Pick up artist long distance relationship

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pick up artist long distance relationship

Hey guys, I'm in a long distance relationship. the married couples I was thinking about eventually split up because the wife (a professor at a. Long Distance Seduction Guide (gtfd.infoion) . I came up with the term to describe the words which for some reason or another women. Many LDR's (long distance relationships) start when you meet someone while Here's what a typical “Pickup Artist” goo-roo will tell you.

You both promised to call every night, Skype or Facetime every week, and meet in person once per month. And in the beginning, it worked. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Yes, it does… …to a point. After that point, she started to drift away. She seemed to be losing interest. You tried to fix things but the more you pushed the more she moved away. Then you became paranoid that she had met someone else. You need to do something drastic to save your long-distance relationship, and You need to try a different approach.

pick up artist long distance relationship

Like sending frequent text messages and loving gifts to her place, right? How has that worked so far? Go pick up more girls.

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Use these pickup lines! Is that what you really want? You need something more. How To Maintain And Save! Will it work for you? Maybe, and maybe not.


The stakes are high if your relationship is already in trouble. And you need to bring out the heavy artillery to save this relationship. By the way, if you want an easy relationship on your terms, take a look at the entire Shogun Method program.

And so here it is… Step 1: Fake A Break Up No joke, this is one fucking ballsy move. You see, your relationship was slipping away from you. It was almost at the point of no return so you need to jolt it back to life.

A fake breakup will make things emotional. The fire between you was dying through lack of contact, so we need to throw water on that fire to get it roaring again. The fake break-up works because human beings are wired to prevent loss rather than seek gain. Or in other words: If your LDR was waning, she was thinking of breaking up with you.

Women have many more options than men will ever realize. And you know what? The fake breakup will trigger feelings of scarcity in her mind. So this is what you need to do: Suggest a soft breakup and urge her to meet other guys.

pick up artist long distance relationship

This will confuse the shit out of her. Run her through a ringer of emotions: Confused that you would be comfortable with other men pursuing her… Anxious that she will lose you… Fearful that you may have met someone else… And this, my friend, is exactly what we want. We are priming her.

Fri May 21, 5: An LDR for our purposes refers to any monogamous relationship where you and your girl are separated by an encumbering distance or any set of circumstances that keeps the both of you apart. This means it can be a relationship that was long-distance from the start, or a relationship that eventually progressed into an LDR due to choices that were made later on perhaps you split for graduate school, work, or travel.

While the differences in LDRs are obvious, their implications are often not.

pick up artist long distance relationship

When you and your girlfriend are separated, most of the things you can do to preserve competitive anxiety and interest are moot.

When you see her infrequently, it is seen as a result of being separated by distance, NOT as a result of you being busy or having other things to do.

It does nothing for attraction if you have so much work that you would need to cancel on a date, because the opportunity to cancel or to be less available will never present itself. Now you may argue that you still COULD cancel on shit and be unavailable, by shaving off some opportunities to see her even when they are there, but then your game begins to skate on thin ice. Remember you CANNOT break too much rapport, or she will leave you anyways, blaming your lack of affection on the distance and seeing an exit out of the relationship as her best option.

Women may not be the most logical of people, but their emotions are not one-dimensional. She may miss you more and more but at one point, her imperative to gain a certain amount of affection and approval WILL kick in, and she will either opt to date a more loving and available man or dump you out of sheer resentment. Building competitive anxiety has the same problem. And if you HINT towards your ability to stray, you run the same risk isolated above. The dilemma seems impossible to solve, but where there is game, there is always a way.

They establish the overruling filters that will be used to perceive all of your behavior in the future. And on the other hand, once you are perceived to be Alpha, a Halo effect takes place and all your rather dubious behavior somehow gets rationalized under a nonsensical light.

Say you date her for 2 weeks and then she goes on a 2-month hiatus. Ultimately, the distance between you two can be morphed into an advantage.

You pull smoothly and keep up a James Bond aura for 2 days, and she assumes for the rest of the month that your natural state is exactly that. Likewise, save vulnerability game for phone conversations.