Tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship problems

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tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship problems

Dudley has feelings for Kitty, and all it took was the Chameleon disguised as a suave secret agent to make him come clean. The problem is; does Kitty feel the same way? T.U.F.F. Puppy - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3, - Reviews: 42 . A prequel of the secret Relationship Revealed. kitty katswell and dudley puppy kiss | Dudley-Kitty Relationship Tuff Puppy, . the collar was the 1 thing that gave me the most trouble, but its still great Plz Rev. Oct 7, Explore Austin Boyd's board "Kitty Katswell in TUFF puppy" on the collar was the 1 thing that gave me the most trouble, but its still great Plz Rev.

Kitty saves Dudley from certain death when he is catapulted into the shark tank. Kitty and Dudley hold hands, with Kitty thanking Dudley for helping, right before Dudley is teleported back to the original reality in present day. When Dudley goes back to the present day, the first thing he does is hug Kitty once again and says "Kitty, this is awesome!

Dog Dish Kitty is the only one who is sensitive to Dudley's feelings and doesn't laugh when he has to wear the cone. When Dudley loses all faith in himself and says he's useless to everyone but the birds, Kitty said she would argue with Dudley This shows that Kitty really felt bad about how the cone was affecting her friends job and confidence. Despite being disabled by the cone and having lost his confidence, Dudley immediately rushes to save Kitty when he hears her cries for help.

After defeating Snaptrap, Kitty smiles at Dudley while giving a high-five at each other.

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Mind Trap While in the Hockey game, Kitty wears a 99 on her shirt, and Dudley wears a 86 on his Shirt, which shows how these two are mirroring Agents 86 and 99 from Get Smart, where both of these agents fell in love, and eventually married. After Kitty asks Dudley "Do you know what this means? Once Snaptrap is captured and beaten up by the other members of D. M, Kitty and Dudley look at each other with a love glare in their eyes.

Kitty excitedly hugs Dudley after he disarms the bomb, and he has a big smile when she does it.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship problems

Kitty feels sorry for dudley after quacks had is bodyguards throw him down a flight of stairs. When Kitty and Dudley return from space, they smile at each other once they return to T. When Dudley is crying Kitty is the only one who comforts him.

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Kitty and Dudley smile at each other before going to destroy the meteor. Dudley offers to give Kitty his kids' meal toys when he ate her food. Kitty states that she is honored to work with Dudley.

Kitty hugs Dudley after saving the Earth from being destroyed. You and Kitty are a match made in heaven. Jerkbait was one of Kitty's ex-boyfriends, a creepy stalker, and the most annoying character it had ever been her misfortune to know. Get out of this story! Jerkbait went flying out of the window and landed in a vacant cell in Petropolis Prison.

Anyway, the wedding is going to start in less than 30 minutes, so you'll wanna get a move on. While you're on your way to the wedding chapel, I'll check on the bride! Since you know what's going to happen in this story, can you tell me how Kitty is going to look?

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship problems

Anyway, thanks again for getting rid of the jerk. See ya at the wedding! We need to get to the wedding chapel, so I hope you're ready for the wedding! Meanwhile, at the Katswell sisters' apartment Kitty was getting ready for the wedding, and Katrina was helping her get ready. And I'm gonna tell you that I wasn't lying when I told Dudley that Kitty would look drop-dead gorgeous!

Eric-Kitty Relationship

If you thought she looked beautiful when Dudley married her in "Dog Tired", she was even lovelier than that! Kitty's hair was done up as it always was, and her veil, which was made of a soft, light, and delicate material, was held in place by a small, silver tiara. She was wearing the same gloves she wore when Dudley dreamed that he was marrying her, and she even wore a white dove collar. Her wedding gown was an elegant, long-sleeved, floor-length dress made of a dazzling white silk that sparkled and shimmered prettily.

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship problems

Kitty was also wearing a tiny pair of glass slippers. Katrina led Kitty to a mirror, and when Kitty saw her reflection, she couldn't believe her eyes!

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship problems

She was prettier than usual! She was also dressed and ready for the wedding. Then she frowned and said, "But I'm really nervous, even though I've been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Then they saw me, but before they could shoot me, I said, "Hold your fire! I'm the author of this story!

tuff puppy dudley and kitty relationship problems

We've gotta get you to your wedding. When we were in the car, I said, "Okay, a good way to calm your nerves is to sing songs that make you happy. They always make me happy. We ended up singing all the way to the chapel. After we parked the car, I got out and went inside the chapel to make sure everything was right. Sure enough, everything was fine, and I went back to the Katswells to let them know.

Then I disappeared, and I reappeared at the altar, for I was the minister. When Dudley saw me, he said, "Hey, I didn't know that you're the minister!