Rec vs quarantine ending a relationship

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rec vs quarantine ending a relationship

No one cares that people are capable of building up a relationship within 20 minutes of I will say that I think [Rec] showed much more gore than Quarantine did. While I still don't love this film as much as Martyrs, or even The . I lacked CHris patience and ended up seeing Quarantine in the theaters. The boy hides a relationship with a strange and quiet woman from his friends. Both relationships end because the boyfriend gets weirded out. If REC and Quarantine is like Alien, then REC 2 is like Aliens. The American version should be out sometime this year or next year. 0|1. 0|0.

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A resident veterinarian recognizes the symptoms as similar to those of rabies. CDC officers wearing hazmat suits enter the building and begin working on the two victims on the ground floor, but chaos ensues as the victims attack.

rec vs quarantine ending a relationship

It is revealed that, the day before, the little girl's dog is the reason the CDC has quarantined the building. The little girl bites her mother and later attacks a pursuing police officer. All the other infected break loose and start attacking. The team retreats upstairs and lock themselves in a room, but discover two people who have been bitten.

A panicked resident who rips through the window covering is shot by a sniper.

rec vs quarantine ending a relationship

The landlord reveals that the basement, which connects to the sewers, may be the only way out. The two infected then attack, forcing Jake, Angela, and Scott to flee the room.

rec vs quarantine ending a relationship

Jake is eventually bitten as the trio find the basement key. Angela and Scott now appear to be the only human survivors. Rather than making their way to the basement, the pair are forced upstairs to the attic apartment by the remaining infected, where they find lab equipment and newspaper clippings about a doomsday cult and a break-in at a chemical weapons lab where a virus was stolen.

rec vs quarantine ending a relationship

A trapdoor opens from the attic and Scott loses the camera light as he investigates it, the light broken by a small boy swatting at it. Scott turns on the night vision, and he and Angela hear loud banging noises inside the apartment.

While they are recording, the firehouse receives a call about an old woman, Mrs.

Can anyone REALLY explain the ending to Quarantine to me?

Izquierdo, who is trapped in her apartment and screaming. As they approach the old woman becomes aggressive and attacks one of the officers, biting his neck. As they carry the injured officer downstairs, they find the building's residents gathered in the lobby. The police and military have sealed off the building and trapped them inside. The old woman then kills a girl, and the remaining officer, Sergio, is forced to shoot her.

rec vs quarantine ending a relationship

Her mother Maricarmen claims she has tonsillitisand says her dog, Max, is at the vet because he is sick as well. The injured are put in the building's textile warehouse.

Can anyone REALLY explain the ending to Quarantine to me? - GirlsAskGuys

A health inspector in hazmat suit arrives and attempts to treat them. Suddenly, they become aggressive and start attacking other people. The residents flee and Guillem, an internis locked in the warehouse. The health inspector explains that they are infected with a virus similar to rabiesand the time in which the disease takes effect varies by blood type.

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When the residents confront Maricarmen, Jennifer turns, vomits blood at her mother's face and flees upstairs. Sergio handcuffs Maricarmen to the stairs and proceeds upstairs with Manu and Pablo.