Otome youkai zakuro ending a relationship

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otome youkai zakuro ending a relationship

This week I watched the episode series Otome Yokai Zakuro, or “Demon Girl At the end of the series, he even has a very Yuuri-esque line about people I absolutely adored Susukihotaru's relationship with Riken. Otome Yōkai Zakuro is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lily Hoshino. . After this, their relationship greatly improves. . What we love about Otome Yokai Zakuro is the very combination of intriguing concept, exciting story and fantastic . As they sleep Agemaki is awakened by Zakuro leaving the room. Riken seems to have a sufficient relationship with Zakuro, although they are more like accquaintances. Riken and Zakuro went to rescue Susukihotaru and.

While looking for Zakuro, Agemaki runs into a large, shadow-like spirit. It attacks him, but stops short when it sees he is afraid. The other representatives arrive and pursue the spirit. Zakuro tells the spirit that she wants to talk. However, it does not cooperate. Zakuro slices the column, causing the hotel to collapse. Outside, Zakuro explains that the spirit's true, small form is revealed with light.

Because of Westernization, the area is illuminated at night. In addition, the spirit's shrine was destroyed by the construction, so it tried to scare the humans away. She laments the loss of human respect for spirits. However, the hotel's owner is upset that the spirit was not exterminated and his hotel is ruined.

To compromise, Lieutenant Hanadate offers to restore the shrine and have the hotel built on military land.

Otome Youkai Zakuro

He thanks a smitten Zakuro for reminding him to remember the other important things. Before too long, a client comes to see Kushimatsu about a job that he wants to be done. Zakuro jumps at the chance of taking the case because it is about girls that have been spirited away. Though she is reluctant, Kushimatsu allows Zakuro and Agemaki to take the case of the client's village. Before they leave, Kushimatsu lets Agemaki know why Zakuro is so impatient about the case by telling him about how half-spirits are born and the connection to Zakuro.

During the investigation, Zakuro begins to hear voices calling her and realizes that this is the same voice that lured the girl away from the village to be spirited away. That night, Zakuro and Agemaki are asked to sleep in the same room and unlike Agemaki, Zakuro is surprised an embarrassed by the idea. When they finally settle down to sleep, Zakuro asks why Agemaki has been so cautious around her and Agemaki tells her about what Kushimatsu told him.

otome youkai zakuro ending a relationship

Zakuro tells him about her mother and why she cannot let these kinds of cases go. As they sleep Agemaki is awakened by Zakuro leaving the room. He realizes that she is unconscious and is being led by the voice so he follows her. When she finally awakens, they are in front of a dark cave where a demon resides. They find out that the girls are not being spirited away, but being eaten by the demon.

Zakuro defeats the demon and they both leave the cave by morning. Agemaki starts to feel guilty about having her always save him from the demons and Zakuro quietly disagrees with him. Orikata explains that a customer obtained it through "a secret channel" and later noticed everyone around her met with unfortunate events. She gave the sword to Orikata, who refuses to sell it.

When Orikata shows them the sword, Susukihotaru begins to breathe heavily and sweat. After, Hanakiri, Bonbori and Hozuki try to locate the customer and leave Yoshinokazura and Susukihotaru to take the sword home. The twins believe the sword was affecting Susukihotaru as she can empathize with objects and other people.

At the shop, Mugi, a spirit working for Orikata, shows Susukihotaru a comb. Susukihotaru touches it and sees Mugi and her mother attacked by a swordsman. Susukihotaru learns Mugi does not remember this and tells Mugi that her mother will come if she is good. When Yoshinokazura asks Susukihotaru how she knew Mugi's mother, Susukihotaru admits that she was hiding something for fear of what he might say. Before she can elaborate, Mugi falls trying to take the sword off of a dresser.

The sword falls into Susukihotaru's hands, and she sees the sword killing spirits. She draws the sword and attacks.

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As Orikata protects Mugi, Mugi remembers her mother dying. Yoshikazura catches the blade and cuts his hand, causing Susukihotaru to regain control.

Later, Susukihotaru says she does not deserve the concern Yoshinokazura has for her. He realizes her ability to empathize and tells her that because he does not say much, he appreciates her knowing what he is feeling. She cries and tells him that she hopes he knows what she is feeling.

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Hanakiri and the twins return unsuccessful, and the group leaves for home. That night, Kushimatsu and Amaryoju wonder if the incident was a coincidence or orchestrated. Hanadate requests that representatives attend that night's military gala and pinpoint the killer.

At the gala, the representatives pair off and split up. Hanadate immediately asks Zakuro to dance with him, telling her that it will be easier to watch the women while dancing. In the balcony, Agemaki tries to hide his jealousy while the twins attach magical petals on the women.

They explain that they can sense the presence of anyone a petal is attached to when a twin is singing. When the dance is over, Zakuro is left by herself. She is approached by two soldiers who wish to touch her ears. Although she protests, they tell her that causing a scene will hurt the reputation of the Ministry of Spirit Affairs.

Before the soldiers can touch her ears, Agemaki intervenes. As Zakuro cries, Agemaki tries to comfort her. The twins notice that Hanadate is leaving the ballroom with a mysterious woman. Shortly after, a petal has been destroyed. Hanakiri and the twins track the destroyed petal and discover Hanadate is trapped in a giant web.

The other representatives are confronted by a pair of cloaked figures, but the figures are quickly overpowered.

otome youkai zakuro ending a relationship

The Black Widow attacks Hanakiri and the twins with her spider form. Hozuki protects Hanakiri while Bonbori fights. However, the twins are only at half of their power when separated, and Bonbori is easily defeated. Before the Black Widow kills her, Zakuro arrives and stabs the Black Widow, who reverts to her human form. The Black Widow tells Zakuro that everything will be explained soon and reveals that she knows Zakuro's mother.

Before Zakuro can question her, the Black Widow disappears. While Susukihotaru was telling Agemaki about how Zakuro and the others met and how she looked at them when they first met.

After that Agemaki asked if he could go to her room so she thought that it was just look at a girl's room but is actually to get the kite stuck on the tree near her room but he could not reach it. Then Zakuro asked why he did not climb the tree so he tells her that his afraid of heights and so she is the one who climbed up the tree, after she got the kite she suddenly heard her mother's voice and climbed higher until she fell and broke her pendant that her mother gave her and so Agemaki fixed it and put it on her while touching the pendant while Susukihotaru was shocked because no one but Zakuro has touched her pendant.

He agrees to go, but begs Zakuro to come with him. However, she must hide her ears. As compensation, Agemaki must buy her candy later.

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Spirit Affairs has a received a mission that involves military galas so they dress the part to blend in. All the boys are stunned by how beautiful the girls look in european style ball gowns. Hanakiri uses his usual charm, Riken only needs a look and a chaste touch, but Kei has difficulty expressing his admiration. Considering Zakuro can't stand wearing "jesuit clothing" in the first place, this marks another step in their UST.

Raiju is a lightening beast. Susukihotaru is shy, unsure of herself and scared of her partner, Riken. These attributes are highlighted because her co-workers are the Genki Girl twins and tsundere Zakuro. Beginning of episode 4 has the boys training in the courtyard and an opportunity for shiptease. Zakuro pointedly refuses to bring Kei a towel because everyone thinks she will. Riken ponders how someone as soft and delicate as Susukihotaru can wield a weapon. Played straight and a deconstruction.

Houzuki and Bonbori have many single minded twin traits, such as speaking in unison and sharing the same interests, but they become evermore devoted to Ganryu because he can identify their differences when no one else can.

The fact few creatures can tell Houzuki and Bonbori apart, is a huge source of unhappiness. In a strange conundrum: Susukihotaru's power makes it discomforting for her to touch or be touched by any man except Riken.

Houzuki and Bonbori consider Ganryu to be one third of their shared soul. Other men are boring distractions that delay time from bonding with him. Single Woman Seeks Good Man: All four heroine plus Tsukuhane.

Kei introduces himself to Zakuro like a gentleman and addresses her respectfully. She is instantly charmed. Agemaki, on the other hand, didn't realize his feelings for Zakuro until quite a while later. Zakuro and Agemaki eventually end up admitting their feelings for each other, and kiss in the anime. Edit Zakuro and Susukihotaru are close friends; they are usually seen sitting and walking together while talking about their partners.

A flashback in the series showed Susukihotaru walking to a persimmon tree where she saw Zakuro staring at the tree and walking towards it. There, Susukihotaru notes to Zakuro that the tree is connected to the underworld and tells her not to climb it, showing Zakuro's long history with Susukihotaru and vice-versa.

otome youkai zakuro ending a relationship

Edit Zakuro and Riken don't talk much besides the exception when Susukihotaru and Agemaki were being held hostage by the enemy.

Riken and Zakuro both went to save the two and ended up doing so, but they went against orders from Kushimatsu so there were consequences. Instead of letting Zakuro get punished, Riken took the blame for it and ended up getting his pay cut, which made Zakuro feel bad.

Edit Zakuro has about the same relationship she does with Susukihotaru with the twins, except she doesn't spend as much time with the twins as she does with Susukihotaru. Zakuro is shown to care a lot about the them, as shown when they are struggling in a fight against Rangui, and an angry Zakuro arrived to stab the black widow, saving the twins from a dangerous situation.