Walking dead daryl and aaron relationship

'The Walking Dead' Fans Calling for Aaron and Jesus Coupling

walking dead daryl and aaron relationship

the walking dead carol daryl ezekiel love triangle season 9 while Ezekiel and Carol are together, she's not quite in the relationship as deeply. The Walking Dead , “Stradivarius,” revealed secret meet-ups Payne previously admitted entering Jesus and Aaron into a relationship “might be Daryl (Norman Reedus), Dog, Jesus and Aaron have since formed a. The Walking Dead fans have long-speculated about Daryl's sexuality and relationship status as the quietly stoic bowman has remained single.

And so the dog is his faithful companion.

walking dead daryl and aaron relationship

And Norman wanted to help pick the type of dog, so he kept texting me pictures of adorable dogs for weeks. And the two dogs that play the dog are great. The main dog, his name is Seven, and he is just so adorable and such a great dog. This dog is going to die!

walking dead daryl and aaron relationship

But sticking with Daryl, it seems he has had some difficulty with closure after losing Rick. I think that in our minds in the story, he probably spent some time trading between the communities. He kept somewhat in contact. But the contact became less and less and less over time.

And that just felt very true to kind of who Daryl is, but also just where his head space is at.

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He lost his brother, and in some ways he lost his way when that happened. And I think Jesus, as the person who was sort of right-hand man to Maggie and somebody who was there at Hilltop from the early days, is somebody that the people would naturally look to.

He was the recruiter. Much like the way Daryl and Aaron used to go out, Jesus likes being out there in the world.

walking dead daryl and aaron relationship

He likes to scavenge. He likes to find new things and new places and new people. And in some ways, Tara is really taking over some of the responsibilities that maybe Jesus should be kind of in charge of.

And so we wanted to kind of play that out. How excited was Tom Payne for the man bun? Easily the most developed of all the LGBT characters, Tara still functions as very much a background player. Her relationship with Alisha is verbally confirmed by other characters but visually the relationship is only implied via the two holding hands and sharing a bedroll.

The Function of Queerness on The Walking Dead

The audience understands that she has regrets but is only given license to forgive her when Glenn does. Similarly, it is her relationship with Eugene that showcases just how far Tara has come in understanding how to survive this new world.

She continually challenges him and, in doing so, displays a previously unseen fighting acumen. The two forge a bond until Tara is hurt, thus propelling Eugene from ineffectual burden to hero.

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Certainly, her character-defining relationships with both Glenn and Eugene could point more to a problem of paternalism than to latent homophobia, but only if you ignore the impact of her relationship with Denise. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the relationship was described Denise telling Daryl that Tara was home in bed far more than it was shown the kiss on the porch. The only thing we truly uncover about Tara as a result of her relationship with Denise is that Tara has a penchant for soda pop.

Unfortunately, that fanfare quickly fizzled out. When we are first introduced to Aaron, he is an affable presence whose concern for his injured boyfriend is explicit and heartfelt. While the kiss suggested that the show might be ready to explore a homosexual relationship in some depth, it was not to be the case.

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The things we know about Aaron-his guilt over leading the Wolves to Alexandria, his love of spaghetti-come about as a direct result of his involvement with Daryl.

This is made abundantly clear in our last view of Aaron this season as he sits alone in a pew with no mention made of his boyfriend. Appearing in less than ten episodes, the audience has yet to really learn anything about Eric other than that he shares a gentle and loving relationship with Aaron.