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Help us build our profile of Tuba Büyüküstün and Engin Akyürek! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Beren Saat denies her relationship with Engin Akyurek (another my kind advice for my sweet bero "plz leave kenen and paird wid engin" u. Born on July 5 in Istanbul, Tuba majored in Costume & Design at the Mimar Sinan In , she began co-starring with Engin Akyurek in the series Kara Para Ask. I repeat my advice to everyone that they also have to be at peace with their During the marriage ceremony we weren't an actor and an actress but just a.

I also like to spend time with myself. I love to go and read a book once. If true, then I have been instrumental in something beautiful. I think he's one of the best literary people in the world right now. We have a problem with expressing this. Or does this lands a problem with the story? The story springs from everywhere. The success of these series seems to have come to us, but I do not think so.

If we can show the same effort and success in the cinema, we can achieve great success worldwide. There is only a clutter, everything works on day and day saving. And we tell our very good stories in a very mediocre way.

Think of an American film. Sometimes they tell the very mediocre stories so well. Summary of Turkish cinema is the mediocre telling of beautiful films. I did not watch the movie, but I know it's the feeling I'm in. It sounds like a very romantic movie to me. You can stretch in the movie. You might even be afraid. It has got a little bit of everything inside. If we think of it all, we can say it is a psychological thriller.

I think if this movie is successful, then this kind of torn movies can be made in future as well. Some of us live in modern cities. For this reason, we have too many loads. We are in a mood as if we are still alive with sorrows. I do not know how to get rid of these.

It basically tells something about it. It's like a man facing his past, his trauma and himself. This feeling is entrusted to you actually. I am very happy to know him as a human being first of all. It made me feel very good that such people exist in this sector. He always produced beautiful stories. Do you think you have such a shot at cinema? Is your current movie a movie that can take over it?

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It was a love movie, but until the end of the film, we said, "What's going on, what's happening? I think it is a very good movie. I perceive that this movie can confront the spectator himself. We did this film, but it will be completed by the spectator. I think everybody will be separated from the hound with a different feeling.

The post-production process took a long time. Would you be more careful when filming? You have to decide very well for all of them that you do not get bored. When you get into series without being sure what you are playing, you can be squeezed in chapter 8. Or you can say "my character does not do this" and try to manipulate the story and pull it to another spot. Because life flows from one side too. You have to live with the same hair and the same beard for 1.

The cinema is more free and comfortable for that reason. If you love the story, you can really be inside. This is actually the reason for the wait between them, which seem to be thin and frequent. To be able to exist in that job without boredom.

If you do not like the role you play, you might get bored. I say in heart, I want such series to be successful. This type of work is not successful if no more similar work is done. Things succeed when more work is done. Because we have very beautiful stories in our history. I think Kenan is one of the best names to play this role. What do you think about this subject?

I do not think it will be permanent. Have you visited the Arab countries? Many famous players go and earn money from invitations they attended. You can ask my manager about that, not me. We did not get to the right project there.

I did not go there as a tourist. I like traveling a little more unplanned. I'm since the last 1. I wanted to stop and write a little bit.

This is good for me. Maybe once I get into the film vision, I can run away. Actually, I go there many times. What are you writing? It goes out every two months. I am interested in this content as well as my fictional stories are published there. We send them abroad too, many people are asking for it. It makes me so happy. People are reading and reading in different languages. This is a very valuable thing. The stories in there are very different. I hope to do something in the future. Because as you start writing, you understand that you should take your head.

I do not see myself as a writer or a director. These are very different domains. I'm just seeing myself as an actor, taking my feelings.

What do you call it? Do you follow comedy movies?

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I am a man who loves cinema and I follow almost all the domestic and foreign films. Our problem is due to the lack of Turkish cinema, we have a cinema stuck between melodious and comic themes There are comedy films starred by one side, melodrama on the other hand and independent films on the other.

Mainstream cinema in the middle is a bit weak. And it's got to be watched more. I think these are the films that will develop our film industry. I do not mean the comedy actor but I want to be in a good comedy film.

It would be nice. For example, as a writer, as a director or actor? I love this domain very much and I always have dreams for it. But I want to tell you my stories that are gathering from it. Maybe I can make a project abroad. I've been concentrating on television for 10 years. I think I need to concentrate a little more on cinema. I made 3 movies until today. I could be in movies with different themes.

There is a change. I am looking at the indigenous series from time to time. I'm mostly trying to track the first episodes of coincidence. There are not a whole series of things that I follow and I keep following.

It depends upon the role. I've always been in business. The late Meral Okay wrote it. Meral Abla is a valuable asset for me too. May Allah rest her sole in peace. Thus, Bir Bulut Olsam shall stand in a very different place for me. It started my overseas recognition. It was a very special job. I was nominated for Emmy for it, I got an award from Seoul as well. Her father leaves the party early and tells her he has to tend to some important business at his office, so he leaves the party.

While he is there, there is a homicidal case reported and Arda invited him to go to the site with him. One of them is Sibel. The next day, Elif's family is called and they are told that her father has been murdered. Not being able to believe it, they travel to the mort, where Elif is summoned to come in and confirm that it is her father. As he leaves the mort, devastated, Elif enters it and they look at each other insignificantly.

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Elif enters and sees her father's corpse, and she cries until she leaves and tells her family it is true that her father is dead. Her father was in the car with Sibel. Elif is taken to the police station and is interrogated by Arda in relation to her father. Elif becomes upset when Arda askes her if she thinks her father might have been with this younger woman, and she starts shouting at Arda that her father would never do such a thing and that Sibel probably lured him into a trap. During her father's funeral, Elif becomes upset with one of her relatives because she was speaking badly about her father and Elif overheard her, so she reprimanded her for it and went upstairs.

While she was upstairs, two men enter and ask her about the diamonds. Not knowing what they were speaking about, Elif gets nervous and they force her to sit down and listen to them. They ask her about a group of diamonds worth millions of dolars that her father had apparently stolen. They also tell her she has to find them, and that if she doesn't, they will kill her and her family. After they leave, Elif is shocked, and then her mother enters and asks her if something is wrong, and she says no.

Elif is deciding to hide this threat from her family as to not worry them. Elif's younger sister Nilufer Denizer is going to study abroad in New York, and Elif is accompanying her to the airport when their taxi is intercepted by a group of men and one of them points a gun to their heads as the other one tells the taxi driver where to go. They are both frightened and confused. They arrive to an old shack, where the men tie them up. Then, a man named Metin arrives and begins to ask them about the diamonds, even though neither of them know where they are, especially Nilufer, who had no idea there were even any diamonds.

After realizing Elif doesn't know, he slaps Nilufer across the face, and then tells Elif he is going to keep Nilufer until Elif finds the diamonds. Elif tries to save her sister, but they knock her unconscious and she wakes up in the middle of the woods with Metin. Metin tells her that he will kill Nilufer if she does not bring him the diamonds.

Metin also tells her that if she goes to the police, he will find out and kill Nilufer. Elif is released, and is desperate to save her sister.

Metin becomes fond of Nilufer, so he begins to allow her to walk around the house she is taken to freely, as long as she does not escape. Nilufer agrees because she is scared, but soon they develop a relationship and fall in love.

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Metin tells Elif if she wants to see her little sister again, she must launder money to Rome. Elif is forced to accept to save Nilufer. Elif goes with him, but she launders the money on her own, fearing Metin will find out and hurt her sister. The tape has no audio, but Pelin reads their lips and explains to them that Ahmet and Sibel were involved in money laundering. Bajar and her boyfriend Levent plot on making Elif fall in love with Levent after Elif confessed to her she was looking for diamonds, and they plan to run away together with the diamonds once Elif finds them, so Levent, who works at the empress, begins to send Elif gifts to try to woo her.

They take her under interrogation to the police station, even though she denies being the murderer, she cannot reveal why she had left the party, because in reality, she had left because she had started bleeding and was scared she might lose her pregnancy, because she had stopped taking her medications as to not hurt the baby, but she knew if her mother found out she was secretly pregnant, she would make her abort.

When Asli arrives back home, her family begins to notice her strange behavior and they begin to wonder if she is taking her medications. Immediately after he leaves, she recalls what Bajar told her and goes behind him to tell him she changes her mind. She takes him to a country club, where they spend the day together without paying because she has membership there.