Stephen kumalo and absalom relationship counseling

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stephen kumalo and absalom relationship counseling

We are introduced to the Reverend Stephen Kumalo, the novel's main character. Stephen then brings out the story of Absalom; he feels all the more anxious about him . The official drives them to Pimville where the couple is staying, but they are all . Have expert advice and tips delivered directly to you. The relationship between Reverend Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis Johannesburg to care for his sick sister, the Reverend learns of Absalom's crime. The parson, Stephen Kumalo, tries to sort through his fears and feelings for the father-son relationships in so many books and movies somehow resolve Though brief, the interaction between Absalom and his father is.

He notices that the Reverend seems unwell, but receives no explanation other than something heavy is upon him.

stephen kumalo and absalom relationship counseling

The Reverend slowly reveals that it was his son who killed Arthur. The two men walk a bit in the yard, and the Reverend discloses that he has seen James previously, when he passed by Ndotsheni, the village where the Reverend and his family live. The two men part amicably, but it may have been a different start to the relationship had James not read his son's papers about the people of South Africa.

Shortly after learning of his son's death, James goes to Arthur's house to put his affairs in order. While doing so, he comes across his son's work and research.

James Jarvis & Stephen Kumalo Relationship in Cry, The Beloved Country |

He reads through the numerous papers, and is affected by it. He gains insight into his son's thoughts and ideas, and there is a sense of loss in that he didn't know this side of his son.

stephen kumalo and absalom relationship counseling

This helps James understand that the circumstances under which the blacks have been forced precipitated the current environment in South Africa. At this moment, James looks to carry on his son's work, although not explicitly stated, and in turn encourages his relationship with the Reverend.

Shortly after their first meeting, James's grandson stops at the Reverend's house in Ndotsheni. The Reverend notices he is a young boy, and invites him in for a drink. When he asks for milk, the Reverend replies that the village does not have any milk.

This gets back to James, who begins sending a daily shipment of milk for the children of the village. The grandson is the one who begins to draw them closer. James eventually pays a visit to Ndotsheni on a stormy night. He seeks shelter along with the Reverend in the church.

Unfortunately, the roof has many leaks and there are not many dry places. It is on this night that the Reverend shows James the letter that Absalom will not receive mercy and is scheduled to die. This act also brings the two men closer. The loss of their sons does not beget anger between the two men, only shared grief. James's grandson is a reminder of Arthur and his light of hope.

The grandson practices speaking Zulu and interacts with those who might be considered subordinate. What the grandson does is help James realize that the Zulu people are in need of assistance in order to survive. It is within the means of James to provide that help. Kumalo approaches Absalom and '…takes his son's hand in both his own, and the hot tears fall fast upon them.

The boy stands unhappy, there is no gladness in his eyes. Father Vincent advises Kumalo '…do not judge your son too quickly…. Pray for your own rebuilding. And do not fear to pray for your son.

stephen kumalo and absalom relationship counseling

Just because Kumalo isn't with Absalom physically does not mean he isn't with him in his heart. From his village in Ndotsheni, Kumalo wonders if his son is well and what he is doing and grieves for him. Although Absalom has disappointed and hurt his father in every possible way, Kumalo will always love him and grieve the loss of him. John and Matthew Another father and son relationship that is explored is between Kumalo's brother, John, and his son, Matthew.

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After John leaves Matthew's mother for another woman, their relationship deteriorates. John explains, 'You see, my son did not agree well with his second mother. Many times I tried to arrange matters, but I did not succeed.

Stephen Kumalo & Absalom Kumalo Relationship in Cry, The Beloved Country

So he said he would leave. He had good work, so I did not stop him. Even so, when John realizes that Matthew was present during the robbery turned homicide, John is visibly distraught.

The narrator describes the '… fear in the eyes.