Tubby smith and rajon rondo relationship

NBA Finals Rajon Rondo at University of Kentucky

tubby smith and rajon rondo relationship

But when kindred math geeks Rajon Rondo, Brad Stevens and Bibby what went on between Rajon and Doc, and Tubby (Smith, his coach at. Rajon Rondo DraftExpress Profile: scouting reports, videos, stats and logs. The relationship between Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and the unsung Rondo has been .. Tubby Smith evicted some of his tough recruiting luck when Rajon Rondo fell. ESPN College basketball writer Jeff Goodman tore Rajon Rondo apart He's often questions authority and does it in a manner that fractures relationships. Tubby Smith won't admit it on the record, but those close to him.

Chapter 3: Like roller coasters?

Few players are as questionable from the line as Rondo has been historically, and even less are starting point guards. During their first round matchup with the Bulls, Rondo oozed confidence shooting the ball from the outside; hitting shots at a high rate leading up to the last two games of the series.

He bounced back to some extent for stretches, but any shooting rhythm he got into quickly dissipated. He took a step back this season on the whole, making only If given the green light, Rondo will be an excellent shot creator at the next level, as he is extremely difficult to stay in front of. Once he did get into the lane in college, he showed plenty of creativity finishing around the hoop, particularly with an assortment of runners and floaters. He is capable of stopping abruptly in the paint if the lane is too clogged, and floating a six to eight footer high off the glass.

tubby smith and rajon rondo relationship

When making his way all the way to the basket, his long arms, terrific leaping ability and excellent body control aid him greatly in finishing creatively around the rim, often with contact. He is generally a tough player who has no problem getting dirty to get the job done. Extremely quick off the dribble and an excellent ball-handler with either hand. Unselfish, no frills type point guard with good court vision.

How Rajon Rondo has been the driving force behind team unity

Does a good job getting his teammates the ball with crisp passes, and does not make many mistakes. Heady playmaker who plays with great maturity and calmness and rarely forces the issue. Can create his own shot, but is not a great finisher around the rim, and does not get to the free throw line at a great rate.

When we originally evaluated Rondo, we saw a player that was simply too good of an athlete not to be a threat to get into the lane on any level. As our second report shows, it took him some time to prove us right.

tubby smith and rajon rondo relationship

Initially, Rondo proved more than capable of getting to the rim, but did have some issues finishing. According to Synergy Sports Technology Rondo shot As a reference point, Tony Parkerwidely praised for his efficiency inside the arc, shot Rondo no longer second-guesses himself when he gets in the paint, either giving the ball up when he sees a teammate in better position or going straight to the rim once he clears his defenders shoulder.

Continuing to gain confidence in his own abilities, coupled with the realization that his team needs him to score in order to be successful will play a significant role in how much more Rondo can improve down the road.

Rajon Rondo remains comfortable with who he is, suspensions and all - Chicago Tribune

Rondo is somewhat predictable with his drives, going left more than twice as often as he goes right and going all the way to the rim far more often than he pulls up off the dribble. Even fewer can run with him when he chooses to push the ball in transition. Point Guard Skills Then: Rondo is at his best on the drive and dish, being able to get into the lane almost at will thanks to his terrific speed and ball-handling ability, and once he does, being highly creative in finding open shooters spotting up on the wing.

Rondo is a very confident ball-handler going either left or right, keeping the ball very low to the ground, and is excellent at breaking the full-court press thanks to his terrific speed and poise. However, his assists per minutes in his first two years with the Celtics were strikingly similar to his sophomore season at Kentucky.

tubby smith and rajon rondo relationship

This season, his passing stats jumped considerably. Ranking 9th in A: TO ratioRondo is the type of guard the makes the smart pass, and is able to create passing lanes so that he seldom has to force anything. One of the biggest challenges the young point guard has had to overcome is distributing the ball to three All-Star players with Hall of Fame pedigrees.

How Rajon Rondo has been the driving force behind team unity | Chicago Bulls

The relationship between Garnett, Pierce, Allen, and the unsung Rondo has been more mutually beneficial than anyone could have imagined. There was certainly a period where Rondo had to earn the respect of the veterans around him; he quickly rose to the occasion. And in the end, it did not matter.

tubby smith and rajon rondo relationship

The notoriously sketchy outside shooter swished the sucker with a second left for the win. That moment from January pretty well summed up the Rondo-Smith relationship for two rocky seasons in Lexington, Ky. Smith couldn't control his talented-but-headstrong point guard.

tubby smith and rajon rondo relationship

He couldn't win without him, either. This was the classic bad fit -- talented coach and talented player who probably would have been better off without each other. It was not a toxic relationship -- just not a fully cohesive one.

Their inability to bring out the best in each other hurt both parties in the long run. It helped push Rondo out of the top 20 picks in the '06 NBA draft, and it helped push Smith to flee a Cadillac job for Minnesota a year later.

It's a great style of play, but it just wasn't the best style for Rajon. The pace was controlled, and the post players were always the first offensive option. Tethering the fast, fearless, improvisational Rondo to that system was similar to latching a thoroughbred to a harness buggy.

It handcuffed some of his greatest gifts. And as every coach who has ever tried to guide Rondo knows, you must convince him that your way is better than his way before he buys in.

Communication had to be key. They had to grow and learn with each other. There were repeated spats and makeup sessions between the two.

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