The role of a teacher in learning process and its relationship

What is the role of a teacher?

the role of a teacher in learning process and its relationship

A teacher leader role is one that needs to be embraced if he or she wants A teacher is the force that drives the educational system in the United States. Students look up to teachers and may pattern their own behavior and. Teachers play vital roles in the lives of the students in their classrooms. Teachers are best known for the role of educating the students that are placed in their. Elementary school teachers play an important role in the development of students. What students learn in their formative years can shape the.

It is important for them to decide on what kind of learner they are, as this will help them tremendously. Learning will become much easier and naturally, more pleasant for them. For instance, at a young age I realized I could learn better when hearing something when the teachers spoke in my daily lessons at school. I later took advantage of my personal learning style and enjoyed assimilating through listening to my teachers speak, from tapes and television here in combination with imagesor from the radio, whatever the lesson.

Up to now, my aural learning style has assisted me in my teaching as well, for the reason that I enrich my knowledge by attending seminars and conferences, where you can hear a number of speakers. Thus, each person must look inside themselves and discover what type of learner they are; it will help tremendously in promoting learning.

A characteristic of the good learner is concentration, both in class and in the study place. Naturally, the teacher has to be enthusiastic and make the lesson as interesting as possible so that the students become engaged as well. It is very constructive to pay attention when classmates have questions, because for example it may be something they cannot comprehend.

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Teachers need to encourage and remind this and try to engage a number of students when someone asks a question. This is a very good opportunity for the others in class to learn something new, something maybe they had not thought or about, or they can even answer the questions themselves, if of course they can explain the unintelligible point in question.

Moreover, there must be concentration in the study place as well. The learner must choose to study in a comfortable, warm environment, if possible away from distractions like telephones, computers or televisions.

Role of Teachers in the Curriculum Process

Above all, studying should take place at an appropriate time for the learners: Therefore, learners have to create a good study schedule and combine it with any other daily activities or work, if they are professionals.

Having a schedule aids the learning process a great deal, for the reason that it helps maintain organization. That accountability rests in educating the person. While skills in literacy and numeracy are important, so are abilities such as creative thinking, problem solving and managing risk.

While these abilities are important, they are rarely given prominence in the curriculum as they are often embedded within different discipline areas, where the content of facts of each discipline gains more prominence. Sometimes these skills are given prominence as cross-curricular priorities, but it is not always clear who takes responsibility for their learning within the different subject areas.

the role of a teacher in learning process and its relationship

As an educator, I want the accountability of teachers to the system kept in balance with accountability to students, as the context of student learning is important. This is currently not the case, with system accountability far outweighing accountability to students.

Alternatively, system accountability that embeds the importance of context — such as through a school review process — begins to provide a richer picture of what the education system is achieving.

the role of a teacher in learning process and its relationship

Some time later the school realised that the annual year 5 camp was in the week preceding the NAPLAN testing and the students were in a different frame of mind about what was important learning at this time. While this is a simple example, there are many more examples of individual instances where indigenous groups of students, who typically focus on visual cues for their understanding, need explicit help in focusing on tasks, such as NAPLAN items, that require them to focus on text analysis.

As an ex-school teacher who now has a child who is beginning their teaching career, I do not know if I think this is a good career choice now, and not only for the accountability issues highlighted above.

Teachers and Learners – Roles That Complement Each Other

For many countries including Australia, teaching is not an attractive career. It does not provide social prestige or a high salary, which are usually seen as the rewards of a good career. Contrast this with the US research sampling of young college graduates not teachers in the US about their perceptions of teachers as underpaid, had to worry about personal safety, lacked career opportunities and were made scapegoats for many difficulties in education.