Legend of korra ending bad relationship

legend of korra ending bad relationship

The lengend of Korra was a great show till the very end well the very last .. Personally, the only Avatar relationships I can think of that I liked less were the. The Legend of Korra finale has come and gone, and it was an emotional on more domestic situations for characters—there's nothing wrong with Because there are plenty of people who did see this relationship coming. Look at the other relationship in Legend of Korra that was handled quite well: Zhu If you have to explain something, you did it completely wrong. (Spoilers) Legend of Korra season two finale: Nickelodeon finally learns to.

After the complete hell that Korra has gone through, after having her bending initially removed by Amon, after having Raava and the memories of the past Avatars ripped from her, after being poisoned, she deserves way better than this. I am not against the fundamental idea of Korra and Asami being a couple. But Korra deserves WAY better character development than this. Look at the other relationship in Legend of Korra that was handled quite well: Zhu Li and Varrick. While their romantic feelings were never shown in the first three seasons, we can see it flourish gradually towards the end of Season 4: THIS is how your develop a romantic pairing.

Think back to some of the most iconic character pairs in anime or cartoons. I will just list out the most popular titles and characters off the top of my head as an example, so that as many people as possible can understand my point: We can see the characters make sacrifices for each other Sakura and Syaoranmake efforts to understand and accept each other Shinji and Asukaand make promises to protect each other after fighting alongside as comrades for so long Lina and Gourry.

I can even throw out a random, off-the-cuff lesbian pairing: Canaan and Maria from the Canaan anime.

legend of korra ending bad relationship

While they started out as platonic friends, Maria makes a bold declaration in one of the later episodes, stating her desire to be together with Canaan forever and Canaan reciprocates by nodding in agreement.

These little bits of interaction and dialogue, however small they may be, are very important.

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Where was this for Korra and Asami again? Bloody hell, even Vegeta and Bulma from Dragon Ball Z, widely accepted as one of the most out-of-the-blue couples of all time, had better relationship development than this. You HAVE to show this development to the viewers.

Right from the get go, Avatar presents us with a complex scene.

Great show bad ending?

A boy frozen in ice for years, who will not only have lost all of his friends seemingly overnight, but his entire culture and the world he knew. This is a crazy world with deep back stories that, despite the child-focused telling, are compelling for anyone. Korra has a strong willed girl who has basically no mystery, who meets a couple of other people with similarly bland back stories.

Living on the streets?

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Rich but psychotic father? On that same note, I was sorely disappointed that the various seasons were only tangentially connected.

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The fact that it came so close is accomplishment enough. And then, that ending.

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When I say ending, I mean the very last part where Asami and Korra walk off hand in hand, then turn longingly towards each other in the Spirit light. That would be blasphemous.

legend of korra ending bad relationship

That trend bucking I thought the creators had been courageous enough to follow was doused with cold water. What hints did we have that Korra and Asami were in love, anyway? Finally, at the very, very end, Korra tells Asami that they should go on a vacation together, without everyone else.

legend of korra ending bad relationship

In other words, the very thing that women do all the time with other women when they want to have fun with their friends without boys screwing everything up. There might have been a few more hints, but if it they were there, I completely missed them. So I would consider that an unhealthy clue if it was designed to be one at all. But when your solution is to make a cardboard cutout of a plot point, it makes you seem either a lazy or b cowardly.

The route they took was sloppy and flat, designed for one thing only. Which leads me to. Politically Cheap Like I mentioned before, the creators would have accomplished the hyperbolic impossible by filling their predecessors shoes. With the story above, the shocker would have been if it was the other way around and the character turned out to be straight.

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