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Deus Ex: Human Revolution lead Jean-Francois Dugas talks about some of the criticisms of the game, and the decisions that led to them. Human Revolution is the third game in the Deus Ex series, Human Revolution adheres to the same open-ended approach to gameplay and problem .. Adam has a close relationship with his employer, David Sarif, the pilot. This article may contain spoilers for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. several themes worth examining; one of which is the relationship between power and liberty. It's explored through both the story and the gameplay. Adam Jensen if the player chooses so, ultimately end up at the mercy of the Illuminati.

Pritchard tracks the hacking signal to an abandoned factory in Highland Park. Adam discovers the Tyrants guarding a FEMA detention camp, but they are moving out after the failure of the Sarif raid.

Adam confronts and defeats one of the mercenaries, Barrett, who tells him to go to the newly built Hengsha megacity in China before killing himself with a grenade.

Together with pilot Faridah Malik, Adam travels to Hengsha and tracks down the hacker, Arie van Bruggen, who is being both hunted by private security company Belltower Associates and hidden by local triad leader Tong Si Hung.

Van Bruggen directs Adam to find evidence inside Tai Yong Medical, the world's largest augmentation technology manufacturer and Sarif's main rival. Infiltrating Tai Yong, Adam finds footage of a call between Namir and Zhao Yun Ru, which confirms that Megan and the other missing scientists are alive and that Eliza Cassan is somehow involved. Confronting Zhao in her penthouse apartment, he learns that she is allied to a powerful organization that controls global interests before she triggers security and forces him to leave.

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Traveling to the Picus corporate building in Montreal, Jensen tracks down Eliza, revealed to be an artificial intelligence construct designed to influence the media. Despite her programming, she has begun to question her role and offers to help Adam.

Back in Detroit, Sarif admits to Adam that the Illuminati are behind the attacks. Adam infiltrates a Humanity Front rally and discovers Sandoval's location.

Sandoval admits his involvement in the kidnapping and gives Adam the lead to find the researchers. Adam, along with other augmented people, also start experiencing painful glitches, with authorities urging them to have a biochip replacement.

Pritchard locates the tracking beacon of one of the scientists, taking Adam back to Hengsha, where he and Malik are ambushed by Belltower. The beacon leads Adam to Tong Si Hung, who has just been implanted with the now-deceased scientist's arm. Under Tong's direction, Adam manages to stow away in a stasis pod in the wake of a staged explosion, waking up a few days later in a secret Singapore base.

He finds the kidnapped scientists, and learns that the biochip malfunctions were staged to distribute the result of their research: Adam and the scientists stage a distraction, allowing him to infiltrate the facility's secret bunker.

Here he faces Namir one last time, then finds Megan. Confronted, Megan tells him that she was kidnapped for her research into augmentation rejection. She confesses that her cure for augmentation rejection was based on Jensen's DNA. Moments later, Darrow appears live on television and broadcasts a modified signal that throws any augmented person with the new biochip into a fear-driven, murderous frenzy.

Jensen evacuates the scientists, and commandeers an orbital flight module to reach Panchaea. He confronts Darrow, who reveals that he wants humanity to abandon the augmentation technology he invented, because he believes it will destroy human identity. Adam sets out to disable Panchaea's Hyron Project supercomputer and end the broadcast; on the way, he encounters Taggart and Sarif, who each urge him to side with them and further their own agendas.

At the heart of Panchaea, Jensen first confronts Zhao Yun Ru when she tries to hijack the signal for her own use; then Eliza, who offers Jensen four choices.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution endings 'simplified' due to constraints

Jensen can either broadcast the full truth and distance humanity from augmentations; rig the broadcast so it throws suspicion on the Humanity Front and allows further development of augmentation technology; send out a report blaming the incident on contaminated Neuropozyne so Taggart's group and by extension the Illuminati find new support; or destroy Panchea, leaving no-one to "spin the story".

Depending on the choice and whether Jensen has taken a pacifist or violent approach through the game, his final narration varies. In a post-credits scene, Megan meets with Bob Page, the main antagonist of Deus Ex, to discuss her employment in "the nanite virus chimera" and "D project": After the release of Invisible War, multiple attempts were made to develop a sequel, even after Spector left Ion Storm.

The two main projects were dubbed Deus Ex: Insurrection, which used the same engine as Invisible War while moving away from its divisive mechanics; and Deus Ex 3, which aimed to be an open world game with a branching narrative. This option is available under all circumstances. Hugh Darrow believes that revealing the truth behind the incident will cause mankind to abandon research into human augmentation technology forever.

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If this option is selected, Eliza will broadcast Darrow's recorded confession, in which nothing is held back and all information is revealed to the world. Jensen reflects on Albert Einstein's quote, "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. It is not explicitly stated whether all augmentation research is banned, but Jensen remarks that humanity will surely fear it.

Blame the extremists so that technology may progress Edit Requirements: Rescue David Sarif and follow Sarif's request.

If this option is selected, Eliza will alter Darrow's message by concealing the creation of the biochip and inserting new content blaming the Humanity Front.

Adam discovers that Belltower is on a manhunt for him and that augmentation users all over the world are being advised to have their biochips replaced due to a defect.

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Adam tracks the signal to the hideout of the Harvesters, a gang known for kidnapping augmented people and extracting their augmentations. Adam finds Tong Si Hung wearing Sevchenko's arm, who states that Sevchenko's corpse was sold to the gang by Belltower. Not having any love for Belltower himself, Tong directs Adam to one of Belltower's ships and gives him a bomb to plant as a distraction. When Adam detonates the bomb he notices that the distraction also allowed Tong's son to escape Hengsha.

Adam then stows away in a high-tech hibernation pod. Adam infiltrates the facility and contacts three Sarif scientists in order to stage a distraction allowing him to access the secure part of the complex where Megan is held. Adam also uploads a virus designed by Sevchenko to disable the facility's security to allow the scientists to escape. Once Adam makes his way to the secure sector, he encounters Zhao again.

Adam confronts her with knowledge gained from the scientists that the Illuminati are creating a " Killswitch " for all augmented people worldwide so they won't challenge their rule. Zhao acknowledges this and uses a remote control to try to disable Adam's augmentations if she is successful depends on whether the player decided to have Adam get the new biochip or not.

Regardless of the result, Zhao dispatches Namir to kill Adam. After defeating Namir, Adam finds Megan who reveals that the facility is owned by Hugh Darrowthe billionaire Nobel Prize winner "father" of augmentation technology. Darrow is currently involved with Panchaeaa massive geoengineering facility in the Arctic Ocean designed to stop global warming via iron seeding. She also reveals that the basis of her revolutionary discovery is Adam's DNA, which she has gathered without his consent.

At that moment, while giving a press conference from Panchaea, Darrow activates a signal that causes everyone who got the biochip upgrade to turn violently insane if Adam got the upgrade, Megan uses a device to isolate him from the signal. Adam travels to Panchaea to confront Darrow. There, Darrow explains that he invented the technology to help the less fortunate but it has since become just another means for the powerful to control said less fortunate especially given the Illuminati's plans to use it as a killswitch for mankind as well as potentially causing humanity to lose its moral center.

Darrow used the insanity inducing signal as an attempt to get the technology permanently banned. Regardless of whether Adam can convince Darrow of the error of his ways or not, he makes his way to the core of the facility to shut down the signal.

On the way, he encounters Sarif and Taggart who had both been invited to the conference who each propose a course of action for Adam. At the core of the facility Adam once again encounters Zhao who merges with the Hyron Projecta huge bioelectronic quantum supercomputer.

After destroying the Project and killing Zhao, Adam makes his way to the broadcast center where he is contacted by Eliza. Eliza explains to him the various options he can take: Depending on various moral factors over the course of the game, the dialogue over the ending can be slightly different, but most of the events remain the same.

Although the choice is left to the player, and no concrete information has been given about which one is canonical, both the post-credits scene, and the events of later games in the series imply that Adam chose to manipulate Panchaea's pressure controls, effectively destroying the installation with the weight of the surrounding ocean.

When Adam makes his choice, the game ends. Megan Reed is revealed to be working for Page on a nanite -virus chimera. It's also vaguely implied by the trophy unlocked by viewing the scene " The D Project " that Adam's DNA will be used as the basis for the creation of the Denton brothers.

Themes Edit Human Revolution deals with the ethics of transhumanism, and carries an overarching message of humanity's reach exceeding its grasp. The pace of technological development is reflected visually by a Renaissance theme.

Characters who support the advances of human augmentation dress themselves and decorate their homes in reinterpreted late-mediaeval Italian style, and the game as a whole has a sepia-tinted color palette reminiscent of historic manuscripts.

In contrast, characters who oppose augmentation wear clothing that is more or less current-day. Conspiracy theories and immensely powerful corporations also feature strongly, as in Deus Ex, with the Illuminati playing a key role in the story. Also, a secondary theme of human liberty and political secessionism underplays the game, setting up the events that led to the world of the first Deus Ex.

Parts of the game take place during the day, unlike in Deus Ex, but most locations are nevertheless brooding and dark. Subsequently, Adam became chief of security for Sarif Industriesassigned to protect scientists on the verge of cutting edge breakthroughs.