What is long distance relationship yahoo

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what is long distance relationship yahoo

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Our relationship also went all fast like yours, it was so It became something serious in a dhort time and was the fist time we felt like that and the first time in many things in our lives as well yes that too was our first time lol So, things happened like I graduated first he is my age but missed a year, we are 22 I was staying at home because I didn't know what to study at university. I was working and other stuff while he was at school.

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He lives kinda far so we couldn't see each other plus he worked too. We were both busy and only talked by msn. We couldn't see eachother everyday like we used to at school.

what is long distance relationship yahoo

He came to visit more and more often and things were better, but everything changed when he and his parents lost their jobs in this city so they had to move to another city and work there. They even considered moving back to their country and here is when everthing looked dark.

I asked about us and he said he wasnt sure because we were now really going to be far from each other. Thatg killed me and i also came here to ask what to do.

Long Distance Relationship short message.

I am 19 and he is Our relationship is great and we consider ourselves bestfriends as well as lovers. Not to say things haven't been tough in the past but we both worked through it.

It can be very difficult since you both are not there physically and that will be something both of you will have to look past if you want this to work. Give both of yourselves a goal to look forward too, maybe the possibility of moving to where one of you are residing.

what is long distance relationship yahoo

A visit in the future perhaps. My boyfriend and I do a lot of stuff together.

what is long distance relationship yahoo

We video chat almost everyday, if you both cant manage that often, try once or twice a week. Phone eachother often, text. We usually pick a tv series or a movie we watch while skyping or something, which gives us an excuse to see eachother and have somethingt to watch.

what is long distance relationship yahoo

On birthdays or holidays, we send eachother something, maybe a cute letter to go with it. Try and phone eachother often if long distance charges are not a problem, even for a few minutes in the day really helps.

what is long distance relationship yahoo