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uhura and kirk relationship help

Among long-time Trekkies, the decision to pair Spock and Uhura was that relationships aren't forbidden and kirk even married a couple at. Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhura and Mr Spock were always destined for William Shatner apparently wanted Captain Kirk to kiss Uhura in the. It was a pretty big deal when the news came out that Sulu would be portrayed as gay in Star Trek Beyond, making him the first openly LGBT.

And I thanked him and I told him I was leaving the show. All the smile came off his face. And he said, 'Don't you understand for the first time we're seen as we should be seen.

The Spock and Uhura relationship

You don't have a black role. You have an equal role. Uhura first appears in the episode " The Man Trap ," joining the crew of the USS Enterprise as a lieutenant, and serves as chief communications officer under Captain Kirk.

She is depicted as a capable bridge officer and readily manned the helm, navigation and science stations on the bridge when the need arose.

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Uhura was also a talented singer, and enjoyed serenading her shipmates when off-duty; Spock occasionally accompanied her on the Vulcan lyre. The Animated SeriesUhura takes control of the ship when the male officers fall victim to a species of sirens and leads an all-female rescue party.

After the sirens are defeated, the Enterprise helps the sirens, and Uhura bonds with the sirens, who are happy at the thought that they might meet men and have children. The Wrath of Khan. The Search for Spock sees Uhura take an assignment in the transporter room as part of a plot to steal the Enterprise.

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As planned, Uhura later meets up with her crewmates on Vulcan and witnesses Spock's successful renewal. Uhura has a smaller role in the first, second and third films.

Uhura's Songa novel published indeveloped her character further, placing her at the center of the action and introducing Uhura's interest in alien languages.

Elements from this novel influenced her depiction in later films and novels.

uhura and kirk relationship help

Traveling to the 20th century, they attempt to save a pair of humpback whales in order to repopulate the species. During a trip to San FranciscoUhura and Pavel Chekov infiltrate the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and use emissions from the carrier's nuclear reactor to recharge the Klingon vessel's power supply.

Kirk and Spock then procure the whales so the crew can return to the 23rd century and save Earth. But that story about your lunch with Abrams has more to it. Actually, they were driving me to my car.

Kirk and Uhura's kiss

I walked in and there was the command level set and my heart stopped. Of course you know. Everything calmed down and the next thing you know they were bringing out J. They brought out three, one for him, one for his assistant and one for the script gal.

They seated me in the one that said J. Take care of Nichelle. What did you make of the Uhura-Spock relationship in the movie?

uhura and kirk relationship help

The only way I could explain it was that she was a recruit and this was her first trip out. It was the five-mission where no man or woman had gone before.

NASA recruits train for a year, sometimes two, before they go out on their first mission. Kirk was hitting on her a couple of times and he was hitting on everybody else because he was cute — and knew it.

She shined him off, but Spock fascinated her, her serious side.

uhura and kirk relationship help

Now, this is me making my story on what happened, but he saw in her his human side and she touched a side of him that they were supposedly discreet about. There was always a connection between Uhura and Spock.

When she saw the captain lost in space out there in her mirror, it was Spock who consoled her when she went screaming out of her room. Saldana is playing Uhura now and into the future.

uhura and kirk relationship help

Do you see her building to your interpretation? OK, let me tell you another little story about Zoe and her approach to it. Zoe played it just like I was saying, a young recruit. As we sat there for two hours, she picked my brain.