Long distance relationship agony aunt

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long distance relationship agony aunt

Travel · Health · Food & Drink · Parenting · Vegan · Dream Interpretation · Motoring · Relationships · Relationships · Sex · Agony Aunt · Weddings · Horoscopes. Our agony aunt gets to the heart of your sex and relationship problems[GETTY] My greedy sons want me to sufferQ: It took a lot of courage for. If you're reading this, you're either in a long-distance relationship, in a not an Agony Aunt, but I am somewhat experienced in long-distance.

I need to have a social life, and I find that the companionship and energy of other people make me feel alive.

long distance relationship agony aunt

What should I say to her? Many people become more insular with age, as the social whirl of the twenties and thirties gives way to a more sedate lifestyle, but clearly there is more than that going on here. There could be any number of reasons why your wife is reluctant to mix. Has anything happened in her life to knock her sideways? Perhaps she needs sympathy and understanding more than criticism.

long distance relationship agony aunt

Ask if she might like some help or support — perhaps professional. Give and take are needed on both sides, but as you know the rewards are always worth it.

long distance relationship agony aunt

Socialising gets easier and more rewarding the more of it you do — and your wife has to start making at least a little effort or this problem could worsen until it destroys your marriage. I visit him every other weekend and we go straight to bed. He hardly ever comes to see me and he never wants to talk.

long distance relationship agony aunt

I love him but the odd treat and chat about our future would be nice. Am I asking too much? The everyday struggles faced by students can create added tension: Overcoming these feelings of external demands and anxieties is the first step, but it is by no means the only challenge those in long-distance relationships face.

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You actually have to live through the painful term-time separation filled with bittersweet highs and often very low lows. So, dear reader, it is no wonder you often find yourself feeling blue, but thankfully there are ways you can overcome the melancholy and learn to be okay with living away from your partner.

There are two sides to this situation that need addressing: Although many of these suggestions may be easier said than done, their impact cannot be understated. These additions to your routine can also increase general happiness, regardless of your relationship status.

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Even adding an extra bottle of water to your daily intake, or going on a long walk for the sake of it, can have a notable impact on both your physical and mental health. Most important, though, is getting enough sleep. We are all animals at the end of the day and sleep is a biological necessity. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and yet young people seem to indulge in similar techniques all the time.

The benefits of sleeping at least eight hours a night are second to none: Skyping, writing each other letters, sending each other gifts, and generally maintaining communication without suffocating one another can be the foundation of a long-distance relationship, but is made much easier by being in a positive state of mind to begin with.

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Changing your view of the relationship can sometimes be the hardest part of dealing with long distances. It is easy to fall into the trap of feeling a victim of fate because of your separation from the person you love, but this negative mindset can be not only detrimental to your enjoyment of life, but fundamentally wrong.

Learning to accept that your situation comes with pros as well as cons can be really revolutionary to the way you feel about it.