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History Goes Bump In The Night: HGB Episode - Capitol Theater

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He and two other employees were fleeing after trying to put out the fire. Duffin tripped in the basement and his body was saved by a daring retrieval made by Fire Captain William A. Duffin had only been employed by the theater for three weeks. No cause for the fire could be found. One of the reported hauntings features Richard Duffin.

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He reportedly moves lights, unplugs extension cords, slams doors and moves the elevator up and down. Officer Murphy was hired to be a protective officer for the Capitol Theatre under the supervision of Officer Matthews. On his first training shift, he experienced slamming doors when no one was around, lights that would turn on seemingly on their own and doors that he knew he had locked, flung open even though he was the only one around with keys to the doors.

On another night, Officer Mathews heard whispering voices behind him and when he turned around, there was no one there. He checked the building and could find no one, but when he got closer to the basement he smelled smoke.

He investigated the basement and the rest of the building and there was no fire anywhere. The accountant also had his filing cabinet drawers open and close on their own. Their friend knew nothing of the theater before entering the building and the officers brought him in under the pretense of giving him a tour.

As soon as their friend walked in the building he asked them if they knew the building was haunted. They went down to the basement where the friend and the officers again smelled smoke and the friend saw a young man standing in the corner.

The officers could not see the young man. The activity in the theatre began to increase after the sensitive had left.

Officer Mathews purchased an infrared monitor. One night he used the monitor in the theatre and picked up a figure sitting in one of the theatre chairs as if they were watching a show. The figure suddenly swooped in at Mathews quickly and snarled. He decided at that point that he wanted to be reassigned to a different building.

Officer Murphy soon did the same. Murphy was guarding the theater by himself and heard ragtime music coming from the theatre. He went in to investigate and found the piano had its lid down and it was not a player piano that can play on its own. He also claimed that a woman dressed in clothing from the early s walked right past him while he sat in the control room.

Murphy described some of his experiences as being menacing. He reported, "Toward the end, they wanted me out of that building for whatever reason. Literally, I could not talk. Whatever it was, it had the power to shut me up.

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Officer Murphy sought to find out what could be the source of the hauntings. He reached out to former stagehand Doug Morgan who had worked at the theatre during Morgan told him the story of the fire and of the tragic death of the young usher, Richard Duffin. Mark Lewis who produced the episode of Paranormal Witness advises Capitol Theater patrons, "Let me give you some tips. Stay away from the men's room on the third floor. Don't go down to the basement.

And whatever you do, don't get on an elevator. It parallels much of what Christendom believes. Mainly that these are disembodied evil spirits and that some are more mischievous than others.

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