followers was it who did the evil deed? Was it Lucius Malfoy, as we claim, or was it someone else?

Part 1 True False Cornelius Fudge played by Robert Hardy is the Minister of Magic throughout most of the Harry Potter franchise, but the character is removed off-screen in later installments.

The Wizarding World was in need of a tougher minister to steer them through the dark times and that responsibility fell at Rufus Scrimgeour's feet. However, Bill Nighy's character turned out to be a bit ineffective as Voldemort was able to kill him and infiltrate the Ministry. But is it true that he only appeared in the one movie?

A humungous three-headed dog given an unexpectedly cute name, Fluffy guards the entrance to the lower bowels of Hogwarts that the Philosopher's Stone is hidden in. Unfortunately, Fluffy is easy to get past once you know that a certain kind of music puts him to sleep. But do you remember what instrument is magically playing at the end of the first movie which sends Fluffly to snoozeland? Was it a harp or was it something else? The reason it is so important is because Dumbledore needs a specific memory about Voldemort's origins that Slughorn won't share with him.

The professor does return to the school and takes up his old position as the teacher for It was once found by Regulus, Sirius's brother, but it was later stolen by Mundungus Fletcher from the old Black house. It was then pinched from him by someone who worked for the Ministry? We're suggesting that this thief who stole from a thief was Dolores Umbridge, Harry's hated teacher from his fifth year. Are we telling the truth?

Question 20 Bellatrix Lestrange Is Draco's Aunt True False Working out the family trees of all the characters in the Harry Potter universe is a complicated affair, as the different families tend to cross over a lot.

But is she also connected to the Malfoy family? Specifically, is she the aunt of Harry's young nemesis Draco? Does this ring a bell or are we just making this fact up? Pick the right answer below. In particular, the Elder Wand was heavily sought after, as it was said to make the wizard who wielded it totally unbeatable. It was once claimed by Dumbledore, but it passed through several allegiances after his death.

But was Lord Voldemort ever its true master? Are we speaking the truth or a lie? They don't have an easy time of it, though, as she initially dates Cedric Diggory until his death.

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After which, she and Harry finally kiss, but she is then forced to tell Umbridge about Dumbledore's Army. Which kind of fizzles out the attraction for Harry.

snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

But what else do we know about Cho? What Hogwarts house was she sorted into? Was it Ravenclaw as we are claiming? Pick the right answer.

Wherever he goes, his loyal pet cat won't be far behind, helping watch out for any students who are stepping out of line. The cat's most notable moment in the films occurs in The Chamber of Secrets, when it is petrified after seeing the reflection of the Basilisk in some water on the floor.

But what is the name of Filch's cat.

snape and dumbledore relationship quiz

We say it's Mrs Morris. Is this is a fact or a fib? Question 24 True False Bellatrix has to be the most vicious of all Voldemort's followers so it was a satisfying moment when she met her end during the grand battle of Hogwarts that occurred in The Deathly Hallows Part 2.