Tsubasa tokyo revelations ending a relationship

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tsubasa tokyo revelations ending a relationship

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, a manga by Clamp, has been adapted into four by Shunsuke Tada entitled Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations and Tsubasa Shunraiki. "Loop" (ループ, Rūpu) performed by Maaya Sakamoto is the ending theme. She asks Syaoran to pay with his relationship with Sakura which would result in. Clamp decided to draw Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle by using a style first Tsubasa explores the fragility of human relationships through Sakura losing all of her . Their plot is set after the anime's ending, and follows the arrival of Syaoran's. A description of tropes appearing in Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-. while Syaoran must give up the memories that Sakura has of her relationship with him. This is a completed manga series, ending with chapters organized into.

Reservoir Chronicle was the winner in the category "Best Manga - Action". Reservoir Chronicle was fairly well received by reviewers, who described it as a treat for Clamp fans due to the large number of crossover characters in the series. Reservoir Chronicle was that it was " Cardcaptor Sakura for guys". Fans speculated that the series would conclude one of Clamp's unfinished series, Xor that it would be a sequel to Cardcaptor Sakura that focused on the character Syaoran Li.

He found that the relation between Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic would persuade readers to also read the latter series. She liked how the series was connected with xxxHolic and hoped that both series would continue crossing over. She recommended that people should buy the series.

These twists have been described by Anime News Network as "stunning" but confusingly executed due to the sheer number of storylines coming together. Carl Kimlinger from Anime News Network faulted the director, Koichi Mashimofor "downshifting the plot's energy" and as having "too many flashbacks, too many slow pans over inexpressive eyes", that create an end-product that is "tediously formulaic". He liked its characters, but found it sometimes dragging due to its episodic nature. He said that people unrelated with Clamp's works would like Tsubasa, in contrast to other people who would "get out of the series".

Harris called the anime "a nice looking and at times elegant looking show", [3] pointing to the traits of the main characters. He criticized the lack of extras in the DVDs releases.

Davidson said the Tsubasa film would be appealing to viewers of the series, despite its short length. He liked how both films' storylines interacted, allowing parts of the plot of Tsubasa to be explained in the xxxHolic film, and he found artistic similarities between the two films.

Reservoir Chronicle was ranked as the fifty-ninth most popular anime in Japan. G instead of Bee Train and because they have a darker storyline. The character designs were felt to be more similar to the manga's ones than the TV series, [] while the animation has been considered "a notch above that of standard Television".

All There in the Manual: It's rather unclear how much this trope is still in play afterwards.

tsubasa tokyo revelations ending a relationship

And the Adventure Continues: In the original manga ending, the Big Bad may be gone, and the Princess may be staying home this time, but Syaoran, Mokona, Kurogane, and Fai are still walking the multiverse looking for the feathers. This time, however, is to restore two people rather than one. Also, they're looking for bodies for those two people along the way, but that's secondary to the feathers. Flourite, looking at you. One town is ruled by father and son pair of insufferable bastard aristocrats but they weren't aristocrats by birth, they became aristocrats by BEING evil bastards.

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In another town the cold, seemingly evil aristocrat ruler puts rent in abeyance and personally searches for lost children every night. Also, there's Ashura, who kills a presumably large amount of people to strengthen his magic, but he only did it so that Fai's first curse would activate on him instead of someone else.

Played straight with Valeria's king. He killed everyone in the country and blamed it on the twins. Fai continues using this name, even after it it revealed that he is actually Fai's twin brother Yuui. Both Tsubasas still go by Sakura and Syaoran respectively, even after they've revealed their names to each other.

Late in the story it's revealed that Syaoran fights mainly with kicks due to having a poor vision on one of his eyes, which he resolves by measuring out the distance to his opponent with his legs.

In realistic fighting, this would be almost the opposite case - a fighter would risk his balance and defense if he threw commited, long-range attacks without a good accuracy, so the most adequate style for a person with poor vision would be actually a short-ranged, preferably grappling-based one.

In other words, this is the reason why in real life judo is a popular sport for blind athletes and taekwondo isn't. That said, Syaoran is practically superhuman both in his kicks and otherwise and routinely pulls off feats well beyond a normal athlete, so those problems aren't necessarily the same for him.

Besides the change of production studios between the series and OV Asthere is an episode which shifts the art to a crazy comical art style of a storybook. Both Syaoran and Sakura have been magically cloned, and Fei Wong Reed's various minions are implied to be failed experiments of this sort.

Kurogane ends up getting one after sacrificing his left arm to save Fai in Celes.

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In a subversion of the usual pattern, it is NOT a perfect replacement and causes him pain. The first chapter had some very artificial-sounding dialogue to fill readers in about the backstory of Sakura and Syaoran. Infinity had some as well, to explain the chess game. Back from the Dead: Subversion; an Aesop for this series is that this cannot ever happen. Bee Train the anime production company created a filler episode where it did, and the plot forced them to retcon it.

Late in the manga it turns out that The Big Bad 's Gambit Roulette was designed to get around this, mainly by keeping Yuuko alive and on the edge of death. Partial in chapter Yuuko has said that she will bring C!

Syaoran back to life—but that this is only possible because they were created beings, and thus could not enter the reincarnation cycle, hence requiring Yuuko and Clow to fork over payment for them to be reincarnated.

Nadeshiko and the rest of Clow Country's citizens dying and being reset back to life is actually not this trope, since they didn't die in "real" time, so they weren't really dead.

The Li's show that if you threaten their son, they will unload their spells on you. Considering that even Sakura had a Badass glare before the barrage, it's only expected that Ass-chin had an Oh, Crap! Balance Between Good and Evil: The various Powers That Be behind the scenes can't directly interfere, and constantly refer to mystical rules that they have to follow. In Yuuko's case, she can't directly interfere because she was Dead All Along.

Li Syaoran and Sakura. Beam Me Up, Scotty! Mokona's line when opening a portal to other dimension, "Mokona Modoki Modoki Doki," is pretty much one of the most iconic quotes in the series, to the extent many dubs and merchandising articles turn it into her full-fledged Catch-Phrase. However, many people are surprised to know that the line actually belongs only to the anime adaptation; in the manga, the line is never uttered at all. Sometimes used as a battle style particularly by Syaoran when up against magical opponents.

Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted to the point of Break the Cutie in Acid Tokyo. Sakura is scrabbed, impaled and then burned in acid. By the time she returns, she's a bruised and bloody mess. Almost all of the men who appear.

The most girly is Tokyo's Kakyou, whom some fans still believe to be a woman. That he is voiced by Mitsuki Saigawho is known to voice ambiguous characters, doesn't help. However, Del Rey's Tsubasa translation preserved the lack of pronouns. Celes's Ashura-ou, the one Fai was so afraid would wake up, qualifies though. The boys go world-travelling againwhile Princess Sakura stays behind in Clow. Mokona assures everyone that they will be able to visit her world again by focusing on the high Syaoran-associated memory content inside of her.

Sakura fires her revolver eleven times on-screen. She has to reload after the fifth shot and runs out of ammunition after firing the six new rounds. Most of the villagers in Koryo at one point. Used several times, and subverted with Fai D. Flourite, because it turns out he was already broken and it was an act. Played straight with both versions of Sakura.

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This also turns out to have happened to Kurogane, as seen in his backstory. Seishiro makes a comment on R! Syaoran's remarkable resemblance to his father, whom he has met before. Fast forward to Chapter and suddenly that remark takes on a whole new meaning.

He even has a special fighting system based on kicking to compensate for his lack of depth perception. Done seriously for most of the series, but lampshaded in one instance where Fai points out that Kurogane didn't call out his attack's name.

Cannot Spit It Out: In a way a little different from most uses of the trope, Yuuko's price for helping Sakura and Syaoran was their past relationship. Any time Sakura realizes her past feelings for Syaoran and tries to tell him, her memory of that is instantly removed, resulting in UnConfessions. And even before that, both R! Sakura's attempts at a Love Confession. Tokyo Revelations picks up immediately after the escape from the Lecourt library, ignoring the filler arcs from the broadcast series.

The second OVA skips the Infinity and Celes arcs, leaving those who hadn't read the manga in the dark.

tsubasa tokyo revelations ending a relationship

Possibly the ultimate welding project in manga history. Can't Live Without You: Fai can't live without Kurogane after being turned into a vampire. The plot gets considerably darker when it turns out that the Syaoran and Sakura who had been traveling with Fai and Kurogane ended up being clones of the originals, whom Fei Wong Reed had captured sometime previous.

Syaoran's voice actor, Miyu Irinostarted travelling across dimensions in Kingdom Hearts as a young brown-haired kid. The first half of the series appears to be a light-hearted True Companions adventure story, and the second half is a dark twist of the first.

Used both in an artistic sense in splash pages and literally in the Infinity country, when all the clothing the group is given has prominent chain attachments. Other than plenty of hugs and one peck on the cheek, Syaoran and Sakura never kiss. There's not even an Almost Kiss. The reservoir of the title appears for the first time in Acid Tokyo, halfway through the story. At the very end, a mindbending reveal unmasks it as possibly one of the most important locations in the entire CLAMP-verse.

Do you remember that tube way back in the beginning of the series? Turns out that the Sakura and Syaoran way back then were actually Li Syaoran and Sakura, who were paying a price. It also plays a role in the final battle. Whatever happened to Sakura's memories of Syaoran anyway?

By the second half of the series, the issue seems moot. However, in the epilogue, Mokona gives the gang Larg's the black Mokona's earring. Because it contains C! Sakura's memories of C! Syaoran, along with Watanuki's memories of his parents, they will be taken back to both Clow Country and to the shop much more often than any other worlds.

It's implied that they will also revisit most or all of the worlds they have been through before. At first it seemed like a cute accessory. This wasn't used until Fai needed a power boost in order for him and Kurogane to escape the collapsing world.

When they finally did, it was mentioned by Fei Wong Reed that Yuuko probably created it just so that Fai and Kurogane could escape. Syaoran and Sakura, though she is unable to remember him. The body of R! Sakura-2 for want of a better label was taken away and merged with the cloned soul, while the original soul of R! Sakura-2 ended up in the Big Bad 's own tube, but is never mentioned again.

Or what happened to that tube. Yes, there were three Sakuras. This makes it hard to explain the Sakuras' body merging -cum- swapping. Sakura relationship and forcing the use of extensive spoilers in a desperate attempt to reduce reader confusion. Sakura goes into her room in Infinity to get away from Syaoran. Some characters have clear color associations, such as white and sky blue with Fai, black and red with Kurogane, Syaoran with earthly colors like browns and greens, and pink with Sakura.

The complementary colors for Kurogane and Fai mark them as a yin-yang pair. A couple characters, such as Syaoran, have some degree this. Kurogane is the most prominent, and a great deal of the humor in the series comes from his serious reaction to Fai's and Mokona's provocations.

Every world the characters travel too get some cool outfit to match the setting. Their general travel outfits even are pretty cool looking too. Scores, but of particular note are Hikaru, Umi and Fuu as C!

Sakura's classmates in an alternate world. Plenty of crossover characters who had appeared in previous worlds show up as racers in Piffle's Dragonfly Race. Subverted with Fai and Yuui, only because people only thought they meant "bad luck" for them. The vampire twins Kamui and Subaru. Being vampires fills in for the creepy-ness. A thing that happens around Kurogane. The Mokonas do this to wake up Shaoran.

The Country of Outo, although none of the main characters come from technologically advanced worlds, so they never suspect it. Not that it would matter if they did, since they don't know what world they go into until it's too late. Tokyo Revelations went into a full darker turn after following the conclusion of the second season series and abandoning the idea of a third season, as it jumped straight from playing its tropes straight to the dark version that the manga had slowly eased into.

Of course, that arc was a significant darker jump even for the manga, but it was the low dive compared to the OVA's high dive. See also Wham Episode. Yuuko was only alive because Clow told reality to ignore her death. As a result her death resets just about everything reboot-able across the history of the multiverse.

Deal with the Devil: She is the "sponsor" of the heroes' travels and stays in communication with them. She also makes deals with the individuals the band comes across, who usually get a fair cop.

Death of a Child: Fay Fluorite's backstory involves the death of his twin brother - the original Fay - as a child. We later learn that his brother was talked into killing himself. Syaoran is this after he dies, R! Syaoran takes the main character title.

So Watanuki then enables Syaoran and company to travel to Clow Country so that he can finally meet Sakura again. How to summarize the whole story in 3 words.

Flourite, whose case is covered on the trope page. Averted in a series that really needs it. There is no way to tell apart the clones from the originals when they're together in the tube at the end. Needs a separate line as it's rather unique here. There are 3 versions of Syaoran Watanuki included and 3 yes, three versions of Sakura. An alternate Clow Country with an alternate R! Sakura was created when R! Syaoran turned back the clock while the original Clow Country went into a loop with the first R!

Sakura frozen in the ruins. Lampshaded in Chapter The Sakura whom R! Syaoran was always with and the Sakura whom he saw through the clone's eye. The second one was actually cloned. See What Happened to the Mouse? Of the original five-man party that started the journey, only Mokona, Fai and Kurogane actually made it through to the end. Clow Country is the Tokyo from the Acid Tokyo arc.

The reservoir under the temple is the one under the Government Building. While the actual powers are confined to the Hanshin arc's kudan, the association remains throughout the story. Fai is frequently connected with bird imagery, such as his phoenix tattoo. Sakura's power is associated with being able to understand plants and animals.

Fai is transformed into a vampire with attendant regeneration abilities to prevent his death from massive trauma and shock. The Piffle Princess's annual Dragonfly Race, where racers ride in customizablelightweight flying machines.

This year's race is especially notable as the prize up for grabs is one of Sakura's feathers. Except for Sakura unless the bond between her and Syaoran was her price as well, in which case: Including extra relationships due to adoption-inducing parental swaps caused by space-screwing. See Happily Adopted below.

The Syaoran we see in the beginning of the series appears to have an evil Twin In a Tube, but turns out to be the evil one himself.

tsubasa tokyo revelations ending a relationship

Then there's Fai, who is haunted by his twin's voluntary sacrifice and for a while, it seemed like Fai was the evil twin who demanded that sacrifice. Also subverted by Cloney, who goes from being heartless to performing a Heroic Sacrifice for the gang twice. The legend surrounding Princess Emeraude says that the children she kidnapped were never held in their parents' laps again. The reason why is because the children were all too old to do so by the time it was safe for them to return home after the plague had passed.

All the clones, in Fei Wong's eyes. Fai lets his hair grow out after Acid Tokyo, which indicates the dark turn in his personality.