Pll season 6 episode 13 ending relationship

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pll season 6 episode 13 ending relationship

'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: A Is Back, and Is Spencer and Caleb's blossoming relationship below, plus details on the. After seven seasons, Freeform's 'Pretty Little Liars' concludes with a TVLine that the episode would be “structured as a two-hour movie. and Caleb, understandably putting a strain on their relationship. . for what I imagine was a large portion of the Season 6 time jump. .. June 28, at AM. Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 13 Recap: Black Hoodie Is Back Will we see a Spaleb relationship this episode? Mona is working for.

pll season 6 episode 13 ending relationship

However, the plan backfires when the police appeared. Rosewood High ultimately bans the girls from their prom and graduation after an incident at Aria's photo gallery contest. Hanna discovers that the company who gave her a scholarship is affiliated with Radley and Mr. She and Spencer decided to return the money to the company, where they meet Rhys Matthews, whom they later suspected to be Charles.

The girls also became suspicious of Aria's friend Clark, believing that he may be working for Charles when they saw him following Rhys into a warehouse. Despite being banned, the girls head over to the prom when they discover that Alison was meeting Charles there.

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Subsequently, Charles kidnaps Alison at the prom; the girls began searching for her, along with Ezra, Toby, Caleb, Sara, Mona, and Clark who is revealed to be an undercover agent. Working with Mona and Sara, the girls finally infiltrate A's lair, where they discover a live feed of Alison coming face to face with Charles, who is revealed to be CeCe Drake.

CeCe then begins to explain her story and motives, revealing that she was born as Charles, but was not accepted by her father for believing she was a girl. She was sent to Radley, where she eventually transitioned into Charlotte. She also explains what led to Mrs.

Cavanaugh's death at the hands of Bethany Young, her complicated relationship with Bethany and her subsequent death, the events regarding the night Alison disappeared, the deal she made with Mona, the events at the burning lodge, Wilden's death, the events in New York, and their mother's death.

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She explained that she did everything just to be closer to her family, and she became 'A' when she thought that the Liars were happy about Alison's 'death', so she wanted to make them suffer for it but couldn't stop the game because she grew obsessed with it.

CeCe heads for the roof to commit suicide after her bomb attempt fails and Emily subdues Sarabut Alison and the girls convince her to stop, saying they now understand why she became 'A'.

CeCe then surrenders and declares the game over. On Labor Day weekend, the girls say goodbye as they are leaving for college except for Alison who stays in Rosewood. Five years later, as the girls have each pursued their own path and have started adjusting to a life without 'A', they are once again called back to Rosewood when Alison asks for their help for her sister Charlotte to be released from the psychiatric hospital.

While the girls agree to help, Aria is the only who tells the brutally honest truth: Eventually, she is, only for her to be murdered the same night and then thrown from the church's bell tower. At her funeral, the girls are stunned to see Sara show up and begin to question her sudden appearance.

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Sara starts stalking Emily. It is later revealed that on the night 'A' was revealed, after Emily punched Sara, Sara tried to stand up and put her hands on an electrical block, severely injuring her hands and making it difficult for her to touch or hold things. Eventually, a new 'A' rises, sending threatening messages with creep emojis to the Liars, determined to get answers on the night Charlotte was murdered.

Convinced that Sara is 'Uber A', the girls search for answers. Ali reveals that she and Charlotte's doctor, Elliott, are dating. Later they are married by Aria. The girls initially suspect Aria killed Charlotte. The suspicion shifts to Ezra and then Byron.

Later, the suspicion shifts to Melissa when Spencer discovers Melissa's suitcase is broken with the missing part matching the description of the alleged murder weapon. Emily eventually finds it and is nearly run over by a truck and the driver steals the weapon. To save Ezra from losing his book deal with Aria's publishing company, she decides to write and submit some chapters for Ezra's new book. She's forced to tell him and they finish it together.

Just some casual hormones, don't worry about it!

Pretty Little Liars recap: The Gloves Are On

Meanwhile, Sarah Harvey literally won't leave Emily alone, and Spencer reveals that she hates the liars due to the fact that they accidentally electrocuted her the night A was captured. Apparently Sarah can't use her hands due to said electrocution, so perhaps her grudge is understandable?

pll season 6 episode 13 ending relationship

Either way, the struggle. This tragic man has taken to day drinking because his girlfriend was abducted and killed seriously, what, someone explainand he just can't get it together to write his book.

pll season 6 episode 13 ending relationship

Aria's basically writing it for him. We're not sure if this is plagiarism, but it's definitely weird. What else is new? Meanwhile, the liars are still convinced that Ezra murdered Cece due to the major serial killer vibes he's projecting, and he's super offended.

Who knows what to believe, but Ezra's in a very dark place. All we really know at this time is that Aria uttered the sentence, "Ezra likes small women" in utter seriousness in this week's episode. Do with that information what you will. Remember when Hanna deleted footage of Aria leaving her hotel so she wouldn't be implicated in Cece's murder? Well, now Ashley Marin is taking the blame due to being said hotel's owner.

pll season 6 episode 13 ending relationship