Troy and annie relationship quizzes

A Definitive Ranking of the 'Community' Study Group Pairings

troy and annie relationship quizzes

Annie. The Jeff-Annie hook up will seem icky. Just like Troy-Britta does. Their relationship should bother us, it is meant to And when these. Or maybe you're more of a Troy, Abed, Britta, or Annie, playing the If you can't decide who you are, take this quiz, and we'll find out for you. . to them as their academic performance, with relationships coming first and. Troy and Abed are much closer to Annie, and apparently have that if she couldn't memorize that one phrase that she would fail a quiz. . Song at the beginning was supposed to show what their relationship used to be.

How could he maintain his reputation when he attended a community college? Jeff wondered if Annie would have been able to read his expression just then.

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Jeff didn't know if Annie was good at reading expressions, but she always seemed to know what he was thinking. Would she have realized that he was in trouble? Would she have offered to help?

Anyway, back to the present if he had said that out loud Abed would have commented on how that wouldn't have made a plausible movie franchise, as even if you are in the past, wherever you are is your present, so it would have been utterly pointless. Jeff knew how Annie slightly furrowed her brow when she studied. Jeff knew that sometimes she furrowed them slightly more and set her jaw. She would raise her eyes slowly to make sure that no one was watching her at that moment Jeff would always bring back his gaze to his Spanish book when she did this, pretending to study and then she would silently flip her Spanish pages Annie was the only person Jeff knew who could flip pages silently; she'd probably learned how to do that so that she wouldn't distract herself from whatever deep thinking she was in to the glossary.

She would then draw her nail across the page until it stopped at a certain word and it's definition. Her expression would become relieved for a second, and then the furrowing would come back in full force as she pulled out one of her stack of index cards which she, oddly enough, kept in a playing cards box and wrote the word and definition. She would then highlight the card Jeff didn't know the specifics of why she used what color she did, it could have been alphabetical, or level of difficulty, or part of speech.

Jeff didn't even know why he was thinking about stupid things like this. Oh yeah, because they had to do with Annie, and everything that has to do with Annie is absolutely fascinating and stick it neatly in the page where it was needed. She would stare at the page for a few more seconds, and then flip the page and move on.

If only life was that way. If only Jeff could just flip the page and there would be something totally fresh and new in front of him. No more community college. No more living in his cramped apartment.

No more studying or crazy adventures. Don't get him wrong, he loved his friends some more than othersbut he didn't like certain qualities about them. Pierce was annoying though, that wasn't really a problem anymore seeing as Pierce was no longer a part of their group.

Shirley was so sweet she induced cavities. Troy thought that it was all about him Jeff was aware that he also thought this about himself, but the difference is, it is all about him. What he can't deal with is that Abed a always knows what everyone is thinking and feeling, and b he has the ability to look at everything from an outside-looking-in view. He can take a situation and make a decision based solely on what is right, not what feels right.

He doesn't let emotions rule his life, and Jeff respected him immensely for that. But, he was also envious of it. He wished he coul- "Jeff? We have to go. Jeff looked around to see if anyone was watching them he usually did this whenever he and Annie shared a 'moment'; he didn't like people seeing them together because he was afraid they'd think he was a creepy old man and saw Troy and Abed exchange a look, and then walk out of the room.

troy and annie relationship quizzes

What was that about? He looked at Annie again, wondering if she'd seen it. When all he was met with was an empty seat, he realized that she'd already left the room, and he had an epiphany.

He thought back to more than a year ago at the Tranny Dance when Annie said she was leaving for the summer with Vaughn, then confided in Jeff that she was actually moving there. Jeff had been absolutely shocked, and he actually had thought about telling her how he felt.

But what was he supposed to do, whisper 'I love you' when she leaned in for a good-bye hug? And then there was the whole kiss and the Britta thing and awkwardness, and he just never had the chance.

But he did now. Jeff laughed at his utter stupidity. There was no 'right' or 'wrong' time, there was just Jeff being insecure for one of the first times in his life. He could tell her right now if he wanted to. Wait, he should tell her right now.

Yes, he had to tell her right now before he chickened out. He looked out the door to see her walking away with Troy and Abed, and quickly got out of his seat and went after her, psyching himself up the whole way.

Annie turned around a few seconds before Troy and Abed simultaneously did. Man, that was creepy. Her expression didn't change. That was when the whole situation hit Jeff full- force. He'd been too focused on confessing his love for Annie before to notice this, but there was definitely something weird going on here.

Troy and Abed were standing so close to Annie that she was squished between them like they were a sandwich, and Troy and Abed were looking at him almost menacingly. Troy was crossing his arms so that his biceps bulged out and Abed was just doing that thing he does where he tilts his head and sees right through you, threatening him mentally rather than physically. Jeff looked from them to Annie, and was surprised at her expression. Usually she looked at him with looks of longing, or loving, or, well, caring at least.

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But right now she looked totally indifferent, as if she didn't give a rat's ass what he was saying. Jeff finally took the whole situation in as a whole and suddenly felt like he was sixteen again, and was going to pick up one of his first girlfriends, Dianne, on their first date. He'd knocked on the door and was greeted by her twenty- year- old very muscular twin brothers.

He'd had the courage to face them then, and if he could do that then, why couldn't he do it now? Where do you fall on the spectrum? Question 14 Are you a heavy drinker? Would you join in on the fun, or are you the designated driver?

Of course, what relaxation means is different to just about everyone. Which of these options sounds best to you? Question 16 Have you ever been arrested? Lucky for them, it was usually the same inept and uncaring officer who took their stories, meaning only someone like Britta could do anything so stupid as to actually get arrested.

A Definitive Ranking of the ‘Community’ Study Group Pairings

Question 17 Are you a religious person? This was largely because of Shirley Bennett, whose staunch Christian views dictated her every character move. They also put her at odds with some of the other members of her study group. Would you argue with Shirley about the Bible, or join in with her preaching?

Question 18 Which of the following sounds like your love life? I do pretty well for myself Constant crushes I never follow through on I constantly lie about fake romances Intermittent yet strong connections In addition to all the learning that goes on, for many students, college is a time for sex, drugs, and rock and roll, with the importance of these concepts decreasing in value as they go on. This is to say the dating life of a person in college can sometimes be as important to them as their academic performance, with relationships coming first and school second.

Is your love life active enough you could have this problem?

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Question 19 What role would you fill in a study group? The brains The one who's trying their best The leader Ultimately, Community was a show about friendship, yet on the surface, it was simply a show about a group of people in the same community college Spanish class. Because of this, throughout the entire series, Jeff, Annie, and the group are tasked with completing dozens if not hundreds of projects together, usually of the diorama variety.

Would you be helpful in this scenario, or a total waste? Question 20 Do you like playing video games? Called Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne, the game was a test to see if Pierce deserved his inheritance, and it also revealed just how much or little the characters had played video games in their lives. Some were experts, while others had no idea what they were doing. Were do you fall? Question 21 Who is the worst teacher at Greendale?

Which of the following so-called professors are you must shocked had a degree?

troy and annie relationship quizzes