Gemini man in a long distance relationship

Long Distance Relationship With A Gemini Man - Can This Work Out

gemini man in a long distance relationship

I'm a gemini man, with 5 long distance relationships behind me, none of them failed because of me (at least i hope)! Actually i think we are. If you are in a long distance relationship with a Gemini man and if you are wondering can it work out, than you are on the right place. Interestingly, the Gemini man is one sign that tends to do well in long distance relationships. These kinds of relationships give him the space he.

The Gemini partner is usually knowledgeable, sparkling and witty about any subject under the Sun except his own emotions. A Gemini in love can be poetic and eloquent, and no sign writes better love letters. In fact, for a Gemini, letters, e-mails, faxes, long-distance phone conversations and SMS messages are often preferable to direct face-to-face confrontation when it comes to talking about the really personal stuff.

Probe a Gemini about more complex feelings, and you'll get silence at best and untruths at worst. It's not that he's deliberately lying to you.

gemini man in a long distance relationship

It's that he usually just doesn't know why he just said what he did, or acted as he did. Lots of Geminis are terrified of emotional complexities and emotional depths. Yet Gemini needs a companion who can swim in the waters he fears so much. He longs for a safe and emotionally secure relationship so that he can feel a little less fragmented and a little better grounded in life.

The trick is to be able to provide that intuitive understanding and acceptance without becoming emotionally invasive.

Gemini Man Online Dating: What Can You Expect?

Possessiveness is definitely not on, so if you're into jealous scenes and accusations, choose another sign. When Geminis feel trapped and unhappy, they'll usually keep quiet and let you do all the blaming if the relationship ends badly.

gemini man in a long distance relationship

The Gemini partner isn't usually either spiteful or vindictive. But one too many failed relationships with a possessive, mistrustful partner can erode a Gemini's confidence in his own reliability, which is never that great to begin with. All too often, Gemini is drawn to someone who offers parenting rather than real communication and understanding. It's their own fault, of course, because they think that's what they want - especially if they've been having a hard time lately.

Gemini Man Online Dating: What Can You Expect?

Because this is essentially a refined, cerebral sign, many Geminis secretly feel horribly vulnerable in the face of life's tougher, uglier challenges, and they seek the safety of a devoted, stable mate. That's fine, and you may need to provide lots of common sense and patience to help your Gemini partner focus his considerable talents and produce something solid and lasting.

But offering stability isn't the same as playing mother. The Gemini partner may be childlike at times, but he hates being patronised or controlled. Lots of Geminis learn early, the hard way, that all the security in the world can't compensate for the loss of mental and emotional freedom. The Gemini partner can be the most interesting, stimulating, delightful companion in the world, provided there's good, open, free communication. A narrow-minded or uninterested companion is anathema to Gemini.

The more interested and interesting you are, the happier your Gemini partner will be. Discussing the latest play or novel is vastly preferable to discussing the shortcomings of your bank manager, or whether or not the electricity bill has been paid.

Geminis usually have a high code of ethics in relationship. Although they dislike being probed, most of the time they'll be honest about their answer - especially if you haven't asked the question. But they will take the path of deviousness when they feel there isn't any other way, and they're most likely to feel like that if you subject them to a constant barrage of emotional demands.

If you plan with your Gemini guy to be together after a certain period of time; it absolutely CAN work. Remember; most Gemini men are really great with long distance relationships. You two sharing your lives can work if effort is put in. Again, get to know as much as you can about the Gemini guy so that you know what is normal and what is maybe a red flag for you. Gemini men can be some real smooth talking guys.

Some of them do this just to get attention and some are actually looking for someone to love. You have to play detective and see which is which. Always trust your instincts. It will overrule your heart that may only want love. If you feel something is off or wrong; it probably is. Gemini men can be confusing at times but once you learn his behavior it becomes a bit less taxing.

Mailing Gifts In getting to know your Gemini man, you could send him small gifts that get his motor revving.

Gemini man in relationship

If there are things he is interested in and tells you, send him books about the topic or perhaps even magazine. Whatever you can find that would be useful or pragmatic to his love of knowledge. You could also send him a pair of your panties showered with your perfume. Be ready for some naughty talk when that happens. Keeping a rapport between you is very important. You could start to work at the sexual side with him with phone calls including talking about your biggest fantasies.

He will enjoy this on deep levels and will make understand how exciting you actually are.

Can A Long Distance Relationship Work With A Gemini Man?

Spontaneous Visits Gemini men are often erratic and have mood swings. They also like to go with the flow much of the time. By you taking time to carefully plan out a trip to visit him without him knowing will be highly stimulating for his senses.

You could show up on his doorstep with one of his favorite foods in hand. He will be shocked and yet very intrigued by you pulling this off in spectacular fashion. He really loves a woman that is spontaneous. Your Gemini man is certainly not going to pass up the opportunity to surprise you with a visit either. Interesting Phone Calls When your Gemini man calls you or you call him, he wants to talk about things that are really intriguing.