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It is a type of morning glory which contains similar alkaloids to those found in Ipomoea violacea and which has been used traditionally in Mexico.

History partnersuche konstanz One of the first descriptions and the first illustration of ololiuqui were given by Francisco Hernandez, a Spanish physician who between and carried out extensive research on the flora and fauna of Mexico for Philip II.

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In his famous "Rerum medicarum Novae Hispaniae thesaurus, seu plantarum, animalium, mineralium mexicanorum historia", which appeared in in Rome, Hernandez described and classified ololiuqui under the heading "De Oliliuhqui, seu planta orbicularium foliorum".

The seed is round and very like coriander. He reported that priests saw visions and went into a state of terrifying hallucinations under the influence of the drug.

distanzzone flirt

However, the medicinal use was also very extensive. Ololiuqui served to cure flatulence, to remedy venereal troubles, to deaden pain, and to remove tumours.

Ololiuqui was believed to possess a deity of its own, which worked miracles if properly propitiated. Finally, inM.

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Urbina identified ololiuqui as Rivea corymbosa Hall. This identification was confirmed by Schultes. Botanical free dating site in europe online Ololiuhqui in Nahuatl is the name of the seeds, not of the plant that yields the seeds. The word means 'round thing', and the seeds are small, brown, and oval. The plant itself is a climber, called appropriately coaxihuitl, 'snake-plant', in Nahuatl, and hiedra or bejicco by the Spanish writers.

It is a morning glory, and it grows easily and abundantly in the mountains of southern Mexico.

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Unlike teonanacatl, it bears seed over months, and the seed can be kept indefinitely and carried far and wide to regions where the plant itself does not grow. The remains of the Germanic settlements were situated on the hillside. There, the sandy ground was dry enough to build houses.

distanzzone flirt

Little brooks and wells in the nearby lowland provided the necessary water supply. There was enough fertile farmland. The remnants of houses were in an oval and later in a rectangular shape. They had a double-span interior. It was mainly the dark traces of the support logs in the light, sandy soil which remained.

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Small rectangular structures of pillars indicate that there might have been storehouses which belonged to the residential houses. At the time of the Varus Battle, at the beginning of the 1st century AD, the Germanic tribes lived in the region between the rivers Elbe and Weser in loose village-like settlements.

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These consisted of dispersed, single farmsteads. A Germanic farmstead was composed of a rectangular residential house, as mentioned above, where humans and animals lived in separated areas. In addition to this, there were various storehouses and adjoining buildings.

distanzzone flirt

The arable farm land, the areas used for animal litter and wintertime forage, and the woodland used both as a close and night-time pasture were situated nearby. During the day, the cattle would graze further away at the edge of the forest. Obviously, only a few people settled in and around Kalkriese during that time. The area might even have been temporarily unpopulated.