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ukitake and unohana relationship help

Retsu Unohana known formerly as Yachiru Unohana and The First Kenpachi and Former She has a special relationship with Gin Ichimaru, the former captain of the Soul Society's She also inspired Hitsugaya into becoming a Soul Reaper to help protect his loved ones. She is drinking buddies with Shunsui Kyoraku. When Ukitake needed help rescuing Rukia, you betrayed the Gotei for him. “ Nor is this a one-sided relationship. When Ukitake's lieutenant. Fresh out of a bad marriage a heartbroken and angry Zuri meets a very gentlemanly man named Jushiro Ukitake. Jushiro found out about Zuri's bad relationship.

That wasn't the best choice, given that she's probably quite conscious of being the only woman at the Captain rank. She always goes alone. I bought her a drink last night. I spent hours hearing far more about unpleasant medical procedures than I ever wanted to know. I like to listen to women's voices, but my ears were ringing and I felt a little sick when I finally got that information about Unohana-sempai and could leave gracefully.

I don't want to make her feel like I'm following her or harassing her. If you're making a pest of yourself, she will let you know it. That's the kind of thing women want to hear directly from a man's lips, the kind of thing that changes their opinions of a person sometimes.

I doubt I could manage a shout. I think I'll go and tell her in the ordinary way instead. Did you think I wouldn't get all the relevant information, Ukitake? I also know the next duty rotation for all the seated officers of the Fourth. The redhead was quite a talker. After all that I endured for your sake.

What do I need to go into the mountains? Optimism might make it easier to make a complete fool of myself in front of her, again. He raised his hand in greeting and started to call out, but his throat failed and he leaned his hands on his knees, gasping. What are you doing out here? She led him into a sunlit meadow. At least you brought a blanket. Are you chilled now? She studied him critically for long minutes. I think you overexerted yourself on the hike up here.

She sat on her heels in the meadow with her hair tied up, her face serene. She wore no special clothing in concession to the mountain. Her cheeks were rosy and her skin warmed by the sun. She was utterly beautiful, and his heart sank lower. Why had he imagined a woman like her would want a sickly man as her lover? He could not join her on her hikes; he'd only slow her down. She grasped his hand as he stood. I thought if we were really alone, you might—things might be like they were before.

Her hand tightened on his, and he looked down at her in surprise. Conflicted emotions ran through her eyes. He sat across from her. Do you know me well enough to mean it? I'm sure there are hundreds of things about you that I don't know.

But I love you, not for any individual thing that I know about you, but for who you are as the sum of all of those things. I don't think there's anything I could discover that would change the way I feel. She looked down at her hands in her lap. Her lips touched his in a gentle kiss. He brought his hands up, embracing her.

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This was more than he'd ever expected, more than he'd thought he could have. She fell back with him onto the blanket softly, and his senses were flooded with her, his thoughts and emotions filled with Retsu. It was a cold, pre-dawn hour, and she was putting on her clothes quietly. I'll make you breakfast. I have some pomegranates and some sweet melon—" "No, thank you.

I can come here again. I'd like that very much. But that was understandable; her quarters were on her division grounds, and maintaining a professional appearance was important to her. It was enough that she came to him at night, many times eating with him before bathing with him, making love with him and sleeping with him.

But she always left before dawn. He could understand that, she wanted to keep up appearances. She didn't want everyone to know that they were lovers. He was sure she'd soften over time and that she'd relax into their relationship. He encouraged her to leave things at his home, clothes and toiletries, which she declined politely.

He bought her a toothbrush for his bathroom, and she did accept that one tiny thing. She used his toothpaste and his soap. She cooked his food and brought liquor and wine as if he was her host and not her lover. He was certain she would change eventually. When he was hospitalized, as he was often, she was courteous and professional, giving him all of the respect his position warranted and none of the love he wanted.

A hundred days passed, then a year, and a hundred years. He was lucky, so lucky to have Retsu at all, to have the attention and affection of such an exquisite woman. But she never said she loved him.

The years passed in the same pattern for centuries more. He wasn't unhappy, precisely, because he had Retsu; but he was discontent that he could not have more with her.

They were fatter now than they'd been last year. He wondered if the food or the weather was the cause. Are you feeling better today?

ukitake and unohana relationship help

But it's not an ordinary Tuesday, because Nanao-chan has put something special in the schedule for me today. But not just any costume, that cute little nurse's uniform I had made based on the pattern at the Fourth.

Isn't love supposed to be in the moment, according to your definition? And I can work with that, because if I say something like, 'Nanao-chan, I got you this nurse's outfit, will you wear it for me? That doesn't mean there isn't any spontaneity—of course there is, because I'm still me—but relationships are about compromise, so we schedule special things.

He'd compromised, accepted the conditions of never having Retsu stay the night, never being out with her in public, never presenting themselves openly as a couple. When she comes to your house to be with you, does she stay the whole night?

Nanao Ise was a woman well-known for being orderly, disciplined, and upstanding. Surely she was more rigid about these things that Retsu. It took a little persuasion, but I made a space for her in my closet, and then I bought extras of her favorite soaps and things, and now she stays over unless she has an early meeting.

On the weekends we have breakfast in bed, and sometimes lunch and dinner. They're really too small for us, she gets very aggravated with me when we're there. But Nanao-chan isn't the kind of woman you can move into your house slowly. Maybe she'll have some expectations that she needs met first. You're not usually this interested in my relationships. I confess I didn't really think that she would be so willing to have a relationship with you. I love her, but things never change. I thought they would, and hearing about you and Ise-san, I feel a little jealous.

She does it gently, but she always declines. I don't know what to do anymore. I've always loved her, but I want more. At this point, if you have needs that aren't being met, you have to consider the possibility that this relationship may never meet those needs for you. I give her an ultimatum, she refuses to meet it, and our relationship ends.

No, that's not something I can accept, even if I never have more from her. That's fine if it's what you want. We can talk more about this later, if you want. I have to go now. I'm meeting Nanao-chan at the noodle shop. You're both willing to be seen together, as a couple, in public. You can't imagine that you and Retsu-san have been hiding your relationship for all these years? You're the only ones that don't acknowledge your relationship openly.

It took me all this time to find a woman like Nanao-chan. You've had Retsu-san for all these years, and that is something. It takes dedication to continue a relationship for that long, even one as limited and restricted as yours. There's a lot of feeling there. Retsu resisted his efforts with a gentleness that made her rejections sting more, somehow.

She finally agreed to lunch on a workday, staring at him while they ate. Her expression was serene, but he could read the exasperation in her voice, underneath her calm. He knew her so well now. Friends, colleagues, and lovers, too. I think that you and I should be able to do things like this. There's no reason for us to avoid being seen together in public.

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Everyone in Seireitei knows that we're lovers. Whether we eat ramen together or not doesn't change that. So I would like us to do these things, these normal things. I told you a very long time ago that I couldn't give you everything, and you agreed to that. I imagined something might have changed in that time.

Isn't it natural, to want more time with the person you love? I'm not asking for big steps. Just, can we eat together once a week at a real restaurant? Can I make you breakfast on a weekend sometime?

ukitake and unohana relationship help

We can make a schedule if that would make you more comfortable," he added in desperation. The time we spend together is already so many hours. I find my time with you restores my strength and happiness. It's different—difficult—for me, with you. Whatever it is, it won't change how I feel about you. You're so good, so clean. I don't want the way you look at me to change.

That is selfish, perhaps. But isn't it also selfish for you to demand more and more of me? You say it's just a meal, just sleeping over, but will your desire really stop there? You already have more of me than anyone else has ever had or will ever have. Can't that be enough? He closed his eyes, rubbing his temples.

I want to give you more of myself. I don't mind if everyone knows that. I'm sorry if I've upset you with my requests.

I'm so lucky to have you. It's almost beyond my imagination. She looked away, staring at a poster hanging on the wall. He'd exempted himself from those rules with an easy side-step and no one had tried to stop him. His friend danced with his bride, fed her choice bites of the food, and made the rounds of the tables with his hand possessively at her back.

But I'm going to be the best mistake Nanao-chan has ever made. It's the romance of the moment and probably the easy flow of alcohol.

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Yachiru had not yet developed any restraint on her sweet tooth, but she was still a child, really. He danced with Yachiru, and then returned to the table, hoping to dance with Retsu, but found himself directed by her into dancing with every member of the SWA, including a rather surprised Nanao. Her curiosity was appropriate, given that he'd danced with at least five women.

I can manage that for you. He blinked, confused, but Nanao returned in a few moments with Retsu by her side. Where is she going?

Retsu Unohana

You danced with all of the SWA members already. And Nanao-san is the bride, so her opinion should matter on her wedding day. His envy melted under the rush of love he felt for her. It was wonderful to be here, at his oldest friend's wedding, dancing with Retsu. It didn't matter that several preliminary dances had been involved. All that mattered was that he was with her now.

It might not be a subject that she'd like to explore, but it was at least relevant to the situation. She raised an eyebrow. I thought that this was something all little girls think about. Something like sadness cooled her eyes. I'm certain your sisters have thought about their weddings often.

I never thought about mine. Children should be free to dream about whatever future they can imagine. What kind of place did you come from, Retsu? Have you ever thought about your wedding as an adult? I'll meet you at your house later, after I manage to get out of this kimono. He was still recovering when she rose to find her clothes. I should be available at the division in case there's anything serious tonight. You could safely stay for a few hours more. I'm sure that your officers would call if anything important came up.

But she hesitated, looking at the moon out of the window. He sat up, pressing kisses to the curve of her neck. Her skin was salty from their lovemaking and smelled faintly of the roses of her soap.

She never responded to his declarations openly, and she didn't now. Her hand knotted in his hair, pulling him closer. His happiness flowed through his veins, his heart, his whole body. He held her close when they made love, when her heart beat fast against his and she breathed sweet cries into his ear, when she collapsed on him, spent and sighing, and when he curled himself around her body as they lay on their sides.

Marry me," he whispered against her hair, thoughtless, floating on his happiness. She froze beside him, her body stiffening, withdrawing from him.

Come back, please, Retsu—" He reached for her as she fled the bed, dressing quickly. He fell back against the pillows, running his hand over his face.

After a week he sent flowers to the hospital, addressed to the Fourth Division—a thank you for their excellent care. She'd know his meaning. He sent her a letter, full of sincere and raw apology and emotion. It was a risk, sending it to her quarters by private courier. She might be displeased by the means, but surely the sentiment would reach her.

Nanao opened the door, and he felt foolish—what was he doing, barging in on newlyweds? You may call me Nanao. It would be less confusing for you. It's fine for you to come over, Ukitake. Nanao-chan knew we spent a lot of time together when she married me, it's not like it's a surprise to see you here. You look so sad. I sent flowers, to the whole division, of course, and a letter to her, apologizing, but she hasn't come back.

She would be very displeased if I did that. Could it really get worse? I was just happy, from the wedding and from her and I wanted that with her. I should have been more careful. Retsu-san has always been very clear about her boundaries. What if she doesn't come back to me? That's not changed in recent weeks," Nanao said. That's Nanao-chan's code for love, too. To be fair, many people believe that about Retsu-san.

I've loved before without reaching this level of commitment. I told her a little about it. She leaned closer and said, 'Tell me everything.

Even you flinched, although we were still boys then, really. And I don't blame you for that. Sometimes I horrify myself. I've tried, from time to time, to tell the people I've loved who I am all the way through, but they were repulsed. She wanted to know me, even the darkest parts, and when she did, she still came closer. She accepted it, along with every other part of me. I wanted to have that, always. I knew that she honored her promises, so I asked her to marry me.

I wanted her bound to me. He didn't believe he had; he'd told her and shown her his feelings in as many ways as a man could while respecting her request for secrecy. You're an open kind of man with your friends and with your loved ones. But ask yourself, what do you know about Retsu-san's inner world?

What do you know about her bankai? Have you ever seen her on the battlefield and shivered, just a little? Maybe she thought that if you were any closer, she wouldn't be able to hide it. It won't change my feelings for her. You're a bright and honorable kind of man, Ukitake, and it can be hard to imagine you embracing twilight and cold things, even when they're a part of people that you love. I wouldn't flinch now. But the only thing to do now is to find out. It was nearly like the first time, with him panting over his knees and Retsu scolding him.

Are you all right? She had him rest in a meadow much like the one where he'd confessed his love all those years ago. He lay on his back, gathering his strength for several minutes. You know this could be dangerous for your health. But I didn't want to leave things as they were. Rest there for a little while. He reached up for her, pulling her down on him. She turned her face until he could kiss her lips. She came down from the mountains with him, bringing him back to his house. He was tired from hiking the mountains and relieved to be with her again.

Maybe things would be better this time, different this time. She slipped out of his arms when he was nearly asleep. I'll come by tomorrow, if you'd like. I accept that, because a person should be allowed their privacy and their secrets. But for a long time I've felt that you've been keeping us apart because of those secrets that you don't want to tell me. Retsu, whatever those things are, however dark your secrets may be, I want you to know that you can trust me with them.

You would never look at me that way again if I told you. Nothing will change the way that I feel about you, the way that I look at you. I won't flinch, Retsu. I am something else entirely. The young woman at the hospital that you fell in love with—she exists, but she's not the whole truth.

He was stunned to see her eyes glimmering with tears. I will never bring you there. We won't speak of this again. Promise me that you won't bring this up again. So I do want to talk about it. What would it take for you to tell me your secrets? I'll give you whatever you need. She took a shuddering breath and stepped back from him. Forget about it, and forget that we ever had this conversation. There's nothing that we can't work out together.

He sank to the floor, the weight of his failure pushing him down. Retsu didn't return to him for weeks, but this time he sent no flowers, wrote no earnest letters. What had broken between them was not something he could repair with apologies or words of love. Retsu was the only one that could rebuild their connection, and she did not try. He mistook his illness for sadness at first, because he was listless and miserable. They didn't succeed, but he did appreciate that they cared enough to try.

Suddenly everything stopped for one frozen moment. His heart did not beat; his lungs would not pull air in. Then the world spun again, his lungs and heart squeezed by an excruciating pain, as if they were ripping out of his chest, torn to shreds.

He fell to the floor, crawling for his phone. He failed and fell into unconsciousness before he could call for help. He could hear the familiar sounds of the machines monitoring his condition, the erratic beeps telling him his heart was not well.

His eyelids were heavy and he opened his eyes slowly. The light was low, but he could see Retsu's outline as she sat on the bed, her hand over his, her beautiful eyes staring blankly at the window. He opened his mouth, trying to speak, but couldn't. She turned to him immediately. He was stunned to see her eyes were red-rimmed and tired, as if she'd been crying. She never cried at work, and he could count on one hand the number of times he'd seen her tears in his life. It's good that you have.

He thought that she'd never expected him to wake up again. When I fell—it was different—my heart stopped. You'll be fine, this was just a more severe attack than you've had before.

You'll be fine," she said again, as if to reassure herself as much as him. He could feel the lie in his chest as well as he could hear it in her voice. I'm sure you've done everything that anyone could do for me.

I'm happy to be here with you now. You have to believe that you'll recover. As long as you have a will to live, there's hope. He squeezed her hand, surprised by how much effort it took. I love you, Retsu. I want you to remember that.

When she spoke it was with great effort. Always so generous with your forgiveness, with your love. Her eyes opened, a sharp and burning blue that speared his heart. Promise me, and I'll tell you anything. She was still careful, keeping her weight off of him. He ached to comfort her. But he couldn't lie to her; he'd never been able to lie to her. She leaned down to kiss his dry lips, her tears salty and stinging in his eyes. He welcomed the sting, welcomed the heat of her kiss. He was alive and he was with Retsu.

That was more than he could have ever hoped for. Retsu pulled back from him, sitting up and brushing her tears away with ruthless efficiency. That your life should be beyond my power to save—it's bitter. I've been so lucky.

ukitake and unohana relationship help

She bowed her head. I'll give you more. We can have dinner at the noodle shop. I'll stay over and bring my soaps. I'll tell you who I was before I was that young woman at the hospital. My name wasn't always Retsu.

He was a man, and he loved Retsu. No dark history or spilled blood would change that. His love for Retsu was the central pillar of his life. He felt himself fading at times, and forced his focus to stay on her. When she'd finished he smiled. Whatever she saw in his gaze made her eyes widen, her lips parting. Nothing will change that. He was glad he'd gotten to tell her that again, glad that she believed him now. He fell into the black, Retsu calling his name. Dying was a strange sensation, a cool and easy fall, like sinking into the ocean.

Namely her captain and the soitaichou. She knows and she says less than all other shinigami on the subject of relationships among the ranks. Her captaincy of the fourth insures this knowledge of all shinigami. She knows who is who's sister, who has fathered who's child, and who is the child of someone else. She is a member of the Shinigami Women's Association and hears all gossip of who is dating who, which she does not share, but which prevents her from being entirely shocked when occasionally she meets a patient suffering from something as a result of that relationship.

She is meticulously interwoven with every fiber of a shinigami's life through her work, and works equally as hard to insure their privacy outside of the fourth; but what makes her knowledge unique and unmatched is singular and comes only from her acute knowledge of the origins of one eighth division fukutaichou.

A knowledge she holds over even the Soutaichou himself. Fukutaichou of the eighth, Ise Nanao, is Unohana Restu's daughter. It is on the hush-hush between the four eldest captains that Yamamoto is Unohana's father by blood, with a simple name change to extinguish questions which would have, one day, arisen.

It is a relation which landed her in the fourth captaincy to begin with. Her power is old and fierce and anything less than captaincy would be an insult to her efforts, but to say the Soutaichou is not without his faults would be a lie, and it is hard to simply pretend not to care about the possibility of doom one faces in battle.

Strings were pulled with Yamamoto's heavy influence, and to the chagrin of a much younger Retsu, Yamamoto was able to avoid that day-to-day threat by putting her in the only division to deal with the aftermath of such tragedies rather than the tragedies themselves, with the condition that their relationship would also be under wraps, for fear that someone might seek to harm her because of it.

This mentality, both knew very well, is what got people killed in times of war, and Retsu was nothing if not immensely intelligent, so she had no choice but to agree. The Soutaichou could not be weak on account of her. Centuries ago, when Shunsui and Juushiro were just exiting the academy and introducing themselves to the Gotei 13, an organization which Retsu had been a captain in for only slightly longer, the information was so tightly under wraps that one hint and curiosity had prompted Yamamoto's two most favored students to go poking around, and inevitably discover it.

It was decided then, that it was not so important to hide the fact, and was determined as an unsaid law that the four of them would simply not speak of it. In plain sight, no one had discovered the secret since. Unohana adjusted the kido she was preforming to sedate Nanao as she ended her treatment, and wondered absently that had Yamamoto not been so adamant of her being the fourth's captain, he would certainly have known by now that he had a granddaughter.

No other captain would dare hide such information - not even Shunsui and Juushiro. It was a bit twisted she knew, to put her daughter through the same thing she herself had been subjected to. Unohana had worked diligently and in secret to get the very young girl into the academy, out of the academy and into the only division who's captain she trusted more than any other based on old chivalrous habits about women and battle, and a decidedly poor attitude toward work to make sure Nanao did very little in the way of combat.

She worked even harder to insure Nanao knew nothing of her parents and Yamamoto knew nothing of her. It was an unfortunate stroke of success on Nanao's part that she'd worked her way up to vice-captaincy, and had been completely unforeseeable to Unohana. She was sure at the time when the young girl had been admitted and Yadomaru Lisa had been fukutaichou that Shunsui would never purpose the test be administered to her, even in adulthood, and had half hoped Nanao might fail it when he eventually did, though she couldn't help feeling proud that she hadn't.

Nanao was capable and there was no denying this. Unohana was relieved then, that Shunsui's wounded heart over Lisa's fate had kept the now Fukutaichou Nanao mostly doing administrative work, though all three were well aware it was a waste of her skill.

What Retsu hadn't accounted for when this became the new norm was the closeness the heads of a division tended to share. To discover later that Shunsui had fallen hopelessly in love with Nanao had been an unforeseeable circumstance, as Retsu assumed Nanao would be forever too young for him; and how could Kyoraku Shunsui ever abandon his womanizing ways to pursue someone as straight-laced and so unbelievably different than himself as Nanao was?